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GrumpyTurtle avatar 9:00 AM on 04.19.2010  (server time)
New art blog. A mix of class and crass.

Alrighty, I managed to bang some more art out. Lets see what my head pooped out shall we? I've got some class, and some....... Not... Class... At all.

Mario as Clark Gable. Why? I donno. I think it has something to do with the ears.

Yojimbo isn't just a Dtoid user, it's also one of the the greatest movies of all time. If you haven't seen it. Seriously. Get on it, it's on netflix instant.

Das Inchworm wondered if I could do any character as Emmett Kelly. Yes. Yes I can.

Funktasic is in need of a Domo. So hell, this is for him. Even though I've never drawn him before.

While playing Super Mario World, I noticed it seems like Mario is shooting the fireballs out his nose when I watch the animation. Snot fireballs.

Also it looks like he's smacking Yoshi on the head when you want him to stick out his tongue.

The Mushroom Kingdom ER is a sad and busy place.

Edit:Oh, I also drew this for Podtoid, if you didn't see it in the forums, because really, we have formus?

I donno. Sometimes my pencil makes strange things.

WOOO! Hell yeah! DRUNK!

Well there's my latest batch. I think I hit classy and not classy nicely. Polar opposites really. Hope you enjoyed. See you all next time. Thanks for looking!

Oh, and the girl is starting up an Etsy for me, so at some point I'll be selling prints and stuff on it. When that happens, I'll let you all know.

Till next time!

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