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GrumpyTurtle avatar 7:29 AM on 08.10.2010  (server time)
Almost a year ago Mikey and I drew something...

Last year at PAX I met Destructoid artist Mikey. Being we're both quiet reclusive artist types, we spent most of the time together. About halfway through the weekend I decided I wanted to draw something with Mikey.
(Also, if you're not aware of my past art, you might want to go back and view them, so you have an idea of what kind of stuff I draw)

My plan was simple really, have him draw a reaction shot. Something reacting to an image I hadn't drawn yet. Knowing what my art is like(i.e. Horrifying), Mikey was kind enough to draw something for me in my sketch book. I didn't have time to finish it at PAX, so I took it home and finished it there.

Where it sat for almost a year.

I figured with PAX coming up again, and the reunion of Mikey and I, now would be as good of a time as any to present Dtoid with the final product.

Take a deep breath. I don't know if you're prepared....

As you can no doubt guess, Mikey drew the nice wholesome Mario drawing, and I drew... The horrible mess on the right side of the image.

So almost a year later, was it worth the wait? I'll let you be the judge.
I have bigger and better plans this year for Mikey and I, but I promise that if anything comes of it, I'll be sure and post it faster.

Thanks for looking.

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