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I'm Adam

I'm 24 years old and from MN.
I'm currently trying to finish up college at Winona State.

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My first system was the Nintendo Gameboy with Super Mario Land and Kirby's Dream Land. I grew up playing Sonic 2, Aladdin, NBA Jam and Donkey Kong Country at my neighbor's house. My favorite genres include platforming, action and rhythm games.

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First of, thanks to anyone/everyone that watched the match. I do appreciate it. For serious.
The following is a basic recap of each match that I had with Tina Sanchez (Community Manager) and RIchard Li (Executive Producer at GameVideos), some descriptions being more detailed than others. If you want more details I encourage you to watch the video.

If you want to watch the entire match, you can view right here:

First match was against Tina

I played as Gouken, Tina played as Rose

She won round 1, I came back and won rounds 2 and 3, managing to pull of Ultras in each round.

Second match I played as Dan, Tina Played Ryu

Tina almost had a comeback here in the first round, but I managed to beat her by being fairly aggressive with Dan.

Round 2

This was pretty close, but I managed to pull through. Pulling off/Seeing Danís Ultra always makes me laugh.

After this Richard took over and gave me quite the beating.

To Richardís defense though, he was giving me some tips when I was playing him and basically told me what he was going to do with each character as we were playing so I could attempt to stand somewhat of a chance against him. He was fairly encouraging throughout the matches we played, which is better than random people yelling in my ear, but then again, what isn't?

Match 1 Gouken v. Ken

This match is where Richard basically flow charted Ken the whole time, but I did manage to pull of Goukenís super and counter an ex shoryuken with another attack.

Match 2 Ryu v. Ken

Round 1 of this match is the only time I recall beating Richard. At all.

Richard didnít flow chart Ken this match (or at least I donít remember him doing so)

Match 3 El Fuerte vs. Rufus

This match went alright, but I didnít do the best job of defending. I am much more of an offensive player as of right now.

I tried to defend myself here but Richard kept spamming Rufuís dive kick after a while which was annoying. He continued do to spam the dive kick in round 2, but Richard did tell me that the kick can be high blocked but I failed greatly to do this as you will see in the video.

Match 4 Zangeif vs. Gouken

Round 1

Richard was basically showing me here that Zangeif throws are high priority, but I already knew that. I did manage to damage Zangeif quite a bit here but eventually Richard just pile drove me into oblivion.

Round 2

Richard pile drove and bear grabbed me to my doom. Again, I did do some damage but nothing can stop the double bear grab.

He also told me if I worked on playing Gouken some more I could defeat those damn flowcharters easier. I still would have rather actually played Richard instead of getting the same general experience I could get playing random people online. Regardless, I still had a fun time playing both of them.

Final Match vs. Tina

I played Dan again and Tina played as Ryu.

Round 1
This was pretty close, but Tina liked to use shoryukens a lot. I would have beat her in the first round if I had pulled off Danís ultra after the focus attack I did. I that I was going to lose but I managed to win this round.

Round 2
Not a great round for me. I pulled off my Ultra when I didnít mean to, but as always I tried. I really need to work on my defense more though. Tina won this round.


Tina kept saying during the match that she preferred the right side of the screen, so I tried to make it so she would be on the left and have trouble. Unfortunately for me, she ex-shoryukened (flowcharted) me to my defeat. Not the best way to go out, but you canít win them all.

I did play a random match online later though and successfully beat someone as Dan which made me feel better. Thanks again to everyone that watched the match. It was a lot of fun regardless of how I did.
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