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7:11 PM on 01.19.2013

When did the word "Warranty" turn into "Insurance"?

Remember a time when you bought an extended warranty for an electronic device like a game system or, in my current case, a smartphone, and it covered anything? If the item was smashed, shocked, fried, or struck down by the hand of God himself you could bring it to the store, swap it for a new one right then and there, and be on your way. Well I guess times truly do change when you don't pay attention to the way things are worded in this day and age.

Now I am not new to a cell phone. I, like most of you, have had numerous cell phones and at least a new one every 2 years. So color me surprised when my recent new phone, the lovely Samsung Galaxy S III, took a slow motion nose dive out of my over-encumbered hands and onto my nice, ice cold, paved driveway. Now the phone survived the fall, as in, the phone still worked. The screen however, was not nearly a lucky. Smashed in 2 primary spots, the screen screamed in pain. Spiderweb cracks engulfing all but a slight spot in the center, rendering a finger swipe useless if not painful. I mean, in order to use it safely I even put the sucker in a clear ziploc bag, which oddly enough the touch screen still worked when i touched it; quick fix successful.

I think I see a skull in the middle right side

Here's where it gets ugly. On the 18th of January after a boring 8hr shift at my job, I quickly flew to my nearest Verizon store to, as I assumed, simply swap out my phone and get a new one and be on my merry way. I mean after all, I pay $6.99 a month for this "warranty" which is $83.88 a year before any taxes, so it makes sense to me that I can just swap it. You see, a few years back, before smartphones like the iphone and other such devices came out, my girlfriend had 2 phones break on her. We had the same priced warranty back then, and both were swapped out in the store, no problem. One was the phone just simply no longer worked and the other she had dropped it. No matter how it happened, both times she got a new phone and that was that.

So now we are deeper into the digital age. It's The age of the smartphone and cloud storage as well as the age of controller-less gaming and 3D movies in your living room. Sadly, it is also the age of cell phone "Insurance." Now for starters, when did phones become that important that they needed to be insured? I can't drive it. I can't live in it. I most certainly cannot pay for a funeral with it (although the prices some of the phones go for, perhaps you could). So why, did that word "warranty" go and change to "insurance.? I'll tel you why and it is also summed up in one word: Deductible.

This is a word most of us adults fear the most. Deductible.... The word just sounds disgusting and vulgar and makes me want to punch someone in the face, most notably the person who invented this word. In any case, I get home and go online to Asurion's website. After making a claim, here's the dreaded word "Deductible" and it is for a whopping $99. So you're telling me I pay $6.99 a month so I am then allowed to ONLY pay $99.... for a phone I paid $199 for thanks to the discounted upgrade. I bought this phone in late November... and now, because I finally broke one of my many cell phones over the years, this is what I get? Whatever happened to bringing it in, they swap it out, and I leave a happy customer knowing my $6.99 a month was worth it? Oh and guess what... they don't even send you a new phone! The one they sent me plainly says "re-manufactured in the USA." So not only did I have to pay $99, and pay $6.99 for this, but then they send me a refurbished phone?! What is wrong with our country!?

Old cell phone memories...and I have no idea why I still have these

Over the years I've run the gamut of phones from prepaid Nokias, to some garbage t-mobile phone, to some LG phone that was ok, to a krazer (which was still my favorite phone ever before smartphones existed), to a special edition Star Wars R2-D2 Droid 2 (which was my first smart phone and I loved it) and now to my Samsung Galaxy S III. Never have I been so furious at an extended warranty plan. I have two Xbox 360s, both have red ringed TWICE EACH and not ONCE did I pay for a new console. My original PS1 broke, FREE swap. My Sega Dreamcast broke years ago, FREE swap. As I mentioned earlier that 2 of my girlfriends phones broke, FREE swap BOTH times. Is anyone else seeing the pattern here? On all of these items I had extended warranties, hoping I'd never need them, and when I had to use them, I got my item swapped out and all was good. Now it's 2013 and I truly see how our future in this country will be, when things like cellular phones need insurance.

I understand they're probably more intricate and expensive to make, I understand that $99 is reasonable considering if I didn't have it I'd either have to pay my $200 upgraded price or worse, but why is that the case now and it wasn't before this time? Is it because Cell phone companies just thought of this in the last few years and realized it was easy money? I mean if I had a regular cell phone I still would've had to pay $45 for a replacement. Shouldn't we all simply just get an automatic extended warranty and just make us pay $99 to replace it? I wouldn't be mad if I wasn't already paying $6.99 a month and I wouldn't be mad if I didn't have to pay that in the first place and could pay $99 for a replacement, but both is just ludicrous and wrong. My Droid 2 never broke on me so I never had to use the warranty which is why i am finding out about this now. Hell I have dropped my Droid 2, 3-4 times, in the SAME driveway and the worst thing that happened was the plastic case I had flew off, that's it. So how do we not get a "one time it's free and anything after that you pay" kind of system that most products today still have?

Ahh... the old R2-D2 droid. I miss your indestructibility

Now granted I didn't have a case on my phone yet, so maybe that's my bad, but realistically, should I have to buy body armor for my cell phone? Perhaps a sleek Kevlar lined cover? Should they manufacture something that will break after being dropped one time? Certainly in the year 2013 this technology must exist. I mean after all, I am pretty sure shatterproof glass and other such materials exist today. But as fate would have it, I DID order a case for my phone and guess when it arrived? The day after I dropped the phone. Does that qualify as irony? I don't know but either way it wasn't enjoyable at all.

So be careful when you get that extended warranty. Get it in writing that they replace it, because I never looked at this "$99 deductible" garbage because I made the mistake of assuming something as insane as this could never exist. Why is my state of the art gaming system able to be swapped for no extra cost but not my phone? Why can I blow out stereo speakers and have them swapped out no problem? I paid $99 for a re-manufactured phone that I just bought for $199 new less than a full 3 months ago and that just doesn't seem right to me.

Nerdy new phone case that arrived a day late...I'm aware it won't protect the screen, per se, but it does shift the phones weight so maybe it'd fall backside down next time...

Did I mention when they first sent me the phone it didn't come with a SIM card and I had to go to the Verizon store to get one and the guy was going to charge me $20 but thankfully hooked me up and didn't? Yea...I love not being able to use my new phone until 3 days after I get it and then have all this happen 3 months later. But hey, it's not all bad, I get an extra charger, battery and a SIM card for all my hassle...

So if anyone agrees with me or has a similar story they would love to share I am all about it. If I sound unreasonable and you disagree, feel free to comment too, I need to know what others think of this policy and if I am just starting to show my age.   read

8:20 PM on 01.14.2013

So many games, So little time: The Road to 2500 Video Games

Have you ever had a huge backlog of games that you've been meaning to play? You go to work and day dream about just what game you will play and how far you'll get, only to realize time is not on your side? Take right now for instance. I sit here, after working 9+ hours, full of free time to play games, but what am I doing? Writing this very blog. Now while some may say this is counterproductive on the game playing front, I like to think of this blog as the beginning. Here is my lovely tale of gaming from the beginning to current events, as well as a rundown of my gaming collection by the numbers (not an actual list of my games, just how many on what system).

Me and my gaming setup/shelves

The Road to 2500 games has been a long and arduous journey. It started with my 4 year old self being given his father's Atari and immediately getting hooked on games like Dig Dug and Kaboom. The first video game I ever played, however, was a little game called Kangaroo. Then I received the first console that was ever officially purchased for me and me alone... The Nintendo Entertainment System. I would play Mario and Duck Hunt all day long. My dad even played and showed off shooting all the ducks with his back to the TV while only using the NES Zapper and a small mirror. My dad used to rent me tons of games as a kid since they didn't have money to buy me tons of games but renting was the best! I would get 1-2 games a week and burn through them like crazy. Sometimes I picked them and other times he would pick them on his way home from work.

So many memories with my NES. I can remember the game my friend and I were playing when his first cat died and it was Kickle Cubicle. My friend and I used to watch his dad play Legend of Zelda, Legend of Zelda II and Faxanadu all while learning how to figure out our first endeavor into any kind of games with RPG elements. In my friends case, he always got the new Nintendo systems all because his dad wanted to play Zelda games. haha But one would assume I've had tons of games all my life, which isn't the case. I actually only owned about 16 NES games during their actual years of production, the bulk of my games came much later since I rented a lot more as a kid than actually bought/received games. I also didn't get a Sega Master System until mid 2012 so no fond memories of that system, but at least I do own one now! Somewhere amongst this madness I got a Gameboy and loved it. I also once left my gameboy in my pool bag in the trunk of my moms car (we used to goto a pool club when I was a kid for fun summer swimming times) and the screen got all black and burned out. Luckily, my mom had bought me another Gameboy the following Christmas but hid it because she forget she bought me one, and so then I was all set!

Then came the 16 bit generation! Sega Genesis and SNES battled it out for supremacy of the gaming world! I initially rented consoles at this point as a kid and within the first year of its existence I rented the Sega Genesis about 2-3 times and I got one for Christmas the following year in 1991. Then Christmas of 1992 I was blessed with an SNES along with the packed in Super Mario world and Spiderman/X-men in Arcade's Revenge. I can remember waking up early, opening it up, and hooking up the console myself just to play them on christmas morning. I had also rented the SNES numerous times before getting it and i still remember my first SNES game due to renting the consoles/games, Joe and Mac. I even played in the Blockbuster Video Game championships for 2 years in a row, and was in the lead during the year they had Donkey Kong Country in the tournament. But the 3rd and final day I lost by 100 bananas and was mad cuz my dad told me it was cumulative from all 3 days (which i wouldve won) but it was just by the top score and I lost. The other year was some random games, i forget which ones, but didn't do well there. Somewhere in this gen I got a Sega Game Gear. it was fun but ate through 6 AA batteries every 3 hours. But they made a charger pack and all was good. I also got a Sega CD, only for Night Trap and Willy Beamish... and Night Trap got pulled from shelves 2 months before I got a Sega CD. Sure I got one years later, but it crushed me as a kid and the only real game I played, and still play, is Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side.

