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GrumpyTurtle says:

Work doodles 3/17/09(with third gentleman dinosaur)

// Submitted @ 6:54 AM on 03.17.2009

I'm having some issues getting my stuff painted. namely I can't find my serial codes for Painter, so I've got some digging to do, so until I find those, it's back to posting good old black and whites! Here's today's batch.

With ZERO reference I decided to draw Kefka as he appeared at that moment in my head. So the makeup and costume are all wrong, but I was more focused on the face and the crazy in his eyes.

Since I hadn't drawn Bowser yet, I figured I'd give him a go. And since it wound up my version of the Mushroom Kingdom is so jacked up, I figured this was the right way to draw him.

Yoshi is kind of a perv

(Last one of those I promise...... Unless I get a good idea.)

Gentleman Dinosaur number three. Two words. Fucking dapper.

There's today's, I have some ideas for tomorrow, so I'll see you all then.
Thanks for looking!

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