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GrumpyTurtle avatar 4:18 PM on 08.26.2009
Know what I get to do?

Attend PAX for the first time with all you lovely Dtoid type people!
I'm so ready to be overwhelmed. Not only by the amount of stuff to see and do, but mostly by how awesome my fellow toid people are going to redoubtably be!

I know Mikey will probably be busy as eff with requests, so if you can't get the best, why not settle for....... Whatever I am?...
I'll be taking requests for art from now until PAX is over, so the more detailed it is, the sooner you probably wanna ask for it. Oh, and since I'm not putting it on Destructoid, I don't feel the need to make it SFW, so make it as NSFW as you want.

To help with costs I'll also have all the art you've seen in this blog with me, I'll be selling it to whoever grabs it up first. Don't worry, I'll keep it cheap, I just gotta eat and drink. So call dibs if you want it.

See you all there, I'll be the guy with the Gentleman dinosaur shirt doing the Mario impression.

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