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GreaterThanGaming's blog

9:59 AM on 06.28.2013

Most Overrated: Bioware

(spoilers: Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2) Seeing as I have no money to actually buy video games coupled with the fact that Verizon's idea of "high speed internet" is 500kb/s , which means won't be able to [s]...   read

11:40 AM on 06.26.2013

Sexism in games: Is there a line to draw?

Anyone who  pays close attention to the controversies in the video game community should be no stranger to the heated theory proposed by those who believe sexism is a permeating issue within video games and, in some cases, so...   read

2:43 PM on 06.25.2013

Company of Heroes 2: Before I even begin, let's talk DLC.

I mentioned on one of my blogs that Company of Heroes is one of the best RTS games of this generation. Everything from it's robust graphics engine, it's AI, and it's unique approach to how battles play out on an individual le...   read

7:33 PM on 06.24.2013

Games you shouldn't be excited about...

We all know the gaming industry has recently been inundated with throbbing hoards of garbage being passed off as "triple A" titles. The largest culprit of this perpetual excretion on gaming is the "broader appeal" philosophy....   read

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