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Grungey avatar 4:29 AM on 04.23.2014  (server time)
Have fun with the weapons in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of content. Itís a huge game, and you can easily pour hours and hours into it. Therefore, itís important to have a grasp on the basics, to get the most out of your experience. The GTA games have always included weapons and fighting, but GTA V made some changes to the basic system, such as adding a weapon wheel.

The weapon wheel has eight slots. More than one weapon can be carried in each slot at a timeóthe slots are not important just because of their number, but because of their type. There is one slot for each category of weapon. For example, pistols and all other handguns will go in one slot. Machine guns and sub-machine guns go in another slot. Shotguns go in a slot. Melee weapons, throwable weapons, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and heavy weapons each have their own slots, as well. This should give you an idea of the variety of weapons you can get in GTA V.

As you play through GTA V, youíll unlock more powerful weapons. Some weapons, youíll find, but for the most part, youíll use your in-game currency to buy them from the Ammu-Nation store.

Once you have a weapon, check out its stats to make sure itís the one you want to use. Four major stats contribute to the overall effectiveness of each weapon. Damage determines how much it hurts the enemy. Fire Rate determines how quickly rounds are fired. Accuracy determines how easy it will be to hit your target. Finally, Range determines how far away from the enemy you can be to still use the weapon. Different stats are more important to different weaponsófor example, a sniper rifle needs high range and accuracy to be effective, but isnít as reliant upon a high fire rate. Machine guns, on the other hand, have a high rate of fire by their very nature, but often sacrifice accuracy as a result. Take a good look at the stats of your weapons to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

GTA V also includes weapon attachments, to alter your weapons even further. For example, the Suppresser reduces the damage and range of your weapon, but also makes it quieter so it wonít alert the cops as easily when itís fired. These are all things youíll need to take into account for your basic gameplay, whether youíre performing missions or trying to get achievements.

If missions and achievements arenít your target, however, and youíre just looking to cause a little mayhem, there are plenty of weapon-related cheats you can try out. You can give yourself infinite ammo, flaming ammo, explosive ammo, and more. You can spawn weapons and aim in slow motion. Each cheat code as a unique combination of buttons and directional commands, and as long as you know the code, you can enter it from your game at any point (except during missions) to activate the cheat.

Try out different cheats with different types of weapons to see which combination you find the most entertaining, and have fun!

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