One of my dirty old Atari's and some of my handhelds

Next is the amazing PS1 and N64 era! I leave out Sega Saturn namely because I didn't get one of those until maybe 3 or 4 years ago. PS1 and N64 were both amazing consoles, which I am sure you all know. This was the generation where my parents said they wouldn't buy me any more video game consoles unless I saved my money, little did I know this was a trick to see if I could save money, and I sure did. Think of it, what 13 year old kid can save any money? Well I showed them and I saved any money I received. So the N64 came out and I was still saving and running to Blockbuster Video to play their stand up unit that Reset every 15 minutes or so but I didn't care. Then it was November and I was ready to go buy it after school with my mom. I had enough money for the system and a game. Then my dad comes home...and what does he bring me, an N64! Remember that infamous video of N64 kid? No that wasn't me but I was pretty excited nonetheless. They were proud that I had saved my money and could tell I really wanted it so I was able to spend my money on another controller and some more games, what a great memory that is and always will be.

PS1 wasn't as exciting of a story, it was more of a "ask for it for Christmas, get it, love it" kind of thing. By this point my parents knew I would always love games and so decided to lift the "no more consoles" embargo. However, my parents fooled me big time that year. Resident Evil had been out for a while and my friends had it, so of course I needed it. So I wake up christmas morning 1997, got some stuff, but no PS1. They told me maybe another time I could get one. So we went to my Aunt's for Christmas and BAM PS1 city! They even got me my first 2 PS1 games, Twisted Metal 2 and Resident Evil! I couldn't play Resident Evil because my younger cousins were around, but I could play Twisted Metal oddly enough, probably because the gore isnt as real, and I didnt play it long there anyway so it wasn't a big deal.

Then by this point I am older. Dreamcast came out, I wanted one, got it for Xmas in 1999, loved it. My friend bought one too (not the same friend from earlier) namely because it could play burned games and he was all about that, so he went from having an NES and never getting another system until Dreamcast and then getting and eventually modding his Xbox after the warranty ran out. lol But my first 2 Dreamcast games were NFL 2k and NBA 2k because they came with the system in a bundle. I never liked sports games, (i still don't and don't really like sports altogether) but NFL 2k was fun as hell and I loved the series until its demise with NFL 2k5 and I suck at Madden and just hate how it plays so I never got into sports games anymore.

Spliced image of my 2 major game shelves and my strategy guide rack in the middle

Then the infamous PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation. I, unlike most people, got a PS2 last. I got Xbox first because I was sure it was the best one after reading magazine and checking online sites and I was hooked. To this day I still say Xbox and Xbox 360 are my favorite consoles of the last 2 generations. Then I bought a Gamecube ONLY because Resident Evil had to go and be remade on it and I also wanted Super Smash Bros Melee. I also only bought a PS2 later in its life (last big model PS2 but right before the slims were made) and that was only because I am a huge WWE fan and I wanted the Smackdown series. Flash forward to today and I own more PS2 games than any other console in my collection. Sure that's because PS2 games dropped to dirt cheap at the game store I worked at, but still I love it nonetheless.

Here we are, Current gen. Even though it's now almost over, My time with the Xbox 360/PS3/Wii has still been fun. Sure not as many fond memories, but still great games. As always I started with Xbox 360, not just because it was out first, but I loved the Xbox and so this made sense. I got a Wii at launch just because we had an extra console at my work and I got it cuz I new it'd be hard to find later. PS3 I didn't get until the Slim models came out and even then I only got it because God of War 3 was coming out. I literally haven't played my PS3 in over a year, it's my blu-ray player/Netflix/Hulu Plus machine. I only have it for those reasons and for system exclusives, of which I am not really into many of them apparently. If its multi-platform I always go Xbox 360. The Wii is always a fun system and it got my girlfriend more into gaming so that's always a plus.

Gaming area with most of my consoles. Replace Wii with Wii U, add in a Turbo Grafx 16 and you get the idea.

Many of my systems I received during my days at Game Crazy. Some I got for $10-15 at the store from customers (since after a while we couldnt take more old games in so we could then make offers). Systems like Saturn, virtual boy and 32x. While I had rented them, I never bought them til 4-7 years ago. But it was those 5 years (2005-2010) that I ludicrously blew up my collection by 2000+ of my now 2500+ games. During the all of the consoles actual life spans (not including current gen) I probably only owned 10-15 games. Fun fact: The first system I owned over 30 games for while they still produced games for the console: Gameboy.

So what's in store for this generation? The Wii U is cool, I have one, but I'm not quite in love with it yet. The 3DS is fun but still JUST as fun as the DS was as I am not all "Wowzers 3D sure is nifty wifty!" So we'll see what's to come for the next 10 years of gaming.

Just playin' me some Wario Land on the old Virtual Boy!

So here's what people come to see: The Collection. My collection just this week has hit an astonishing 2504 games... Ponder on that one for a minute... 2504 games... yowza.

Here's a rundown of the sickness:

NES - 250
SNES - 166
N64 - 150
Gamecube - 89
Wii - 74
Wii U - 2
Gameboy/Gameboy Color - 172
Gameboy Advance - 101
Virtual Boy - 5
Nintendo DS - 125
Nintendo 3DS - 14

Sega Master System - 9
Sega Genesis - 179
Sega CD - 52
Sega 32x - 7
Sega Saturn - 16
Sega Dreamcast - 71
Sega Game Gear - 23

PS1 - 202
PS2 - 280 (highest amount in my collection)
PS3 - 30
PSP - 102

Xbox - 171
Xbox 360 - 187

Atari 2600 - 16
Atari Jaguar - 5
Turbo Grafx 16 - 4
N-Gage - 2 (I have 2 games but no actual N-Gage system...yet)

= 2504 games...yipes

NES - 3 (1 top loader, 2 front loader)
SNES (original)
N64 (original)
Gamecube (Indigo)
Wii (launch)
Wii U
Gameboy - 2 (1 classic, 1 pocket; oddly enough I don't own an actual Gameboy Color...yet)
Gameboy Advance SP (NES Classic design; I don't own an original GBA or a GBA Micro...yet)
Virtual Boy
Nintendo DS - 3 (Mario Kart original DS, Black DS Lite, Legend of Zelda DS lite)
Nintendo 3DS

Sega Master System
Sega Genesis (ver.1)
Sega CD (ver. 2)
Sega 32x
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Game Gear

PS1 - 2 (original PSX and the smaller PSone w/ attachable monitor)
PS2 (original)
PS3 (slim)
PSP (silver slim model)

Xbox 360 - 2 (one old white pre-HDMI slot model and one Halo 3 special edition model)

Atari - 3 (2 Atari 2600s, 1 Atari 2600 jr.)
Atari Jaguar
Turbo Grafx 16

So that's a nice little rundown of what my collection consists of these days. I also have 250 Strategy guides and about 20 or so Art Books. I also have posters, pre-order gifts, many special editions of games, and other such video game related items. I even own a 2-3 ft Master Chief statue that we had at Game Crazy and I was allowed to take it! On top of all this I also own over 60+ Star Trek Original Series novels, tons of comics/graphic novels as well as a nice collection of video game based novels.

Some of my Video game Novels, handful more bought afterwards

But what is to become of my beloved hobby in the future? Mom and pop stores have caught on to the internet and now sell their games for the outlandish online prices, Gamestop is still overpriced for most of their games and have almost eliminated any games from the PS2/GC/Xbox era and earlier, and as i get older my money becomes more and more needed and less usable for things such as this hobby/addiction. But above all else, as I get older, time moves faster and I am more conscious of it.

I love the thought of being able to never run out of games to play, or to just be able to play whatever I want whenever I want. Yes I am aware of virtual consoles and digital downloads (and believe me I dread the console generation after this coming one because the rumors are it will all be digital). I just can't do digital downloads and the only ones I own are those that are ONLY digital such as Super Meat Boy or older but now have online play like Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

I also own about 10-15 PC games, but I am not a PC gamer and havent really ever been. Sure I played DOOM and Worms World Party when I was younger but PC gaming never stuck. I always preferred console gaming, initially because PC controllers were terrible back in the day and I hate using a keyboard and mouse for gaming. I'm way better at FPS games with a controller than a mouse and keyboard. But because I am a console game collector and not a PC game player or collector, they simply do not count to me as part of my collection. But if other people count PC games and digital download games in their collections, well then I hit 2500 games months ago.

As you can see from my cover photo, thats my collection. That is, back when it was only at 2300 about 1 or 2 years ago. The shelves have slightly changed but the insanity still remains. Thanks to Destructoid I have talked to others who have huge game collections and it's cool to know I am not alone in this at all. So I hope you all enjoyed this (those of you who bothered to read before or after my list of games/consoles lol) and feel free to ask me questions and/or comment! I leave you with this:

Kangaroo, Baby!

