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GrimmTrixX avatar 9:02 PM on 04.06.2012  (server time)
GrimmTrixX @ PAX East 2012 - Day 1

As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to get a Media badge for this weekend at PAX East 12 thanks to my good friends at So after having spent the first day at PAX, I'd like to tell you all how Day 1 on my journey went (and sub-sequentially I will post about Day 2 tomorrow and Day 3 sunday). I'll also post a couple of pics pertaining to games I played as well as pics of Day 1 SWAG.

High Points:
- Assassin's Creed 3: The game looks amazing, easily looks to be the best in the series. I however am biased to this because I prefer the Revolutionary War era to that of Italy that has been a big staple in the series as of late. the game can fit an astonishing 2500 characters on the screen at once. You literally have to fight/sneak/run your way through full on army battles to get to your targets. You can swing from tree limbs, climb up rock faces, much more seamlessly and realistically. Connor, Assassin's Creed 3's protagonist, uses a dual blade fighting style, but also can use weapons such as a bow & arrow, hatchets, a small handgun, and even a blade with a rope attached to it used to string enemies up and hang them from treetops.

The battle system seems much more refined as jumping from one enemy to another flowed smoothly and there were many different take downs as the video I saw showed when Connor was surrounded by 4 enemy soldiers. We couldn't take photographs but in the pics you'll see the cool inflatable AC3 hatchet I received after watching the video. Hell, when I got out they even interviewed me about the game and my thoughts on it which was a nice touch (signed a waiver and everything!). Also if I pre-order at PAX I get a steel case and something else, I debated on it since you have to preorder it online and I don't know if I want my credit card info being typed in on a comp thousands will use and that someone takes home after PAX. We shall see. I have not been huge on the series but now I cannot wait to play thru it (near the end of AC1, never played 2 yet or revelations and I don't yet own brotherhood).

- Joe Danger the Movie: OK so this game may not be that well known, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with the build. It was also a nice touch that if I played the demo I got a free XBLA copy of the first Joe Danger game, so that was pretty kick ass. But the game is a side scrolling race style game, but good old Joe Danger is a stuntman. So you are filming scenes in movies and the director guides you when to jump and whatnot, sometimes it's just signs. It plays VERY much like Excitebike and even has a level creator in the same vein. Not only is it a side-scrolling game, but some levels have you move inward and outward in the screen, more lanes if you will. The build they had had lots of levels too, so if you're a fan of the first game (which I will play soon) I don't see how you could not enjoy it.

- Kid Icarus: This year I went right to the DS booth on my "Media Hour" from 9am-10am. They were giving out free Kid Icarus AR cards just for playing. Well according to them there's HUNDREDS of these cards, and you can only get them from trade shows, and magazines and whatnot, they cannot be bought as of yet. The cool thing is, They have the game setup for Multiplayer, single player, and AR card battles. This allowed them to give me a pack of AR cards for playing all 3 and all the packs have random cards, so they say. Now granted, Kid Icarus has been out for a few weeks, but I don't own it yet (birthday coming up on the 18th) so it was cool to try.

- Mario Tennis Open and Spirit Camera: I grouped these together because I only tried them for a few minutes. Mario Tennis plays just like the N64 version. I saw no signs of super moves like in Mario Power Tennis. Spirit Camera, the spiritual successor to Fatal Frame, was pretty creepy. The game plays as if you are wherever you are now, but occasionally you're in a creepy house. Creatures and ghosts appear in real life with you as you look through the 3DS, much like the camera in Fatal Frame. SO one minute I am in a hallway then all of a sudden I see PAX in my surroundings then BAM ghost chick pops up looking as though she's right there at PAX. It was an exceptional use of the 3DSs gyroscopic controls to say the least.

- Hell Yeah: Made by SEGA, is sick and twisted fun. I mean an enemy is a pile of poo with a chainsaw on it's head... and you play the prince of darkness who is an undead bunny rabbit killing enemies in hell all because some scandalous video went on the internet so he wants to kill everyone who saw it and mocked him for it. It is one to check out!

- Deadlight: Side scrolling apocalypse game with Zombies (called Shadows). Think of the old Genesis game Flashback, or the old SNES game Out of this World (Another World everywhere else) or old style Prince of Persia. This game had scares, a very dark and almost comic like style. If the Shadows get you, you die. So you must avoid them at all costs. In the demo you eventually get an Axe to fight them off, but otherwise you have to use your wits, or even taunt them luring them to fall to their deaths, be electrocuted, or fall into other traps that you have waiting for them. I am actually very excited to check this game out this summer.

Low Points (at least for me):
- Way too much PC stuff: I love video games as much as the next guy, but the last thing I am is a PC fan. There was easily 30% more PC stuff here than last year. Now granted I'll probably check some out on Sunday, but it all feels like a "I'm here so I might as well try it" kind of feel. I mean I want to try the Free-to-play FPS called Firefall but other than that I'm not too interested.

- Lost the Puzzle Bobble Tournament: Not a huge deal, I mean I made it to the final 4. The funny thing is, the guy who beat me at Pacman DX last year was here this year, and we both lost to the finalists, but the guy he lost to won it all. It was still fun and I did great for not having played a Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move game in a long time, on a console anyway.

- Risen 2 sucks: That is all. It looks like a poor man's Skyrim but with pirates

- Didn't notice a lot of Vita displays: I played UMVC3 and it plays like garbage on the Vita. The analog stick is useless and I don't know why but the D-pad wasn't comfortable. Plus, it kept saying "waiting for other player" on and off the whole match.. the other player was 1ft away from me...

My Day 2 attempts:
- Max Payne 3,Borderlands 2, and/or Aliens: Colonial Marines booths: These were PACKED today, so I chose Assassin's Creed for today.
- Capcom Booth: It was packed and the Dragon's Dogma Demo is way too long.

I'm sure there's crap I am forgetting but I'll end it here. If anyone has questions leave some comments. I saw a whole lot more but thus far this is all I can remember at the time. Here's some Pics of the things I mentioned (many more pics tomorrow now that I know the layout of the Exhibition Hall) and my Day 1 SWAG (and yes those are an inflatable AC3 hatchet and an inflatable Omni Blade from Mass Effect 3):[i]
- GrimmTrixX

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