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Grungey's blog

8:16 PM on 06.07.2014

Another Look at NBA 2K14

Ah, thereís nothing like a good competition. The love of competition is evident everywhere. Itís one of the reasons multiplayer games are so popular. Itís one of the reasons team sports are so popular. And itís one of the reasons why, whether you play alone against the computer or against other people, sports video games have firmly cemented themselves in the market. The NBA 2K series is one of the biggest. Yearly basketball games continue to sell in huge numbers, so it was probably a good decision for NBA 2K14 to release as a launch title for the PS4 and Xbox One in November 2013, even if it had already been out since October for the PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the PC.

It was a quite a success, except for the iOS version, which youíll notice we didnít even list among the systems above. That aside, most people enjoyed the additions made since the previous entry in the series. Some feel it didnít use the full potential of the new consoles, but it was designed with the older consoles in mindówe canít expect every game to blast through with never-before-seen graphics to blow our minds immediately. And really, if it was fun on the old consoles, it should be fun on the new consoles. The reviews stand as testament to the fact that at least a majority of people feel this way.

So, now that weíve gotten that out of the way, are you ready to lead your team to victory?

Thatís what you want to do, after all. No one is going to turn on a basketball game and hope to lose. You need to sit down and understand the players you have on your team. Get some elite players and study their signature skills. Study the strengths, weaknesses, and skills of the players on your opponentsí teams. Fire up myNBA2K14 if you have a device capable of running the app, and use it to gain every advantage. Earn Virtual Currency. Prepare your strategy. Then get in there and go for the kill!

Or defend your basket, if youíve opted for a defensive strategy rather than an offensive one.

Whatever you decide, you can always use NBA 2K14 cheats to keep your game in top form. Master the ďpick and rollĒ and learn how to avoid being accused of goal tending. Read about those signature skills. Access strategies, tips on how to steal the ball, and hints for myNBA2K14. Other little tricks will make sure you always have an edge. Even if you prefer not to take advantage of these sorts of cheats, you should definitely keep your eyes open for the cheat codes regularly released for the game. They expire over time, but as long as you snatch them up early on, you can enter these ďLocker CodesĒ to get Virtual Currency, limited time players, new clothes and dunk packages, and more. Donít waste a minuteógo out there and see what you can find.

And now, with all of this information at your disposal, itís time to lead your team to victory!   read

3:15 AM on 05.07.2014

Looking at Destiny

If youíre reading this, youíre probably either excited for Destiny and in search of new details, or wondering just what this game is all about and why people are so interested in it. Hints about Destiny circulated amongst gamers for a while, but when it was finally revealed, anticipation shot through the roof. Hereís a game being made by Bungie, with a dynamic world, a science fiction setting, and explosive multiplayer FPS action. Itís an online game, so you can play with your friends as if it were an MMO, but supposedly this ďshared-world shooterĒ will bring new concepts and features to the table to make it stand out from other online shooters. We wonít know everything until September 9, when it launches for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but until then, we can discuss the basic overview of Destiny.

Destiny may be an online multiplayer game, but that doesnít mean it lacks a campaign. In fact, the campaign may be considered the central feature. And while there is competitive multiplayer, itís far from the focus. Whether you want to compete with your friends or just enjoy the story without worrying about other players attacking you, you should find what youíre looking for in Destiny. There are many different modes.

As far as the story goes, this is a futuristic game set 700 years from now. Humankind expanded out into space, but then a terrible catastrophe nearly wiped out the entire race. The sacrifice of the Traveler, the orb that hands suspended above Earthís final city, is the only thing that prevented complete destruction. Now, as humans are threatened by a variety of alien threats, it is up to you to protect the City, fight your enemies, and explore other planets for remnants of that Golden Age of space travel. You are a Guardian, one of a number of powerful soldiers that can use some of the Travelerís power.

Although one of your goals is protecting humanity, Guardians arenít necessarily human. You can choose to be human, but maybe youíd prefer to play as the Exo or Awoken species. An Exo is more or less an AI or robotópart of the advanced technology of the Golden Age, but without the memories that drove its actions back then. The Awoken are even more mysteriousóblue-skinned beings inspired by mythology, just one of the many things that gives Destiny a fantasy atmosphere despite its sci-fi setting.

Whatever species you choose, however, it wonít affect your gameplay. The actual combat differences between Guardians come down to your class. Any species can pick any of the three classes. If you favor stealth combat and ranged attacks, check out the Hunter. If you prefer to go in with magic to enhance your attacks, give the Warlock a try. And if strength and defense are the traits that match your fighting style the best, then maybe the Titan is the right one for you.