11:04 PM on 07.24.2012

Dear Activision, You're Useless. Love, GrimmTrixX

So this blog is going to be short and sweet. What the HELL were they thinking having NO local multiplayer in Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD? I get it, it's 2012, Xbox live and online gaming in general are huge. But WHY are all these game companies forgetting that friends like to hang out TOGETHER? I don't want to be hanging with my friend and then say "OK so go to your house so we can play tony hawk online!" I was JUST with him.. why does he need to go home so we can play a game of HORSE in THPSHD?

This game is useless to me now. Not only did this discourage me and make me not want to play it ever, but now my friend isn't getting the game on Xbox live for the same reason.. NO LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. A game series that has been 2 players since its incarnation, gets remade in HD (and the levels do look great...well Hangar does since I played it once and despised the fact that it's not 2 players and can't bare to look at it anymore), and then we get this garbage.

The blood and character models still look like crap too! They basically redid all the maps graphically and that's it.. That's really all they did. I wish I looked at reviews but I honestly though "How can Activision mess it up... it's a remake of the first 2 THPS games, the best ones" But they found a way. I completely miss when games had online multiplayer AND offline multiplayer. I mean is it because "no one wants to play split screen"?

You know who says that? People with 20 inch televisions. My 40 inch TV begs to differ. Since I was a child I couldn't wait until TV's got bigger (even then I knew they would), so I could play 4 player split screen with my friends more easily. And here we are, 2012, and all game companies want is for me and my friends to all buy their game, and play online in our own homes. Greedy pieces of trash.

So screw you Activision. Enjoy my $15 because it's the last of my money that you will ever see.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD blows.


11:37 PM on 05.12.2012

Where's my Friggin' Sequel: Eternal Champions

For years we have been bombarded with Street fighter, King of Fighters, and Mortal Kombat since the release of Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side for the Sega CD. Before Eternal Champions hit the Sega Genesis, everyone thought Mortal Kombat held the record for most violent game. Well I am here to tell you that those people did not play Eternal Champions.

This game had it all! EC had 25 characters, which dwarfed any other fighting game at the time. Sure a handful were semi-clones (think Super Smash Bros Melee with Mario/Dr. Mario or Roy/Marth), but many still had unique finishing moves and special moves at least in appearance.

The best part about this game of course included my favorite sci-fi theme: Time Travel! How could you get a cooler story?! All of the fighters were pulled from time JUST before their demise. The Eternal Champion (the primary Antagonist on the Genesis who was then replaced by HIS master on Sega CD, the Dark Champion) pulls these fighters from time, and they have to fight to the death. The winner is then returned to his/her timeline and given a chance to avoid their death and live again, while the losers, are sent back to their original time period and die as they were supposedly meant to die. This to me is an amazing story line and is one of the very reasons I love the concept of time travel.

The characters in Eternal Champions was Deadliest Warrior before the TV show even existed in someone's brain. This game had all kinds of fighters such as a caveman, pirate, cowboy, gangster, vampire, Warlock, circus performer, cyborg, Atlantis dwelling green guy, and you can even unlock hidden characters like a chicken, a politician, a vietnam soldier, and a monkey!

So as I said before, this game was violent as hell. Each character had their own finishing move called a "Vendetta." These moves are basically fatalities only some were just plain brutal. Remember that censored point blank headshot by the Joker in MK vs DC universe and it's not much more violent MK 2011 version? Well try being a Cowboy with a shotgun and firing one shot into a head to plow it up, and then firing the 2nd shot and blowing off more of the gunk that was once your head. And this was a game made in 1995! The tamer Sega Genesis version was still violent, but the Sega CD game was much worse (and more awesome).

Adding to Vendettas we also get the Overkills from the Sega Genesis game, but added on top of that were Sudden Deaths AND Cinekills. Overkills and Sudden deaths are basically the same. Finish the final round with your opponent landing in a certain spot when he/she took their final hit, or hit them for the final hit in the right spot and they would do a "pit stage" type finishing move. The only difference is Sudden Death's can only be done in the 3rd round, where Overkills could be done in the 2nd or 3rd round. Cinekills were an added bonus! TO get a Cinekill you basically had to dominate your opponent with a nice string of combos, knock them to 20% health or lower, and made them dizzy. if you did this your opponent would be sent to the Dark Champion himself and he would personally kill them. I've only done 2 of them myself back in the day with my two best characters, Midknight and Larcen, and they were an amazing site to behold, especially before the days of internet and social networking. This was back in the day when if Gamepro magazine didn't tell you how to do it, you either had to figure it out yourself or you just never knew about it until years and years later.

With that said, Where's my Friggin Sequel? Technically the series only has 1 entry, with Challenge from the Dark Side being a "Complete Edition" of sorts. There have been numerous rumors over the years or its impending journey into the world of Sequality, but nothing has been done. Sega... have you ever thought that maybe your company fails because all you do is make Sonic the Hedgehog games and hope that somehow people go "Oh yea I forgot I love Sonic! Let's buy them all." The only people who are buying Sonic games are those who always loved him. I love Sonic Generations and all, but they had to go back to being old school to even warrant my attention.

Larcen had a spinoff title for the Game Gear called Chicago Syndicate and Shadow was in X-perts. Both took place in their own time periods before the Eternal champions tournament.

If Eternal Champions 2 ever became a thing, it would sell like crazy! The game could be as violent as the ESRB would allow, which is potentially even worse than Mortal Kombat. Everyone loves stage fatalities, especially in this series when you would forget they even existed only to be surprised by the outcome of a match where you botched, or forgot how to do, a Vendetta. I played the crap out of EC and EC: CftDS and would do so with a sequel in a 2.5D side scrolling fighting style with updated graphics, levels, vendettas, overkills/sudden deaths and maybe even make new Cinekills. That's all I have to say about this very underrated and amazingly fun fighting game series.

Fun side note: Bone Thugs ~N~ Harmony's song "Eternal" used a sample from this games. Some guy on youtube mixed the song's lyrics into the Eternal Champions actual song. But if you hear each separately they def used the sample. It's awesome both as a gamer and a BTNH fan. NSFW:

Apparently BTNH sampled EC's bad ending music too for Crosssroads... Yea BTNH is definitely cooler now in my eyes. Probably should've cited Sega in their albums but whatever.

Here are the Cinekills:

If you want to see the Overkills/Sudden Deaths, here they are:

Also Vendettas (Dawson's bad ass shotgun Vendetta is at 2:30):


3:12 PM on 05.06.2012

Where's my Friggin' Sequel: Blood Omen/Soul Reaver

So it's about that time for more of my most wanted sequels in gaming. This one is not super old, but old enough to be annoying that there hasn't been a sequel for this series in quite a while, I am of course talking about the Blood Omen/Soul Reaver series. I miss it, I love it, I want some more of it.

It has been almost 9 full years since we were given the amazing game that is Legacy of Kain: Defiance. That's WAY too long for more action from the wraith Raziel or the vampire Kain to be wreaking Havoc, whether it's against each other or others. I have been a die hard fan of this series since Soul Reaver on my Dreamcast (I never heard of Blood Omen on PS1 until way later, I played it before Blood Omen 2 came out however). This series was one of the reasons I bought a PS2, since I got Gamecube AND Xbox before a PS2 but thanks to the WWE Smackdown series, Silent Hill 3, and Soul Reaver 2, I eventually bought one.

Sony has never been my first choice for gaming. I mean I love many of their games but not enough to get them right away. I've owned a PS3 for over a year now and have maybe 9 games... I've had a 360 since 4 months after it's release and have over 160 Xbox 360 games... that's some crazy math. But there's just something about this series that makes me go crazy and play it for hours and hours.

Perhaps it's the crazy powers Kain possesses in Blood Omen 2, or Raziel's ability to shift between realms, but there's something about these 2 characters that makes me enjoy their games. So I ask the question that's on all of our minds... Where's my friggin' sequel?

Defiance had a great ending, and maybe there wasn't much left to say afterwards, but I still want more. I mean Kain has been around for hundreds of years! Can't we have a Blood Omen 3 that takes place during some point between Blood Omen 2 and Defiance? And what about Raziel? He's also been around a long time? Why not a prequel before Raziel became a wraith? The possibilities for a sequel are there and could be potentially endless. But let's not forget, Kain had other vampires under his control, so why give all the love to just Kain and Raziel? That whole series could be fleshed out much more in terms of characters and the storied lives of Kan and Raziel.

So I say to you Eidos or whoever the hell owns the rights to this series, do something with it! A decade is way too long for a series that made most of us forget how crazy vampires could be, or how cryptic a wraith can be. Ii this series gets a sequel, be it Blood Omen 3, or Soul Reaver 3, or Defiance 2... I would go absolutely insane and would definitely buy it on day 1.   read

3:22 PM on 04.29.2012

Where's my Friggin' Sequel: Kid Chameleon

I have decided that every Sunday, I am going to write a fun new blog about sequels. As gamer of 25 years, I have seen quite a few things throughout the years. One thing I love is sequels. Now call me crazy, but I just can't stand it when you have a great series and then all of a sudden you don't see another game for 15-20 years, or ever again for that matter. You all know my love for Gladius 2 so I will not go into detail about that, same goes for a hopeful Lost Odyssey 2.

So starting here, now, and every Sunday from here until further notice, in my first edition of "Where's my Friggin' sequel," we are going to talk about Kid Chameleon.

