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GrumpyTurtle avatar 7:04 AM on 03.02.2009  (server time)
Even more work doodles (with obligatory Chad & Dolphins)

Well another night of work, another small batch of images. All have been inked so they don't look as lame.

EDIT: I replaced all the old photos of my art with the quality scans of them, so ignore any comments about how the flash screwed things up.

I'll do this one first, since if you've seen my past posts you've seen this one in pencil form, but here's stage two of Zombie Kirby, next up, coloring.

Ken got in a fight with Ken... And their eyebrows got tangled...
TrailerParkJesus suggested Ken fighting Ken while a bunch of other Kens watched, which I am assuming is a play on everyone being Ken online, sadly, this was too detailed for work time doodles, but I have plans for the idea! So I'm listening!

Obviously, a Yoga Flame.
I seem to have a very cartoony style going today.

Sharing is caring. E. Honda shares some sushi with Dhalsim, who he thinks could put on some weight.

Char Aznable said to draw Chad riding a Dolphin, but I felt as though that wasn't quite original enough, if people want to see it, I'll draw another, but this image popped into my head as something I'm sure Chad would do. Or has done.
This one is growing on me... Enough that you can find the large version here

I have some other ideas cooking, and some suggestions some people made... ThunderHeartXI I know you're dying for a Eva drawing, I tried at work with the one Manga I have as a reference, but it turned out the one manga I have sucks for images of the Eva's.. But I'll try when I can get better references.

I'll also try and get to the other requests I have, I'll start a list up.
Thanks for looking again, now it's time for me to go to bed.

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