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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:36 AM on 03.19.2009  (server time)
Work doodles 3/19/9 (with obligatory podtoid drawings)

I have a confession. These work doodles have gotten to be popular enough that I actually care about them, and how they are presented. So much so that I'm doing a lot of the drawing in my spare time, but the term "work doodles" was just kind of stuck, so I'll keep calling them that.
But just keep in mind as my drawings get more detailed and more elaborate, I'm not a total slacker.... Well, I still am, I am a gamer after all.
Here's today's batch!

I've played my share of Animal crossing games, and there's still nothing quite as bad as the first day when you have nothing to show for it, you've even sold your radio to try and get enough bells to buy something. But nope. Just sad and alone.


This was what I saw in my head listening to this week's podtoid. A young Jim, cowering behind the couch, as the dolls burned alive in their rooms.... Which have now become....Their tombs. snicker herf herf

Linde hates Zelda.
(obviously that's Link, but you know what I'm going for.)

Sorry Linde, it was this or drawing you like Joel Siegel... Actually it was this or drawing you like Gene Shalit... Since he's a hell of a lot more funny looking... And still falls under the movie critic area.

That's all for today.
If some of you are wondering why I draw certain Dtoid crew and not others. It's because I want a good idea first, I don't just want to throw some crappy half assed idea out there. I want it to be original, quasi funny, and not really done before. So I'll get around to other people as I get the ideas, I'm always thinking! Well not so much tonight... That's where these drawings came from.

Thanks for looking!

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