This May 28th marks the 20th anniversary of Kid Chameleon and all I can say is Where's the love? This was my 2nd favorite Sega Genesis game of all time (You cannot beat Toe Jam and Earl) and such an amazing and under appreciated game. Kid Chameleon had just over 100 levels with branching paths, he has crazy super powers obtained by grabbing different masks such as a hover board, knight armor, and a friggin' tank that shoots skulls. Also, he has shades and a leather jacket. If he's this bad ass as a kid, imagine how cool he's look older?

My question is this... Why has there not been a sequel in 20 years? I mean Casey, Kid Chameleon himself, entered the virtual world to save kids who were trapped inside the game just for losing. With technology the way it is today, a sequel could easily be made from the ashes of the story. I mean you break a hole in the virtual world and save all the people... so why not make good old boss Heady Metal find his way out into the digital world and perhaps make him affect the real world, leaving only Kid Chameleon to save the day yet again. Tons of new helmets could emerge, many more varied levels, not to mention the insane graphical achievements we've made in the last 20 years. I'd almost prefer it if they made him older and perhaps Heady Metal escapes using wireless or 3G or some crap just a thought.

If you have not played this game, whether it's from a ROM, Virtual console, Sega Classics Collection, or any other way then do yourself a favor and play this game. Kid Chameleon is challenging, the different paths cause your adventure to change each time, great graphics for the Sega Genesis generation, insane enemies and super powers, and a simple and straightforward story where the hero comes to save the day. Ad in the fact that for its time the idea of being trapped in a video game... while you are PLAYING a video game is not lost on me. As a kid it made you feel as though you WERE Kid Chameleon and you couldn't rest until you defeated Heady Metal and won the game.

So Sega, do not let Kid Chameleon fall into obscurity. Let Sonic the Hedgehog rest for a while, he's been running for far too long. Since you aren't doing so well, how about giving some of your other characters a moment in the spotlight to maybe regain your momentum. Until next week everyone.

- GrimmTrixX   read

8:08 PM on 04.20.2012

The Hunt for Halo Achievements

We've all done it. You get a game, play the hell out of it, but then something in the back of your mind says "hey you, you should totally get all those achievements." You then say to yourself, "But why? Gamerscore is just a number and it'll take hours to get done" to which your mind replies "JUST DO IT ALREADY!" That didn't happen to you? Oh, well maybe that's just me, but sometimes I just get so into a game I cannot rest until have 100% in it. I don't get this way for PS3 games and their trophies, just Xbox Live Achievements. Maybe it's because I wasn't into sports as a kid so the appeal of getting as Trophy is lost on me. I do, however, like to achieve things.

I, GrimmTrixX, want to, and will earn, every Halo game achievement legitimately and without boosting. I would rather miss out on some achievements in this series than earn them by boosting. I am NOT knocking anyone who has and/or will boost to get them, not at all. This is just my personal preference and goal for myself. Boost all you want, I've been tempted to but haven't yet.

I have been a Halo fan since a few months after it's initial release on Xbox. I got my original Xbox about 3 months after it came out, and my fist 2 games were Dead or Alive 3 and Halo. I bought Halo because "meh this game looks kind of cool" knowing nothing about it. Little did I know, 11+ years later, I would be addicted to the game and the Halo Universe as a whole.

Ever since Halo: Combat Evolved I was hooked on this series, before it even became a series. I love sci-fi stories and I just got all wrapped up into it. I used to do 12-16 player LAN parties with my friends and even used Xbox Connect which allowed you to play Halo": CE online because it tricked your Xbox into thinking it was system linked. Halo:CE is still my most favorite game. I've beaten it on normal, heroic, and legendary solo, but also legendary on co-op and while it was super hard, that was an achievement to myself that I had to do, even though no proof is able to be seen.

My first and only 100% in Halo so far is with halo 3:ODST. This doesn't really come as a surprise, as it is the easiest game in which to get 100%. But I played for hours and the 2 vidmaster achievements SUCKED. Two times I had a disconnect trying to get one of the achievements that takes a minimum of 2.5 hrs to get, but I finally got it on the 3rds time. But that's one down and 4 to go.

So this goes on down the line through out the Halo series to my point in time as it is right now. With Halo 4 coming November 6th, 2012 I made a solemn vow: I want to legitimately earn every single Halo achievement in Halo 3, ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach, an Halo Anniversary. I don't know WHY I feel I have to do this, but regardless the feeling is there and I must follow through.

About a few months ago I started focusing on Halo 3. My main reasoning behind this was, how much longer will Halo 3 be playable online? So I trudged through, slowly but surely getting some here and there until now I have 1 achievement left: "Save This film," which means I have to get a Perfection (15 kills no deaths) in a Slayer match on a Mythic Map. Yikes. Now I am not a horrible Halo 3 player (pay no attention to my Halo 3 rank as I have demolished it with constant backing out of matches to get the achievement) but never in my life have I gone Anything and 0, let alone 15-0. So this is a tough one. I haven't really tried at it much though, since I was too busy trying to get friggin Orbital to show up so I could try and get 2 Deaths from the Grave. Now after I write this blog I am going to play Halo 3 for a little bit in a vain attempt at this. Will I be successful, who knows, but I will try.

Alongside this Halo 3 madness, however, lurks Halo Reach. I had about 20 achievements left but I have since knocked them down to an attainable 7 and here they are:
- Make It Rain: Purchase an item for a Lt. Colonel in the Armory
- Totally Worth it: Double Kill from the Grave on any map
- You Ate all the Chips: Collect all flags in matchmade Stockpile on a Defiant Map
- Candy from a Baby: Capture 2 flags from an enemy capture zone in Stockpile on a Defiant Map
- Don't Touch That: Do not let the enemy touch the Flag in 1-flag CTF on a Defiant Map
- Paper Beats Rock: Assassinate a player after using Armor Lock on a Defiant Map
- All Alone: Be the last man standing in Infection on a Defiant map
- Stick it to the man: Stick and kill the flag carrier on an Anniversary map

That's it. That's all she wrote. This is all I need to have 100% in Halo: 3 and Reach. So here are my problems/hurdles I am encountering. Now, some won't be too hard thanks to Squad DLC existing and occasionally a flag match shows up, but the sad thing is, in other playlists, NO ONE ever picks Stockpile. Also, hardly anyone uses Armor Lock and, while I'm at it, no one picks flag in anniversary maps. So I am almost at somewhat of an impasse. The double kill from grave is one that will just happen in a random FFA match as will the "Make it rain" achievement since that just comes with time. But the rest could be hit or miss.

But my deadline is not until November 5th, the day before Halo 4. So I think I could be done in 6 months. I still have every Anniversary achievement to get as far as single player goes (it sucks I JUST beat Halo 1 on Legendary about 6 months ago), as well as a handful of Halo wars offline achievements, but they can be done at any time, unlike the online achievements which become harder as time moves forward.

Anyone else do stuff like this sometimes before a new game comes out? Also before October I need to beat Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood AND Revelations since I own them all but honestly I made it halfway thru AC1 and haven't gone back. I want to, but I keep getting sidetracked. But with how amazing Assassin's Creed 3 looks, I will do it. I have also had a hankering to beat all of the resident evil games before RE6 comes out (even though I've beaten them all before), but it all depends on Halo.

So if anyone sees me online, my gamertag is GrimmTrixX. I am not looking to boost in Halo, as so far I have earned every single Halo achievement legitimately, no boosting. Hell I got the first 1000 Halo 3 achievement points before they added any extras from the DLC maps, but sadly I slacked on the others and am making up for it while I still can. If you want to play with/against me, I'll be jumping around from Squad DLC, to Anniversary Classic/BTB/FFA with a single goal to get achievements. Don't give them to me, I just might need help controlling the vote to get stockpile and flag matches so I can even try to earn them.

Hey! Tell me your stories about achievement hunting in the comments! I only hunt the games that call to me such as Dead Rising, Halo, and Lost Odyssey, but I have fun with other games as well. I'd love to hear if you guys have had similar experiences in Halo or other games! And I am off to attempt some more Halo 3 and/or Reach Achievements. Damn I gotta get going on Halo: Anniversary! 0%? For shame.


7:59 PM on 04.11.2012

10 Things Unbeknowst to you all about GrimmTrixX

So I decided I'll bite. Everyone here's gotta have at least ONE of these 10 facts" type blogs, right? Isn't it some unwritten rule under the TOS? In any event, I figured why the hell not bare my soul and tell you some unknown things about me, mostly pertaining to gaming.

10.) My first video game system was Atari at age 4: Now that I am almost 29 years old, I will have had 25 years of gaming under my belt. On my 4th birthday my dad gave me his Atari 2600 (I later got my own Atari 7800). I didn't hit NES til about age 5 or 6. But after all these year, here I sit, still a gamer and I love it. It's so weird to start with a 1 button joystick, and now have 14 or so buttons on a controller.

9.) The only Zelda games I have beaten are Link's Awakening and Ocarina of time: Now you all know my dirty secret. While I love the Legend of Zelda series, these are the only 2 games I have completed from beginning to end. I've literally played halfway through LoZ1, Majora, Wind Waker, and even link to the past, but have never finished them. I don't know what it is, if I lose interest or get sidetracked with other things, but its true. My goal this summer is to chronologically beat every Zelda game now that we have an official chronology from Nintendo (and I own every single Zelda game there is to own in their original format). But again, only time will tell, and also only time will permit me to attempt this feat.