Once you have your Guardian, your adventure will begin. Several planets have been revealed as locations for Destiny, and Bungie caused quite a stir with the announcement that each planet is as big as Halo: Reach. You wonít run out of things to do any time soon, as you explore the galaxy and find new weapons and loot. If youíre having trouble, though, donít worryówe wouldnít be at all surprised to see cheat guides that point you in the direction of better loot and more powerful weapons.

Since it is really a blend of different genres, we could see all sorts of Destiny cheats. Maybe some nice hints about abilities and combat tips will come out, to further help you decide which class you want. Upgrades, missions, and moreóthis game could have cheats normally seen for both shooters and MMOs. While youíre exploring the various planets, we bet thereíll be some great Easter eggs for you to find, too. Maybe Bungie will even reference some of their past games. From cheats to exploration to the gameplay itself, Destiny should be packed to the brim with content.   read

4:29 AM on 04.23.2014

Have fun with the weapons in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V has a lot of content. Itís a huge game, and you can easily pour hours and hours into it. Therefore, itís important to have a grasp on the basics, to get the most out of your experience. The GTA games have always included weapons and fighting, but GTA V made some changes to the basic system, such as adding a weapon wheel.

The weapon wheel has eight slots. More than one weapon can be carried in each slot at a timeóthe slots are not important just because of their number, but because of their type. There is one slot for each category of weapon. For example, pistols and all other handguns will go in one slot. Machine guns and sub-machine guns go in another slot. Shotguns go in a slot. Melee weapons, throwable weapons, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and heavy weapons each have their own slots, as well. This should give you an idea of the variety of weapons you can get in GTA V.

As you play through GTA V, youíll unlock more powerful weapons. Some weapons, youíll find, but for the most part, youíll use your in-game currency to buy them from the Ammu-Nation store.

Once you have a weapon, check out its stats to make sure itís the one you want to use. Four major stats contribute to the overall effectiveness of each weapon. Damage determines how much it hurts the enemy. Fire Rate determines how quickly rounds are fired. Accuracy determines how easy it will be to hit your target. Finally, Range determines how far away from the enemy you can be to still use the weapon. Different stats are more important to different weaponsófor example, a sniper rifle needs high range and accuracy to be effective, but isnít as reliant upon a high fire rate. Machine guns, on the other hand, have a high rate of fire by their very nature, but often sacrifice accuracy as a result. Take a good look at the stats of your weapons to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

GTA V also includes weapon attachments, to alter your weapons even further. For example, the Suppresser reduces the damage and range of your weapon, but also makes it quieter so it wonít alert the cops as easily when itís fired. These are all things youíll need to take into account for your basic gameplay, whether youíre performing missions or trying to get achievements.

If missions and achievements arenít your target, however, and youíre just looking to cause a little mayhem, there are plenty of weapon-related cheats you can try out. You can give yourself infinite ammo, flaming ammo, explosive ammo, and more. You can spawn weapons and aim in slow motion. Each cheat code as a unique combination of buttons and directional commands, and as long as you know the code, you can enter it from your game at any point (except during missions) to activate the cheat.

Try out different cheats with different types of weapons to see which combination you find the most entertaining, and have fun!   read

3:15 AM on 04.09.2014

A Little Help for Fallout 3

Itís been several years since the release of Fallout 3, and another Fallout game has been released since then, but if youíre still playing itóor even just starting it for the first timeóitís not really that surprising. After all, Bethesdaís 2008 post-apocalyptic open world game was incredibly well-received, and many fans still really love it. You can play it on the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, so itís still easily accessible since weíve just entered the new console generation. So, what is it that made Fallout 3 so great?

Well, we donít have enough time to go into all of the details here, but it was an atmospheric game with an open world, exploration, tons of content, moral choices, and more. The choices tied into a karma system, which isnít uncommon in this sort of player-driven RPG. In fact, you can find guides specifically about earning good karma or bad karma, to help players who are having trouble with the gameís morality system. You could use Fallout 3ís RPG elements to customize your characterís skills as you earned XP, although of course there are cheats to help you drive up your skills to 100%, as well as methods to earn more XP.

