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GreaterThanGaming's blog

4:50 PM on 07.12.2013

Rebuilding Camelot: How Blizzard can and must save WoW

Remember World of Warcraft? Remember how it used to be a thing? Well, of course it's still a 'thing' with 8 million subscribers, but it's rare we ever hear about it anymore. At its peak, World of Warcraft had attained 13 mill...   read

4:25 PM on 07.08.2013

Most Overrated: Skyrim (and what it does right).

Before I begin, I would like to clarify what I mean when I say 'overrated'. Overrated does not mean the game in question is bad or does not deserve to be played;  all it means is that it has received an undeserved amount of p...   read

6:15 PM on 07.04.2013

The prosecution of Justin Carter and what it could mean for you.

I troll. You troll. She trolls. He trolls. We all troll. And anyone who says they don't troll is trolling. But what happens when trolling is filtered through the modern day strainers of counter terrorism and concentrated cens...   read

1:44 PM on 07.02.2013

Why everyone should play (And love) ARMA.

The average gamer has probably only heard of ARMA through the wildly popular mod 'DayZ'. While DayZ is certainly worth picking up, there are plenty of other features in the core ARMA 2 game that many DayZ players or gamers in...   read

4:40 PM on 06.30.2013

QTEs: Press X to post blog.

Quick Time events have an extensive history, dating back to the 1970s, first featured in Kansai Seiki Seisakusho Co's The Driver where the player is tasked with matching the movements of the steering wheel, gas pedal, and bra...   read

6:39 PM on 06.29.2013

Review: Company of Heroes 2

The original Company of Heroes is among my favorite RTS games if not my favorite overall. It has great combat, plenty of vehicles and weapons, good graphics and the campaign is diverse and interesting. So imagine my excitemen...   read

9:59 AM on 06.28.2013

Most Overrated: Bioware

(spoilers: Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2) Seeing as I have no money to actually buy video games coupled with the fact that Verizon's idea of "high speed internet" is 500kb/s , which means won't be able to [s]...   read

11:40 AM on 06.26.2013

Sexism in games: Is there a line to draw?

Anyone who  pays close attention to the controversies in the video game community should be no stranger to the heated theory proposed by those who believe sexism is a permeating issue within video games and, in some cases, so...   read

2:43 PM on 06.25.2013

Company of Heroes 2: Before I even begin, let's talk DLC.

I mentioned on one of my blogs that Company of Heroes is one of the best RTS games of this generation. Everything from it's robust graphics engine, it's AI, and it's unique approach to how battles play out on an individual le...   read

7:33 PM on 06.24.2013

Games you shouldn't be excited about...

We all know the gaming industry has recently been inundated with throbbing hoards of garbage being passed off as "triple A" titles. The largest culprit of this perpetual excretion on gaming is the "broader appeal" philosophy....   read

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