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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:23 AM on 02.26.2009  (server time)
Work doodles (Video Game Art!) Also a zombie.

Sometimes I get bored on my breaks at work, last night I drew a couple Street Fighter doodles after listening to Podtoid. Being Broke, I still don't have a scanner(but it's on the top of my list), so the quality is super lame.
I'll reupload everything once I get a scanner, but for now, some art from various boredom breaks at my job.
(Also, being at work, I had no references for any of this stuff, so there are a few mistakes in some of the designs)

EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scans of them, so ignore any comments about how the flash screwed things up.

Sadly the flash really jacked this one up, you can barely see her leg. Which is strange, since those are normally the most noticeable part on her. Also, I don't think I drew her manly enough. Ah well..

Flash also screwed up this one somewhat, but I'm not too sad about it, because I'm really not that happy with how Cammy's legs turned out. Oh well.

Ms. Croft.... I feel very... Meh... About this one.. But figured I'd share this one since I saw it through to the end pretty much.

This is what happens when I go for a style I never do... Lets just pretend we never saw this one and move on..

Now that's a man!!! Good mercy I made his arms huge.

Blanka meets a razor... I'm fairly happy with this one, maybe I'll ink it at some point.

I wanted to make Kirby looming over someone, give him a nasty aura right before he eats them.... But this just looks like he's about to rape Waddle Dee..

WTF?? Where did this idea come from? I guess that's what working nights does to a person... I had the thought... I wonder what Kirby would be like if he was a zombie.... HEY! I can draw that! So I did. This is so getting inked and colored.

That's all for now, like I said, I'll hopefully get a scanner soon, this current get up is not working worth a turd.
But thanks for looking, hopefully something tickled your fancy!

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