8.) I don't like Gears of War or Mass Effect: Ok.. you're allowed to murder me if you wish, but just keep in mind, not everyone loves the same games. As someone pointed out in one of my other blogs, they hated Enchanted Arms, while I love that game. To each his/her own I guess right? I tried, I really did. I liked GoW1, but GoW2 multiplayer... I don't know, something about it I didn't enjoy. I mean I like Horde mode enough, but the story bores me, I don't like the short and stocky/overly muscular style of the characters, and all I hear is Bender when Marcus talks because I am a die hard Futurama fan so I just can't take him seriously. I keep expecting him to say "hot diggity daffodil" or "bite my shiny metal ass". Mass Effect... I don't know, maybe I'd like ME2 and 3, but ME 1...where your character can't get better with a weapon after using it more often if I want to use Adept and have omniblade type stuff is dumb. I wanted to have the cool powers but also use weapons. I cannot use the handgun the WHOLE game alongside the powers. I want my cake and to eat it too since.. you know.. why have cake if you can't eat it? At some point I'll trudge through (since I own Gow1 and 2 and I own ME 1 and 2) as I'm sure they get better, but right now, I am not into it.

7.) I almost won the Blockbuster Video tournament in my area as a kid: When Blockbuster video did one of their first tournaments, I entered. The tournament was on sega genesis and SNES but you could only enter 1. SNES had Donkey Kong Country. They had a special cart that went from level to level and the object was to collect the most bananas. For 3 weeks the tournament ran and the first 2 weeks I had the high score. But apparently the rules were the highest score overall after the 3 weeks won, it was NOT cumulative. Now I was a kid so I had no clue, my dad still beats himself up over not reading the official rules. I lost by like 20 bananas, which I probably could've beaten but I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was cumulative.

6.) I used to work at Game Crazy for 5 years: Back in 2005 a Game Crazy opened up half a mile from my house. I was working at CVS at the time and I took a $1 pay cut to work at Game Crazy. While the management sucked and corporate office idiots were a bunch of non-gaming morons, the atmosphere was awesome. We could play games in downtime, customers could try ANY game they wanted except for M rated games (but if kids weren't in the store we allowed it), we got TONS of free stuff from preorders gifts (but at my store at least, we only took them if all preorders were fulfilled; hand to God). We ran tournaments in street fighter games like Capcom vs SNK 2 (which we also played on a daily basis for years along with SF3: Third strike). We also were addicted to DBZ Tenkaichi 1 and 2 for the longest time. But in those 5 years I got tons of games which I mention at my #1 fact about me. Also, when Game Crazy closed, I technically transferred to Hollywood video since in my branch they closed the video side almost 2 months after Game Crazy. I wanted to stay until the end since I started at this job on the 4th day the store was open, and I stayed until its final day. Thankfully I did this because we could hold things the WHOLE time. I got about 30-40 games and 20 movies for $0.80-1 each, all new except for a few used but perfect condition games and rental movies, and I got about 50 strategy guides for FREE. That's my greatest moment in video game deals. lol

5.) I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design: It took me 7 years since I took a break in between and also have a certificate in web design/animation from the now defunct Gibbs College. It's one of those things where you know you want to work with video games in the future but aren't sure what to choose. I chose Computer Science, but hate programming. So I figured Art was the way to go, I mean I liked to draw so I said what the hell. So I got my Bachelor's degree in Art with a focus on Graphic Design... and I am doing nothing with it. I've come to the realization I love talking about and playing games, but when it comes to programming or trying to artistically draw things, they don't come out how my brain sees them and I just don't feel it. I wish I did more focus on journalism or writing, which I am trying to get into by blogging a lot more all over the internet. Practice makes perfect right? So while my ultimate goal is to work for a reviewing website doing articles and reviews, I will start from the bottom and work my way up like everyone else.

4.) I had a college radio show for almost 3 years: You heard me right, my first 2 and a half years of going to Rhode Island College, I had a radio show. For a year and a half I had a co-host and our show was called TrixX and Patricide (her name was Patricia). Then I went solo, keeping my radio/online moniker of TrixX (But known as GrimmTrixX on AOL and eventually on Xbox live when that first started). I did a metal show from 8pm-10pm and some semesters it was 10pm-12am. I loved it and am thinking about bringing that back in the fall since Alumni can have radio shows too. I am trying to get a video game music show instead, but I don't know if they allow it due to rights to songs and also companies give them music to play sometimes. If not maybe I'll stick with a revival of my metal show, but this time as my current and now forever online alias, GrimmTrixX.

3.) Chris Cornell is my all time favorite musician: I have been a fan of Soundgarden since the release of Superunknown. That album is what got me into rock music and eventually metal as well. But Chris Cornell has an awesome range in his voice which makes him my favorite artist. I have all of his solo stuff as well as Soundgarden, which is my all time favorite band. It took about 15 years but I saw Soundgarden live on their reunion tour in Mansfield, Massachusetts and I had seats maybe 15 rows from the front and was dead center. I knew all the words to every song they played and they played EVERY SINGLE song I wanted to hear, even the obscure ones like "4th of July" and "Slaves and bulldozers. This was the last concert I went to... and personally.. I want it to be the final concert I EVER see, except for maybe Soundagrden tour for the new album they're working on! Hell Yes!

2.) I am addicted to the Star Trek Universe: I don't go around dressing like Starfleet captains or anything but I do love the Star Trek Universe. I was recently Spock for Halloween. I had to literally force myself to stop watching TNG and DS9 because I've seen both series 4 times each. That's not including watching them as a kid, that's just counting watching my complete series DVDs over and over. Thank god for Star Trek the Animated Series filling in my star trek fix for now since it's the only star trek series I haven't watched yet. But if you want to talk Star Trek, I am your man.

1.) I own over 2350 different video games: Yes, you heard correctly, I am a video game collector. Working at a video game store (Game Crazy R.I.P.) for 5 years helped my sickness for collecting to grow exponentially. I own every system from Atari 2600-PS3. Sure there's some I don't own like jaguar, colecovision, intellivision, 3DO, CD-i, Neo Geo, and the rest, but I own every mainstream system there is/was (except Vita but I will eventually). I have hundreds of video game strategy guides and art books, as well as other random video game paraphernalia. I am hopelessly addicted to collecting and playing games. My collecting speed has diminished the last couple years due to Game Crazy closing back in 2010. Also not being a millionaire kind of stops you in your tracks, but I do still get games when the deals are amazing thanks to My collection is mostly made up of old school games, but the system that I own the most games for is PS2 at 269 games with NES games at a fairly close second with 236 games.

So yea, there's some food for thought if anyone was curious to know a little bit more about me and my video game nerdiness, amongst other things. Also, Poets of the Fall is an awesome band. That is all.   read

9:20 AM on 04.11.2012

GrimmTrixX's 10 Games you've never played, but totally should

There are many out there who play games that the media is sure to let them know about. Well I have a short list for everyone of games that you may or may not have played, but totally owe it to yourselves to find and dominate them. These are in no particular order, and the list could easily be longer, these are just what popped into my head right now. Yes many of these games are turn based RPGs, a style I prefer. That doesn't make them any less awesome.

10.) Enchanted Arms (Xbox 360): When this game came out, it had a little bit of controversy. It wasn't anything major, but one of the main characters, Makoto, is gay. I worked at a Game Crazy back then and you wouldn't believe how many people would NOT buy this game based on that alone. The guy isn't even in the majority of the game! Anyway, the game is grid and turn based and has a bit of a "pokemon" essence to it. As you play you gain golems, which are the name for all the monsters/characters you can get to aid you in your party. The grid has 12 squares on both your side and the opponents side. Some attacks have different patterns such as straight line or 2 rows back, things like that. You go through the game following the story, all while finding amazing creatures to join your cause, as well as other main story characters. I still have never beaten it, but am going back to it soon.

9.) Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360): I need a sequel for this game to be made. This is the epitome of the turn based style and I wish many other games would follow suit. The fact that the immortal characters can learn abilities of their friends just by battling along side them is a concept I enjoy. Granted after my 146hrs in the game, my level 99 guys were beasts, but it didn't make it any less fun. The ring system is a timed press setup and it works great alongside the turn based gameplay. Say you equip a fire ring, when you time it right, you do damage plus whatever extra damage the ring gives you. Also, since 5 of the main characters are immortals, if they fall in battle, and 2 full turns pass, they will revive as long as at least 1 member of your party still stands. This has saved me time and time again. Sadly I killed the final boss in 3 turns because my team members were all basically super heroes by then. The DLC dungeon that this game has on Xbox live, however, had a horribly tough boss but defeating him was a great feeling. This game is arguably the most popular on my list, but again, if turn based RPGs are your thing, get this game right now. It's one of the most beautiful Xbox 360 games to exist, it has great music, well stylized enemies, and colorful magic powers. Some complain the main character is kind of bland, and I guess Kaim could be called that, but Jansen more than makes up for it.

8.) Clock Tower (PS1): Point and click survival horror at its finest! You control a few different characters as the story progresses, but they all fear one man... Scissorman! Yes, the villain is a hunchback with a giant pair of jagged scissors. Your goal is to find out what is happening, and why he is trying to kill everyone, all while surviving. There are about 5 or 6 endings and you truly feel fear when playing this game. Scissorman can literally come from anywhere and even after playing a few times, he will be in different locations. Sometimes you can hide in a closet and you are safe, other times he knows you're in there and stabs you THROUGH the closet door. The game spawned 2 sequels, which personally both paled in comparison to the original. And yes I know the Super Famicom had a clock tower game too, but this one was more mainstream.

