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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:10 AM on 03.11.2009  (server time)
Work doodles 3/11/9

Middle of the week... Hindsight, I should have saved yesterday's drawings for hump day, but oh well, here's today's batch... As yesterday, I'll hopefully have the scanned version up by midday.... Depending on how late I sleep in. Edit: I slept in... it was awesome, but all scans have been fixed.

I wanted to draw link as if he actually got blood splattered on him during his adventures. Sadly, it turned out a bit sloppy, but I still think it's okay. (So long as your not still in the mindset of yesterday's posts... If you are...ew...)

My first real try at the boy from Secret of Mana. He's a lot more work then the other two strangely enough.

I love Little Nemo, and have been trying for a week now to get a good drawing of him with this damn lizard. So far this is the best one, but I still shake my fist in anger at the sky it's not up to par.

Let's see Billy Mitchell fuck with this Donkey Kong

When Rabbid's party games go horribly, horribly wrong..... Or Very, very, VERY right

That's it for today, Hope you all enjoyed today, and don't feel too let down after yesterday's epic post. II'm starting to keep track of my ideas, normally I just look at the blank paper and whatever comes out comes out. So hopefully this will help things and give you more art.

Thanks for looking!

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