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GrimmTrixX's blog

8:08 PM on 04.20.2012

The Hunt for Halo Achievements

We've all done it. You get a game, play the hell out of it, but then something in the back of your mind says "hey you, you should totally get all those achievements." You then say to yourself, "But why? Gamerscore is just a n...   read

7:59 PM on 04.11.2012

10 Things Unbeknowst to you all about GrimmTrixX

So I decided I'll bite. Everyone here's gotta have at least ONE of these 10 facts" type blogs, right? Isn't it some unwritten rule under the TOS? In any event, I figured why the hell not bare my soul and tell you some unknown...   read

9:20 AM on 04.11.2012

GrimmTrixX's 10 Games you've never played, but totally should

There are many out there who play games that the media is sure to let them know about. Well I have a short list for everyone of games that you may or may not have played, but totally owe it to yourselves to find and dominate ...   read

12:59 AM on 04.09.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 3

Sadly, PAX East 2012 had to come to an end sooner or later. I am home, basking in the glory of the 3 day video game filled weekend and have yet 1 more day of fun to tell you all about. While today was not without its problems...   read

10:11 PM on 04.07.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 2

If you've already read my last blog about PAX, then you know I got some pretty sweet stuff and saw some fun games. Day 2 was no different, albeit I STILL didn't want to wait forever and a day for max payne 3. I promise, tomor...   read

9:02 PM on 04.06.2012

GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 1

As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to get a Media badge for this weekend at PAX East 12 thanks to my good friends at So after having spent the first day at PAX, I'd like to tell you all how ...   read

6:30 PM on 04.04.2012

Dreaming: Seriously Lucasarts... Where's Gladius 2?

Back in 2003, when the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube generation was picking up in full force, there was a highly unplayed gem called Gladius. This Lucasarts Strategy RPG, set in a medieval/Roman era, had it all. The game was 4 players,...   read

5:29 PM on 04.04.2012

PAX East 2012, who's ready!?

Who here is going to be at PAX East 2012 this year? I shall be attending in full effect representing the site me and my friends write for I am also representing myself at, my personal...   read

8:56 PM on 02.22.2012

Endings: The Return to Funkotron

Let's face it, the world is full of video games with intense and epic stories, fantastic gun blazing shoot outs, and shocking twists and turns. This is something that we have come to expect from any forms of media whether it ...   read

8:36 AM on 01.28.2012

Anyone else nervous that Namco is gonna pull a "Capcom" with Soul Calibur V?

As we all know, Soul Calibur V hits this tuesday and no one is more excited than I am. But since Namco's been hanging with Capcom lately due to SFxTekken, it makes me bit nervous. You see SCV has a ton of characters, as alway...   read

8:24 PM on 01.23.2012

Dr. Mario is better than Tetris... There I said it.

Who among you remember the days of playing Tetris with friends on the old green screened Gameboy? I sure as hell do. But there's another game that has always been more fun and tense to me, and that is Dr. Mario. I used to pla...   read

10:40 PM on 01.15.2012

Gaming procrastination

Hello all. Have you ever been sitting around, looking for a game to play, and just can't bring yourself to play? I own literally 2300+ video games and this happens to me all the time. I'll go in my room, notice I have a good ...   read

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