7.) Critical Depth (PS1): Twisted Metal underwater. Need I say more? The game was made by the Twisted Metal creators and the vehicles in question are groundwater vehicles. The gameplay is simple: destroy your opponents and advance and then your character wins a prize, usually an ending that gets twisted. Graphically the game is dated, but if you liked Twisted Metal 2, and enjoy vehicle combat, Critical Depth gives you something different.

6.) The Last Remnant (Xbox 360): This is an RPG that went severely under the radar. With it's turn based and also squad based style, Last Remnant is a very unique game. As you play you can recruit people into your ranks. The only downside is you can only control 1 character, and by control I mean choose his weapons and whatnot. The computer chooses your squad mates style. Granted it's choices are based on what resources you have and it will ask you when it's going to upgrades a weapon or change a weapon. Some characters are more for healing, others for heavy damage, but the true key to battle is your battle position. There are many different choices of how to arrange your squads in battle. When in battle, you choose an action for that whole small squad to do and the moves they pull off all relate to one another. Choose a standard attack, successfully play the "press this button at the right time mini game" during each standard attack and the final guy in the group will do a better attack since his teammates were all on point. I love this game and it's style. The only bad news is make sure you load it to the hard drive, otherwise this thing lags like a mofo. You fight enemies of all sizes and the game is a good length.

5.) General Chaos (Genesis): This one may be harder to find, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. General Chaos and General Havoc are in some kind of war with one another. They bring their men into battle, and in this strategy game, you fight until no one is left. There are guys with machine guns, bazookas, flamethrowers, grenades and dynamite. Each character type has a specific weapon they use, so before battle you have to choose wisely which group you select (you are given 4 squads to choose before the match. The gameplay is point and click, but, if you choose a commando team, you may only have 2 characters but they are more independently controlled by the player. So sometimes less team members can be a strategic advantage due to this.

4.) Tecmo's Deception (PS1): You are a man wrongly accused of murder. When you are put to death, you make a plea to Satan to save your life in return for servitude. He will grant it to you if you kill the current inhabitant of a castle, named Ardebaran, and take his place. If you enjoy trapping people and stealing their souls or killing them for money, then look no further. In Tecmo's Deception, you become a man cursed and forced to remain in a mansion and deal with anyone who comes your way. As you play there will be simple peasants who wander in the castle, or soldiers looking for your blood. Your only defense is creating insanely elaborate and weird traps to capture and/or kill these people. The best part is, as you play, you are given choices which can slightly alter your path. So you can kill people or allow them to escape and this will affect what happens later in the game. The game spawned 2 sequels (Kagero Deception/Deception III) and a spiritual successor Trapt for PS2. I have yet to see any recent games do this, so if this idea appeals to you, check it out on eBay or wherever else this game can be acquired. As a fun side note: if you have Monster Rancher for PS1, and you put in the Tecmo's Deception disc, you get Ardebaran as a monster to raise and fight against others. That's a nice touch Tecmo.

3.) Urban Reign (PS2): This lost game on PS2 is personally what many beat em ups should be. You go through missions and face waves of enemies. The battle style is that of the old wrestling games, but it also has that Tekken vibe to it (since it IS a Namco game). The game is only 1 player in the story mode, however a cheat code allows a 2nd player to control any AI partners you'd normally have in the game. SO while they cant play every mission, after the first few, the majority of them allow a 2nd player to join in. There's 4 player versus mode as well which just gets insane if you have a multitap and play free for alls or 2v2 matches. The characters have special moves (not specific to them per se but the special moves are more categorized. So some will have temporary invulnerability while others will know some different moves when activated). As an added bonus, Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law are guest characters.

2.) Eternal Darkness (GC): When you think survival horror, Resident Evil and Silent Hill come to mind. But there is another game that is just as creepy and dangerous, and that is Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Here you jump to different characters through out time, finding all info on 3 different gods. But as you play and see enemies, your sanity meter depletes. If you do not kill them to regain it, the game starts to mess with you big time. You'll walk in a room and your head will fall off, or you see a lot of money on the ground only to be zapped back t when you entered the room and be empty handed. This game even made people turn off their system because it would give a blue screen or show an Input text to make you think you lost the system's signal. Keep in mind this is happening while you try to navigate dark corridors fighting zombies and other such creatures. Great gamecube game and worth every penny.

1.) Gladius (Xbox/GC/PS2): I know, I know, I keep talking about this game. I just don;t know where else to mention it! This game got rave reviews from every magazine and site when it came out back in 2005. Sadly, Gladius was poorly advertised and I've literally only met 2 friends of mine who played it. One of which doesn't count because we both heard about the game together and played like madmen. With a turn based strategy and tactical style, this game is amazing. There's dozens and dozens of character types, different elemental affinities, different cups to battle in each with different stipulations like all female fighters, or all animals, things like that. This game is a must play if you call yourself a turn based strategy fan.   read

12:59 AM on 04.09.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 3

Sadly, PAX East 2012 had to come to an end sooner or later. I am home, basking in the glory of the 3 day video game filled weekend and have yet 1 more day of fun to tell you all about. While today was not without its problems (waiting in line for Spec Ops for 2 hours to play a 30 min demo which I will tell you more about), I still had a great time. At the end I have a handful of pictures from today (and some from the other 2 days). So let me run it down for you on some of my key points of the day:

High Points:
- Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Why didn't anyone tell me this game existed?! Take elite beat agents play style, mix it with TONS of Final Fantasy I-Final Fantasy XIII music, add in fun cutesy versions of all our favorite characters and enemies from the series, and there is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS! I mean I only played one winged angel and it was fun as hell. I am a big nerd about video game music and have always wished for something like this and it is happening! It was the very last thing I played at PAX too so it was a good way to end my PAX adventure. I will 100% be getting this game when it comes out in the summer time. Side-note: As I waited in line I spoke to a guy also waiting and he seemed cool. So when he played the game I spoke with the guy behind me. We got to talking about what we like about the FF series and it's music. As I left he gave me his card and I gave him mine. When I got home, it turns out he is an associate editor for Udon entertainment, which I thought was awesome.

- Super Time Force: This game is cool beyond words. I spoke with the game's creator and told him "This game is like Contra x100" and the guy said he liked it and might use that. Now I am sure he was just having fun and simply enjoyed my comment but I am super excited about this game. Basically you try and get through the level without dying. One hit will kill you but if this's not over. The level rewinds to the very beginning and you play again, however, the turn you just took still happens. Yes, you fight alongside a ghost version of your previous attempt through the level. Whatever you did that turn, still happens, so you can focus on other things all until you beat the level. There was about 4 character types to choose from including an 80s guy with a grenade launcher named Jeff Leppard. I love time travel and this is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Check this shiz out in 8-12 months. I hope this gets the recognition it deserves.

- Guacamelee: You read that right. You play as a luchador named Juan (or some female luchador(a) whose name I didn't see mentioned) and you fight an evil fire headed villain named Flame Face. You can turn into a chicken also to get through tight spots. The game is filed with Mexican stereotypes but it's hilarious in dialogue and fun in style. The game is a side scrolling beat em up. You face poncho wearing skeletons and other such enemies, and face the dual pistol holding Flame Face in the demo. This is one to check out.

- Diabolical Pitch: I am not very well versed in the ways of Kinect as of yet. I only played one about 2 times so this was still a new experience. But in this game you are a pitcher fighting zombies and other such creatures. You aim with your left hand and throw with your right (you can choose to swap that if you are a lefty). When you build a meter up, you lift both hands over your head and swing your right hand to unleash a super move that you chose prior to the level. It was a very unique game idea and I for one enjoyed it.

- Awesomenauts: If the name alone didn't scream awesome, then the game surely will. The game is 3v3 and the object, at least in the level I played, was to destroy your opponents turrets first. You can choose from 6 characters and they each have different weapons and special moves. It had a great cartoon style and zany action that will definitely be a fun game to play with friends online. They also chose the best way to respawn... being dropped in a drop pod from a spaceship. Awesome.

- They Bleed Pixels: Here we have a very old school style game. The game is made of pixels and you play as a goth chick with red claws on her hands. You rip apart these black shadowy figures and other such baddies with your claws, kicking them into spiked ceilings or saw blade, or booting them into walls of spikes. As you do this you have to get blood orbs to build up a checkpoint meter. once it's filled, you then stand still for a second and the girl will make a checkpoint. This way if you die you don't start all over. It's simple indie fun and I want the world to know about it because it was very enjoyable.

Low Points:
- Spec Ops The Line: Maybe it's because I am not a huge war game player, but the game was so-so. I waited in line for 2 hours (and the line was the shortest of all the big attractions) to play a WAY too long demo. I'm sorry, when I think demo, I think 10-15 minutes tops. If you can't show me the gist of your game in that time, the rest feels like you're forcing it on me. It's your standard affair: run/walk, find cover, shoot enemies, wash rinse repeat. You can perform executions which range from shot in the head to snapping a neck with your boot and perhaps more I am unsure. You can rappel down lines or go across zip line,s but this is a "Press A" thing and they do it automatically after that. The game is portrayed well with camera angles going one minute from a cinematic then right into the game seamlessly which is cool I guess. There is also blood but its your normal everyday spray when you hit them. Heads can be popped off but the head just kind of disappears. Sure there's blood to make it seem cooler than it is, but it was a one minute the head is there then the next its not type of situation, Soldier of Fortune this game is not (and I mean SoF2, not the garbage we last got). I predict the game will sell alright depending on the final product, but after 10 minutes I wanted to stop, but I forced myself to play it all since I waited for 2 hours, thus wasting 1/4th of my last day at PAX.

