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Hey, I'm Greg, i'm 21, live in England and am an independent video-game designer and artist.

My favorite games are: shadow of the colossus, MGS2, stalker series, HL2, Timeplitters 2, Mashed, BFBC2..

I love hearing feedback and really i just aim to make games i'm proud of and that i would want to play. Cant please everyone, so fuck it do what you love! Cheers.
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This is my first post, i've been lurking a bit and this place has a great community!

I've been making games in flash for a while and i'm now learning Unity as well, games i've made are: Use Boxmen, Bat Country, Death Dice Overdose.

I'm now working on a new game with a friend Sam of bitbattalion.com. Work in progress title is grapplePack- you use a grappling hook and a jetpack to swifly get through levels, its a fast paced action platformer which aims for very fluid movement and feeling badass zipping through obstacles, walljumping, rolling, swinging, flying, sliding.. we are really trying to nail the movement right now. The game will be free, with a standalone downloadable version and browser version; it will also have a level editor for players to make and share their own levels, using a tile engine. Its being made in Flash using Actionscript 3.

Here's what it looks like right now:

(can i embed swf in destructoid?)

The story right now is that the character is a burn victim, burned badly by these dangerous factories which keep popping up, the game has a very industrial theme running through it. Now he must go through these deadly factories to ensure no one else is hurt by them, find out who is building them, why and stop them.

Thanks for reading! Feedback appreciated.

ps- fuck shao kahn

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