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GrumpyTurtle avatar 6:32 AM on 03.10.2009  (server time)
Work doodles 3/10/09 (something is wrong with my brain edition)With AMAZING bonus!

some of these drawings might be considered a bit NSFWish by weak people, so view at your own risk!

Another night goes by and I think my brain goes a little bit more insane, I don't know what was wrong with my head last night, but if you thought my last post was out there... This one is far worse... With a bonus kick ass awesomeness at the end of post!
(Also, hopefully I'll have scanned version of all these by midday. I'll update if that happens.)
Update: All art is now scanned and looks proper

Mario finally gets that cake Peach has been offering all these years... But... Where's your magic mushrooms now Mario?!

I'm pretty sure Daisy is a lesbian, and for some reason, I'm also pretty sure she has the hots for Peach, I'm also quite sure that she is horribly inappropriate in her gift giving.

View yesterday's post to clear this one up.

Little known fact... Tomonobu Itagaki is secretly working on a new sexy beach volleyball game for Nintendo. Mario Brother's Xtreme Beach Volleyball... The jiggle physics are amazing.

And now for the extra special bonus, which might make you jealous, and for that... I am sorry... Kinda...

The female combined her artistic talents with mine, and made me this shirt out of my Gentleman Dinosaur drawing, I feel effin' classy wearing this thing. Greatest thing ever? Perhaps

So there's today's post, I'm off to bed, hope you all enjoyed today's horribly scarring artwork, maybe I'll tame it down next time........ Maybe....
Thanks for looking!

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