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6:33 PM on 05.03.2013 // GrumpyTurtle
Contest entry: Internet's Next Top Streamer Grumpy edition

So I've had this idea bouncing around in my little deranged head for awhile, but I lack a capture card to make the dream come true, but my dream is to have various famous type people play video games.
Maybe, George Takei, Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Bush, Golum, Orson Welles, and so on.
Prehaps you're wondering how I would get them, more so the dead or not quite real ones. Well... I have my ways. 
As a proof of concept here's Orson Welles Playing "No, Luca No" recorded on my crappy phone camera.

Sadly his voice wasn't quite as low and soothing as it normally is, but you get the idea.
So there's my idea, and my entry.

Hopefully I didn't embarrass myself for nothin!
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