- No worthy merch: So I ventured to the merch area one last time. Now I enjoy a good Penny Arcade comic now and again, but I am not in love with them or anything. I have enough t-shirts before going to PAX, let alone actually spending money on some while I am there. The few things I wanted were expensive (but in retrospect a mug shaped like a Mega Man Energy Canister would've been cool, $35 cool I am not sure, but I do somewhat regret it).

- Not being able to see things I wanted to see: Long story short, I missed Aliens: Colonial Marines, Lollipop Chainsaw, Firefall, Borderlands and Max Payne 3. The lines were just way too long and on my last day, and having already lost 2.5 hours on Spec Ops, I wasn't about to do the same. At 4:30pm EST I got in line for Aliens. They gave us the the Alien bandana/scarf thing, I waited 15-20 min, the line didn't budge, so I felt my last hour and a half was better spent elsewhere.

There is still more to talk about, which I will do in the next couple of days, just in a different format. I received some cards to sites with free games made by video game design students from different colleges so that's something I'll check out and report back to you all. I stayed away from PC games simply because that is not my thing, but this all pretty much sums up my 3 days at PAX East 2012. So as promised, here's a whole slew of more images, complete with my last day of swag at the very bottom. Enjoy! Comment if you have questions!


10:11 PM on 04.07.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 2

If you've already read my last blog about PAX, then you know I got some pretty sweet stuff and saw some fun games. Day 2 was no different, albeit I STILL didn't want to wait forever and a day for max payne 3. I promise, tomorrow I will go to it. I was speaking about Borderlands 2 and whatnot last night and I honestly have no urge to see it. If the line is fine I'll go but the lines for Max Payne 3, borderlands, and spe ops thin line were the WORST ever. Demos this year are like 20-30 min long! So I'm gonna wait 2-3 hours to play some long ass demo? Last year demos were easily 10 min tops and that's how it should be. You get more people to actually play your games!

So I arrived later today, figured since I have my badge and the exhibition hall opens at 10am I'd be fine... I was wrong... almost. You see at PAX they queue everyone up near the tabletop gameplay area then let them in at 10am. I figured, as media, that I could get in at 10 whenever. Wrong. Not taking no for an answer, I walked around PAX and found a way in and just walked right into the line of people as they came into the hall... I got in at 10:10 having gotten there at 9:30pm. So missions complete. The sad news is, at this time, Max Payne's line was already around the booth and against the wall... as was Borderlands AND Spec Ops... So i chose XCOM Enemy Unknown and then my day began:

High Points:
- XCOM Enemy Unknown: This game looks fantastic. Simply put. It keeps in with tradition of the series with its strategy/tactical gameplay, just with enhanced visuals (semi-cartoon like, hard to explain, I guess Team Fortress only slightly less cartoon-like if that makes any sense). So you move your troops or attack during your turn, sometimes both depending on your abilities. Then the enemies move and this happens back and forth. But on the other side of things you go back to your base and can train troops and upgrade things all to help save the Earth. You have to go to a world map and find enemy landings, or sometimes fight ships in the air. Now I absolutely LOVE this play style in games. I am in love with turn based games for some reason. I prefer the strategy style of a game rather then smash attacks and kill enemies. With that said, it plays a lot like Gladius did and to me that is the best news ever. Granted this is aliens and that was gladiators BUT it's still a "move your character and/or attack" style gameplay and I love it to death. I forgot all about XCOM even being a thing! I played XCOM 2 many moons ago and then this re-imagining/reboot/remake whatever you want to call it comes up and I couldn't be happier. I will 100% be buying this game and if you too enjoy aliens and turn based strategy/tactical games then I suggest you do so too in the Summer. Also, if you like lots of one liner jokes, this game is gold in that respect too!

- Dragon's Dogma: Now I have had my doubts about this game. I mean seriously, how many more medieval games can we make? The game caught me by surprise how interesting it plays. SO you control a man who they call the Arisen. Whether he gets a name later, I don't know. But you control this guy who has a sword and shield and you start with a friend with you wearing armor. As you progress, you find some stone which can summon in more teammates, called pawns, and a portal literally opens up and they flow in from the ether to assist you. So you walk through a cavern, fighting goblins and large birds. The system works very well and is pretty clever in its execution. X and Y do light and heavy attacks and B does another attack. When you hold the left or right bumper, the moves change however. So when I held LB and hit B, the Arisen would tap his shield to lure enemies. Your teammates are computer controlled but they aid you both in battle and healing and they have some clever one liners referencing modern day things much like XCOM also did in that non-playable demo. Then in the end you fight a Chimera (snake head for tail, lion body, and goat head attaches to it's back) which was pretty intense. You could jump and grab onto the creature Shadow of the Colossus style and slash at him or hold the bumpers for more varied attacks. Graphically the game held its own but was nothing spectacular as I've seen much better in medieval games but all in all a fun experience. Might pick it up for the game and not just for the Resident Evil 6 demo once it releases in May. Also the cool poster and large cardboard shield were cool swag.

- I Am Alive: As we know this game came out a few weeks ago and is getting odd reviews. I have no idea why because I thought it was creepy and it had me guessing and searching often. I mean you have a handgun at the start with no ammo, but you can useit to scare enemies and some will back down. Other times you want to wait for THEM to come to YOU so you can attack them and get their weapon or kill them with yours. Apparently this was the full game (which they didn't tell me until 30 minutes later). I found this odd since the game HAS a demo to download. I am inclined to believe that's why some of these demos at PAX are WAY too long. I mean, do I need 30 min with Spec Ops to know its another military shooter? gimme 10 min and kick me off, you know? I'm here to PEEK at new games, not play half the game. But I am alive is post-apocalyptic, it uses the silent hill map system where blocked routes get marked on the map, it has a dark gritty grey style to the game (I didn't see an ounce of color just blacks, greys, and whites). It feels like Silent Hill but with surviving people

- Card Game: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Now I don't play games but I'll gives these guys a shout out. It's a super hero card game that has 4 players, an environment player and a villain. To those of you who play card games, I hear its a normal setup. In this game you are each a specific hero and you battle the villain. small rings on a player card are used t denote current health or damage modifiers and a die or dice represents health of smaller enemies. If you're into card games and like super hero themed games, check it out. I played a 15 min card game demo (if thats a thing) and got that cool signed poster you see below my Xenoblade chronicles poster that Nintendo gave me (I also picked up my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles today during my Gamestops last 10 min of being open, which I went to right from PAX. I got the last art book too for my preorder which was awesome).

- Double Dragon Neon: This was announced Friday and I played it today. It's cool in style, but kind of boring. I know I have it on my high points of PAX, but it's a very early build and the design is awesome and very 80s inspired. They stole elements from other games like resuscitation in Castle Crashers. THe difference is that in Double Dragon Neon you put a pencil in a cassette tape, and wind it with the left stick to wake up Billy/Jimmy. I thought that was hilarious and clever. They also have crazy 80s hair and the females wear dominatrix gear and have their junk hanging out all over the place. Think Poison from the SF universe but definitely female. My only gripe is there were only 3 enemy types and a giant Abobo. It got boring quick. Now with rumors that maybe Battletoads DLC could happen, that would make it a LOT more interesting, but hey have a lot to go, but I say it's going in the right direction. Also its a re-imagining not a remake, so while there will be similarities, it won't all be the same stuff just revamped, it'll be all new.

Low Points:
- Losing the puzzle fighter and PAC-man tournaments: it happened again, I was denied victory. Puzzle fighter I didn't expect much since it's been a while, I beat 1 guy then lost. That was that and it's all done. My big one was the PAC-Man Championship DX tournament. I made it to the FINALS and choked. I won my first round, barely from minor errors, but then the next 3 i killed it, breaking 1.9 mil each time on the Championship II map (which is a VERY good score) but then in the end I died.. and when PAC-Man dies even once in this game, you can forget about hitting 1.9 million... and it sucks because the winner had 1.890 million, a score i beat 3 matches in a row. I was asked to rest before the final, since my match was the 2nd semi-final. I chose not to and paid the price. The cool part of it all was that last year i was final 4 in PAC-man, and 2 of those guys were there this time too. The winner last year was at PAX, but didn't go to the tournament, he told me yesterday when i saw him for Puzzle Bobble that he wasn't playing a lot of PAC-man DX so he'd be crappy... a guy who holds a top 20 score in this PAC-man level on the PSN leader boards. But the fun part was the 2 other guys were last years 2nd place winner and my fellow sem-finaler from last year and I got to fight against them both and beat them. I beat the 3rd placer, Luis, by 4000 pts... that's a ghost and a couple pellets. Amazing match. I guess I can find solace in the fact that my score of 1.947 million. Despite choking in the finals only getting just over 1.5 million. Sad sad day, but I still did better than last year so practice does pay off.

- Girl Fight: Yes, they finally did it, a game called girl fight where... well.. only girls fight (and yes I know Arcana Heart exists, but that's at least playable). This thing was a mess. It looks like a wanna be DOA, but has nothing but scantilly clad and skanky looking females who fight. You also select 2 "psi" augment abilities like fire skin or stone skin for perks in the match. Now they had no control scheme listed but me and some other guy played and good lord was it sloppy. The character models look kind of scrubby, one minute B is blocking, the next I'm countering, but the next I'm doing a grapple, The attack buttons did different things, like no specific punch or kick button. It was pretty lame. Think Rumble roses only put it in a fighting game, make the girls sluttier, and somehow manage to make it crappier than rumble roses.

