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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:48 AM on 03.03.2009  (server time)
Work doodles for 3/3/9 With second Gentleman Dino

Another day, another batch of doodles, I didn't get to do that many, it was busy last night, but here's what I've got.

EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scans of them, so ignore any comments about how the flash screwed things up.

Inked version of Kirby looming over Waddle Dee, who is about to be his food..... Or raped.. That looks more likely... Next step is coloring.

I always thought it was strange the veggies had faces in Mario 2... I donno if I would want to eat veggies that look so damn happy... I guess Mario won't want to after this either.

Zombie Pikachu! This disturbs me more then I thought it would...

As per SolidGoomba's request. A play on his user name. Hope this works for ya!

My second Gentleman Dinosaur, I'll repost the first one I did in a sec, because I made the mistake of posting it during a meme, and I don't know if anyone saw it... But Fuck is this Dinosaur dapper.

Here's the original Gentleman Dinosaur. Quite quite.

Thanks to everyone who's left comments over my last couple posts, it's because of you that I'm getting back into drawing, and that I'm having fun with it again! I'll try and keep the original ideas coming, maybe someday I'll even start drawing at home... Heaven forbid...

Thanks again!

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