Of course, itís not just you and your player, even in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Youíll have companions, so itís a good thing you can find guides on how to win them over. Youíll also have a dog, and while heís very useful on his own, thereís a cheat that actually makes him invincible! Additionally, youíll interact with other NPCs and ghouls, and youíll want to have enough money on hand to buy important items. Some Fallout 3 cheats exploit little glitches in the game so you can build up as much money as you want. For example, itís possible to pick a characterís pocket, leave, and then repeat the process. Another method has you stealing caps from a ghoul, leaving the area, and returning to steal more caps. Money is important, but when it comes to fighting, youíre really going to want to have some stimpacks. Some players have had difficulty with that, and therefore, you can also find guides to help you build up an infinite supply of stimpacks and other items. And when those items start to fill up your inventory, check out a few tips on how to carry more items with you and where to store the rest.

Skills and stimpacks alone wonít help you, of course. This isnít the sort of game where youíll be running from your enemies. Youíll want to stand and fight, so Fallout 3 has a wide range of weapons for you to acquire and use. Some are trickier to find than others, like the Alien Blaster. If you really want it, but you donít know how to get it, feel free to check out a guide. Thatís not the only weapon you can find help for, either. The A3-Plasma Rifle, Vengeance Laser Turret, and many more all have guides to make sure you get them.

Fallout 3 is a big game. If you find yourself feeling a little lost, thereís no harm in looking up some hints on how to get into the Megaton Armory, for example. You can also learn how the Feral Ghoul Mask can help you. And maybe you just want to learn some secrets, whether itís about a specific glitch or an Easter egg like the guard named Stockholm. Yes, there is a lot to do and discover in Fallout 3, enough to keep you entertained for a long, long time.   read

3:12 AM on 03.28.2014

Dead Rising 3

On November 22, 2013, the zombie apocalypse began. At least, it began in a fictional city, for a fictional man named Nick Ramos, for players who bought the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3. An open world game like its predecessors, it boasted a larger world with more content than any other game in the Dead Rising series. There are zombies to fight, survivors to save, and much to discover across the city. Whether you plan to use additional features like the Kinect or SmartGlass, or just plan to sit down with your controller, there is no need to go unprepared.

First, how are you going to get around? There are times when traveling on foot will just be too slow. It is good to have a vehicle, but it will be even better if you can get your hands on a Super Vehicle. Seek out the blueprints and materials to craft yourself a Super Vehicle, and look up some Dead Rising 3 cheats to find a list of all the Super Vehicles, their blueprint locations, and the combination required to create them.

Good, you have a means of transportation. Youíll still need a good weapon. Before you close down that page of cheats, take a look at the list of weapon blueprints and their locations. Youíll want to be able to find some of them, as well. That will definitely help you out.

Wait, whatís this? As you were on your way to find the blueprint of your choice, you rescued a survivor? Excellent. Just donít let that poor person die. You will also find survivor protection tips amongst the Dead Rising 3 cheats. Make a note of all the little tricks and methods you can use to ensure you arenít the only one to survive the zombies.

Of course, after a while, your weapons might start feeling a little underpowered. Donít worry, there are bigger and better weapons for you to makeóSuper Weapons. There are several different types of Super Weapons, and within each group, you have to get them in order instead of rushing immediately to get the most powerful one, but you can use yet another guide to help you. What will it be? Bombs? Dragons? Reapers? Bears? Check them all out and see what works best for you.

While youíre at it, you might come across some special magazines. These will grant you various perks and boosts to tilt the odds in your favor, so try to find them all. Once again, you can use a guide to find all of them.

So you have vehicles, weapons, magazines, survivors to protectóis that all there is? Of course not! Take a little time to read about some of the other Dead Rising 3 cheats, such as the unlockables and Easter eggs. Theyíll be sure to bring a smile to your face, even in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy your time with the newest Dead Rising game, and never forget that there is a supply of cheats waiting for you whenever you need a little assistance or a nudge in the right direction. Good luck, show those zombies that you are prepared to survive, and above all else, have fun.   read

2:08 AM on 03.23.2014

Hi, I'm Grungey

Just a quick blog post to introduce myself... my name is Grungey (get it - like the music?) and I love playing games on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I'm kinda lucky that way in that I've been able to save up enough for all three systems.

At the moment I have to say I'm pretty addicted to Titanfall on the Xbox One (obviously) but to be honest I can see myself getting sick of that pretty quick. Afterwards I'll be looking forward to playing Infamous: Second Son on my PS4 (I like to play/concentrate on only one game at a time).

On the PC side of things I play mostly some World of Warcraft (yes, there are those of us that still do!) and also don't mind logging in to play The Old Republic every now and then. Man that coulda been such a cool game... But I still like it regardless so what the heck right.

So for me it's pretty much MMORPG on PC and everything else on console. Hope to see you around and look forward to reading some other interesting blogs!   read

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