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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:26 AM on 03.04.2009  (server time)
Work doodles 3/4/9(with Rev Anthony art)

Another day of work, another batch of drawing. These are more for me practicing my characters and getting their costumes down, but a couple that are still fun... Letsago!

EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scans of them, so ignore any comments about how the flash screwed things up.

I wanted to try and make Master Higgins look bad ass, but as soon as I started, I realized that was a losing battle.

A quick Mega Man drawing, just so I get some practice on the costume and look of him for future drawings.

Kirby gettin' a ride, once again, more for practice then anything else.

The Sprite from Secret of Mana, so I have a reference for future drawings, since I have some ideas for the 3 main characters.

The girl from Secret of Mana. Man, these are kinda dull today... Lame...

Princess Peach.... Oh the horrible things I have in store for her.... Heh heh heh...

Rayman flipping the bird? Why? I donno, it's just what came out of the pencil... Maybe he's sick of having mini games and not a good platformer like his Dreamcast days.

I figured I'd have to draw something strange, or else my blog just wouldn't feel right... So here's Toad high on shrooms... I think that's cannibalism...

Lastly my take on Rev Anthony... I figured what better way to draw him then in Braid's style. But man does that head look huge.

Well that's all for today, I'll try and have some effed up stuff for next time, work has been busy like I've said, so I haven't been able to get as much out as I'd like, but I'll think of some strange crap. Promise.

Thanks for looking again!

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