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Grimspoon's blog

10:09 PM on 04.14.2010

Game Cake, Day Of The Tentacle!

Just got home from a baking class, part of a Culinary Skills program at the local college. We had an end of year assignment to make a special occasion cake. Here's what I put together:

This was actually my first time using / working with fondant. Pretty happy with the results, though I know I could do way better if I were to try it again.

Got a 20/20 on it too!   read

8:28 PM on 07.31.2009

Having Fun: Or Why I'm A Coward Who Hates Games

In response to Anthony's Rant "Fun Isn't Enough".

And if you think you are like being a "real" gamer or a "hardcore" gamer or just not being pretentious by saying that games should only be because that's what they originally were and that's what they've always don't love games. You might think you do because you think you're being pure to the original idea of what games are and therefore what they're supposed to be, but you actually hate them. You hate the potential of what they could be and all the potential expressive power that video games have inherently. You're scared of seeing something change from just fun and to fun in a whole web of other things that could completely change your understanding of what the world could be through interactivity. You're scared of that, and if you think that games should just be fun you are a coward.

-Anthony Burch

I play games to have fun. I don't think I could engage in an emotional roller-coaster of a game for hours at a time. There might even be some serious topics I'd absolutely refuse to engage in with an interactive medium. Who would seriously want to sit down and play the video game equivalent of Schindler's List? Representing either side? The movie was difficult, and all I had to do was sit and watch.

That's not to say these types of games shouldn't be made. For the brave gamers, the hardened masochists who want to sit down and bear an emotional beating for 8-20 hours, by all means. Enjoy.

For myself, maybe I am a coward. If I want to be moved to tears, emotionally man-handled or otherwise - I know plenty of other mediums where I can get my fix. When I sit down with a controller in hand, I'm just looking to have some fun. Anthony might think I'm a cowardly gamer who hates games because I only want to have fun, but as he's looking down his nose at me from the ivory tower that is Destructoid - I AM having fun, even if I don't realize I actually hate what I'm doing. Yet there's Anthony, frustrated because gaming hasn't delivered to him his Citizen Kane.

I'd rather be in my position.

Fin.   read

12:42 PM on 11.03.2007

Adventures in the USA

Ever since the US Dollar has been dropping in value, I've been meaning to cross the border and pick up some games in the states. (And save some money in the process!)

So I head for Gamestop and they actually had all the PSP games I was looking for; Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles and Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. My local EB games didn't have Dracula X or Disgaea in stock last week, so I was pretty happy to find them!

I also grabbed Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure (PSP) since it got good reviews and was so cheap.

The guy working there was kind enough to give me the Dracula X preorder bonus even though I didn't preorder the game! Apparently nobody even placed any pre-orders for the game at that location, so he was happy to give it away. I don't suspect the assholes at any of my local EB Games would have been so easy going and generous!

EBGames and Gamestop tend to have a (mostly deserved) bad reputation for poor customer service. The two EBGames near me are employed by incompetent half-wits with some serious attitude. Somehow I figured it would be even worse in the states, but I was totally wrong!

The lone sales clerk working at the Burlington Square (Taylor Michigan) Gamestop location was not only VERY friendly, but well informed courteous and totally competent at his job!

After a bit of shopping I went for lunch at an Old Country Buffet. The food wasn't the best, but it was far from terrible. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Last time I was in the states I ate at Big Boy and the food was nasty! There was a chunk of bone (or tooth?!) in my hamburger! I swore I would never eat in the states again, but I couldn't resist the lure of the Old Country Buffet. I'm pretty sure I'd go back - but not for a while (sooooo full).   read

7:03 PM on 10.02.2007

Tales of Eternia

My mom just got back from vacationing in Holland. Before she left she asked me if there was anything I wanted her to buy. I figured it would be a long shot, but I asked her to try to track down a copy of Tales of Eternia PSP for me.

I didn't really think she'd take the time to actually look for it, and if she did look, I didn't actually think she'd find it.

Well, I was wrong on both counts. She DID find it (new, last copy!) and it was on sale for half price!

Today I am happy.   read

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