- Steel Battalion looks boring: I didn't play it yet, so don't go BUT the line was super short.. and the demo super long. So I stood there for what seemed like an eternity and just watched the players try this game out. First off.. it's a Kinect game where you use a controller... umm.. what? Yes you use a controller for movement and aiming but then randomly throw your arms out to hit switched from within the tank to look in a scope, and all kinds of other craziness. Graphically the game looks great but it looked like a "why is this on Kinect again?" type of game. IF I have to use a controller.. it defeats the purpose. I'd rather use the original giant steel battalion controller then mix and match Kinect and controllers for a lesser realistic feel. It looks as though it's not very immersive. If the line is short I'll try it, but I am not so sure.

- Secret World seems kind of crappy too: Again, I am NOT a PC gamer, so don't go all crazy if I don't understand things. I hate using WASD for movement, there I said it. So right there I was miffed to even attempt this game but a spot was open, i had time to kill before PAC-man, so I tried. The female character I used would NOT run. But whenever I died, I come back in like a spirit world kind of thing, have to walk to my dead body, and resurrect myself.. only to be slaughtered again. I was on some beach with these Fallout-Mirelurk-wannabes but my girl had attacks that did nothing and would NOT outrun them, she wouldn't even run. The i finally got off the beach after constant ressurrection and saw zombies that just seemed out of nowhere. IF this game is free to play, I might give it a go, but I don't recall if it is free. It grabs my attention since the girl had powers but there's also zombies and creatures in the game.

Day 3 Attempts/goals:
- More SWAG: I got way more on day 1, and the posters are from day 1 but I forgot to post before, but I know there's more out there I can feel it!
- Lollipop Chainsaw: The lines were bad but not borderlands/max payne 3 bad
- Firefall: a free online FPS which looks pretty nuts (and had inflatable futuristic gun so I am up for it if they have some left)
- Spec Ops The Line/Borderlands2: Maybe if the lines aren't still super ridiculous but if so, I won't bother waiting and will try more smaller games.
- Play more small scale games: Everyone keeps talking about Shoot many robots and Orcs must die 2 but I never really played those kinds of games. So I think the final day will be all smaller games along with Max Payne 3 and others if time permits. Sure I have 8 hours there.. but if it takes 2 hour to wait in a line and play for 30 min, my day is more than 1/4th over for ONE game.
- Actually buy something from a merch booth: In keeping with tradition with ANY event, merch is off the wall expensive. They have 2 different classic video game booths.. and ALL their games are SUPER overpriced. I cannot stand seeing places like this. I swear they see what ebay sellers are TRYING to sell it for, but don't actually notice what they DO sell for ultimately. On what planet does shovelware N64 games cost $10-15? The prices sucked and as a video game collector of over 2300 games, I know what classic games go for because I buy and sometimes sell them often enough to know. Sorry end of rant (it just irks me that these types of booths at events/carnivals do this and rip off so many people). The buy it now price does NOT indicate what a game is worth, that's just what some sleazebag is trying to get someone to buy it for so he makes more cash. There's my ebay tip for everyone.

I leave you with these pics from PAX. As I said last time I'm sure I forgot some things, but if it comes to mind I will an I will post many many pics after the 3rd and final day of PAX. ENjoy and comment if you feel so inclined.


9:02 PM on 04.06.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 1

As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to get a Media badge for this weekend at PAX East 12 thanks to my good friends at So after having spent the first day at PAX, I'd like to tell you all how Day 1 on my journey went (and sub-sequentially I will post about Day 2 tomorrow and Day 3 sunday). I'll also post a couple of pics pertaining to games I played as well as pics of Day 1 SWAG.

High Points:
- Assassin's Creed 3: The game looks amazing, easily looks to be the best in the series. I however am biased to this because I prefer the Revolutionary War era to that of Italy that has been a big staple in the series as of late. the game can fit an astonishing 2500 characters on the screen at once. You literally have to fight/sneak/run your way through full on army battles to get to your targets. You can swing from tree limbs, climb up rock faces, much more seamlessly and realistically. Connor, Assassin's Creed 3's protagonist, uses a dual blade fighting style, but also can use weapons such as a bow & arrow, hatchets, a small handgun, and even a blade with a rope attached to it used to string enemies up and hang them from treetops.

The battle system seems much more refined as jumping from one enemy to another flowed smoothly and there were many different take downs as the video I saw showed when Connor was surrounded by 4 enemy soldiers. We couldn't take photographs but in the pics you'll see the cool inflatable AC3 hatchet I received after watching the video. Hell, when I got out they even interviewed me about the game and my thoughts on it which was a nice touch (signed a waiver and everything!). Also if I pre-order at PAX I get a steel case and something else, I debated on it since you have to preorder it online and I don't know if I want my credit card info being typed in on a comp thousands will use and that someone takes home after PAX. We shall see. I have not been huge on the series but now I cannot wait to play thru it (near the end of AC1, never played 2 yet or revelations and I don't yet own brotherhood).

- Joe Danger the Movie: OK so this game may not be that well known, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with the build. It was also a nice touch that if I played the demo I got a free XBLA copy of the first Joe Danger game, so that was pretty kick ass. But the game is a side scrolling race style game, but good old Joe Danger is a stuntman. So you are filming scenes in movies and the director guides you when to jump and whatnot, sometimes it's just signs. It plays VERY much like Excitebike and even has a level creator in the same vein. Not only is it a side-scrolling game, but some levels have you move inward and outward in the screen, more lanes if you will. The build they had had lots of levels too, so if you're a fan of the first game (which I will play soon) I don't see how you could not enjoy it.

- Kid Icarus: This year I went right to the DS booth on my "Media Hour" from 9am-10am. They were giving out free Kid Icarus AR cards just for playing. Well according to them there's HUNDREDS of these cards, and you can only get them from trade shows, and magazines and whatnot, they cannot be bought as of yet. The cool thing is, They have the game setup for Multiplayer, single player, and AR card battles. This allowed them to give me a pack of AR cards for playing all 3 and all the packs have random cards, so they say. Now granted, Kid Icarus has been out for a few weeks, but I don't own it yet (birthday coming up on the 18th) so it was cool to try.

- Mario Tennis Open and Spirit Camera: I grouped these together because I only tried them for a few minutes. Mario Tennis plays just like the N64 version. I saw no signs of super moves like in Mario Power Tennis. Spirit Camera, the spiritual successor to Fatal Frame, was pretty creepy. The game plays as if you are wherever you are now, but occasionally you're in a creepy house. Creatures and ghosts appear in real life with you as you look through the 3DS, much like the camera in Fatal Frame. SO one minute I am in a hallway then all of a sudden I see PAX in my surroundings then BAM ghost chick pops up looking as though she's right there at PAX. It was an exceptional use of the 3DSs gyroscopic controls to say the least.

- Hell Yeah: Made by SEGA, is sick and twisted fun. I mean an enemy is a pile of poo with a chainsaw on it's head... and you play the prince of darkness who is an undead bunny rabbit killing enemies in hell all because some scandalous video went on the internet so he wants to kill everyone who saw it and mocked him for it. It is one to check out!

- Deadlight: Side scrolling apocalypse game with Zombies (called Shadows). Think of the old Genesis game Flashback, or the old SNES game Out of this World (Another World everywhere else) or old style Prince of Persia. This game had scares, a very dark and almost comic like style. If the Shadows get you, you die. So you must avoid them at all costs. In the demo you eventually get an Axe to fight them off, but otherwise you have to use your wits, or even taunt them luring them to fall to their deaths, be electrocuted, or fall into other traps that you have waiting for them. I am actually very excited to check this game out this summer.

Low Points (at least for me):
- Way too much PC stuff: I love video games as much as the next guy, but the last thing I am is a PC fan. There was easily 30% more PC stuff here than last year. Now granted I'll probably check some out on Sunday, but it all feels like a "I'm here so I might as well try it" kind of feel. I mean I want to try the Free-to-play FPS called Firefall but other than that I'm not too interested.

- Lost the Puzzle Bobble Tournament: Not a huge deal, I mean I made it to the final 4. The funny thing is, the guy who beat me at Pacman DX last year was here this year, and we both lost to the finalists, but the guy he lost to won it all. It was still fun and I did great for not having played a Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move game in a long time, on a console anyway.

- Risen 2 sucks: That is all. It looks like a poor man's Skyrim but with pirates

- Didn't notice a lot of Vita displays: I played UMVC3 and it plays like garbage on the Vita. The analog stick is useless and I don't know why but the D-pad wasn't comfortable. Plus, it kept saying "waiting for other player" on and off the whole match.. the other player was 1ft away from me...

My Day 2 attempts:
- Max Payne 3,Borderlands 2, and/or Aliens: Colonial Marines booths: These were PACKED today, so I chose Assassin's Creed for today.
- Capcom Booth: It was packed and the Dragon's Dogma Demo is way too long.

I'm sure there's crap I am forgetting but I'll end it here. If anyone has questions leave some comments. I saw a whole lot more but thus far this is all I can remember at the time. Here's some Pics of the things I mentioned (many more pics tomorrow now that I know the layout of the Exhibition Hall) and my Day 1 SWAG (and yes those are an inflatable AC3 hatchet and an inflatable Omni Blade from Mass Effect 3):[i]
- GrimmTrixX


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