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Gregory Hall's blog

12:35 PM on 11.26.2008

Most Expensive Add-On, Ever

While browsing through the live store I seem to have happened upon either a glitch or a hilarious fuck up. No, your eyes do not deceive you. Ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine Microsoft points. At roughly 750 or $1500 you can get a fantastic two in one package providing a new ability and a new dream to watch. I'm buying, are you?   read

3:09 AM on 11.12.2008

Adult Screenings of non-Adult Films. (NVGR)

In a moment of pure genius VUE, a chain of premier cinemas in the UK, has decided to give selected 18+ showings of PG, 12A and 15 rated films. This comes after their research discovered: "a significant number of cinema goers ...   read

5:26 AM on 11.01.2008

Xbox Live Buyable Unlocks, The New Cheats?

There is a disturbing new trend in the world of the Xbox Store, if you have the money to kill you can now unlock portions of some games before you even start playing. All you need is 400 Microsoft points here and 500 there an...   read

10:24 AM on 10.29.2008

Gaming Radio, Not All Talk?

Games and music have always had a symbiotic relationship, where would games like Final Fantasy and Shadow of the Colossus be without their epic, universally appealing orchestral soundtracks. The soundtrack reached a new level...   read

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