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As was reported yesterday, EA Mythic is currently at the center of a billing fiasco where past and present subscribers of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and Dark Age of Camelot are being spammed with credit and bank charges related to the games. These totals are now being reported upwards of $500, with a common endpoint of $2,500. However, there have also been reports trickling in of charges and overdraft fees amounting to $890,000 USD stacking up on accounts. Furthermore it is reported that banks are refusing to refund overdraft fees, which would mean it would be up to EA to fully reimburse and cover those affected.

These events have left people financially devastated, unable to pay bills or purchase food due to being locked out of funds that no longer officially exist. Official statements have thanked customers for their continued support and guaranteed the situation will be fixed with no information as to how. The question is currently what will happen to the thousands if not millions affected by this, and what it means for MMO gaming at large.

Update (8:33AM EST): Apparently, EA Mythic is still billing people and stacking charges. I'm continuing to find reports ever-more recent, leading me to believe that EA may not have control over the situation as they have asserted.

Update (11:26AM EST): One unfortunate is now up to $1,700,000 in debt. Good job EA.

I was among those that planned my Thanksgiving around the release of the first module of DLC for Gearbox Software's Borderlands. As a PC gamer, I was dismayed to learn that while the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 get the DLC tomorrow, November 24th, the PC has had absolutely no details or comments beyond that it will not be getting the DLC on said date. I have not heard anything definitive in crawling through the Gearbox forums, and my paranoia has begun to lead me to believe this is a situation where PC gamers are yet again being fully screwed. The week delay on Borderlands between console and PC releases wasn't something fun for me, and it lowered my opinion of 2k as a publisher substantially. The fact that this is now happening yet again with the DLC isn't surprising, yet now it's really affecting me. Where I would have had the chance to enjoy the new content on the Thanksgiving break, now it will come out amidst the onslaught of college finals. To say PC gamers are getting a raw deal these days is an understatement.

Hey guys, just giving a heads up for those of you who want to get the inside scoop on BlizzCon, but didn't have the ability or the desire to fly and buy tickets or to pay $40 for the "luxury" of third-rate coverage from DirecTV. WoW Radio has been giving the best coverage to issues regarding Blizzard for the past 5 years or so, and this year they are going to once more bring the best coverage to those who tune in, regardless of what hurdles DirecTV has put in their way.

Tune in at, and I hope to see you guys on the IRC at #wowradio.

P.S. Today (8/19/2009) at 8pm PT (GMT -8) there's a special variety show going on with hosts Gnomewise, Octale, and Eriyanna live from Anaheim where they will be going over the year in review in celebration of WoW Radio's 5th anniversary.

News has just come out that the ability of fansites to make audio recordings of BlizzCon panels has now been taken away by Blizzard due to DirectTV demanding video and audio exclusivity. I have heard no evidence of Blizzard trying to contest this, and we're now at a point where the decision being handed down a mere 10 days from the convention has likely cost fansites a high amount of money that had been spent on recording equipment and the means to transport that equipment. Where prior it had just been a five minute video restriction, now all recording of events during BlizzCon 2009 by participants has been banned in entirety.

Note to Blizzard: You can still make this right. I'm not trying to stir up any trouble. I just find it in bad taste what has occurred.


Decided to bring this over from the Bethesda forums where I originally posted it.

NOTE: The fan fix more widely known of for the Radeon HD 4850 is not an adequate solution to the issue hereby addressed. This issue is one where the basic plastic cover on most single-slot models of the 4850 actually serves to trap dust against the heat sink until all cooling value is lost and the card begins to overheat drastically to the point of damaging the card itself.

NOTE: The following is not advisable if you don't know what you're doing or if you have what is more colloquially known as "butterfingers". This is not advisable if you value any manufacturer's warranty you may have, and I hereby take no responsibility for you destroying your expensive graphics card by mucking this up.


The easiest way to fix a stock single-slot 4850: Remove the plastic cover.
The plastic cover on the 4850 is nice and pretty and all, but it serves as a trap for large amounts of dust which accumulates in a short period of time. After an alcoholic beverage, I became bold enough to say to hell with things and decided to dissect my videocard. Removing the heatsink by (WITH POWER OFF) unplugging the card fan and unscrewing all the screws on the bottom of the card with a small NON-MAGNETIC screwdriver. With the heat sink in hand, I noticed that the plastic cover was easily attached with a separate set of small screws. Taking these out, some of which were hidden just under the corners of the cushioning tabs on the heat sink, and storing them safely in a small pill bottle, I removed the plastic cover. With it removed, I noticed it had caused a vast quantity of dust to accumulate against the heat sink, and screwing up the airflow. I cleaned it out, CAREFULLY aligned it back with the card, and screwed the heatsink back onto the card. Reconnecting the power to the card, I plugged my PSU back in and hit the switch. Since removing the cover, I went from ~75*C at 100% fan speed to ~50* at 50% fan speed.

If you attempt to try this, good luck, and be steady. Hope this helps you. :)

Here's a little breadcrumb trail for you guys.



Now, to revise...

"According to Pardo, Blizzard is only “about a third of the way through” the single player campaign and is currently focusing on the story and all those pretty cinematics that keep us entertained between battles."

"The highly anticipated RTS Starcraft 2 will be split into three distinct stand-alone titles, each featuring a different race in order to keep the “epic” scale of Starcraft 2’s storyline intact."

"Pardo does mention that Blizzard will have something nice to satiate StarCraft deprived gamers at the end of this year."

Game a third of the way through back in June...
Three title release...
Something nice in December...