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Gray Times avatar 1:30 PM on 06.14.2014  (server time)
BROKE PHI BROKE!!! "we ain't got it"

Did you see all those awesome games we're gonna buy after all the E3 coverage? Got one of them fancy new consoles or an amazing PC up grade? Me neither, because I'm poor! All these new games and machines are all very well and good, but I can't afford any of it. Like I'm sure many of my fellow D-toiders, I regularly plunder the second hand market for some old gems. Here's a few you might of missed in the last generation, that I would thoroughly recommend.

Warhammer 40,000-SPACE MARINE I paid 3 pounds.
A wonderful 3rd person shooter with a melee combat twist. It's a great little story, and a truly beautiful depiction of the 40K universe. My favourite part of the 40K universe is the lore and the history of the world, it is magically represented here, with orks, imperial guardsmen, the forces of chaos and the mighty space marines themselves. The game play is fluid and a lot of fun, within seconds you'll be chainswording an ork into paste and then smashing some green skins with a hail of bolter fire, it's not long, but it's a great little adventure for a few quid.
Mirrors edge I paid 2 pounds.
While controller smashingly annoying, mirrors edge has a go at the 1st person free run em up that no one thought would work. To be fair, it doesn't work perfectly, but when it goes well and you pull off a series of moves it really is wonderful. With a unique art style, and some really interesting locations, it's a very unique example of what originality in games can do. Unfortunately, it's again very short, but definitely worth a go. Plus, there's a new one coming out soon (ish) so get in on the ground floor (lol). 

Fear not! I have ONE glove on! 

Resistance trilogy I paid between 2-5 pounds.
A ps3 exclusive, but criminally underrated and permanently cheap. Three superb sci-fi FPS's coming in somewhere between half life and  call of duty. I don't know why no one went gaga for these titles, absorbing and beautiful in places, brutal and high paced combat plus a heady mixture of sci-fi silliness and old school shooter action. There's little original about them in concept, but for a couple of bucks you're gonna have a good time.
 Battlefield:Bad Company 1&2 2 pounds each
Amazing couple of first person shooters these, completely debunking the macho modern day shooters that we've all played. If you've not taken a chance on B company then you should. Some interesting ideas and vehicles to play with, as well as all the variety of a normal battlefield game. The sweet spot however, is that this game is hilarious. A line of humour makes the story rip a long at a tremendous pace, and there are some genuinely laugh out loud sections. My personal favourite: "y'know, if they said you could drive a tank over a golf course in that promotional video, I bet we'd get a lot more people signing up" classic.

Ah Greed and violence.

The saboteur 5 pounds
What a pleasant surprise this was! Set in nazi occupied Paris, this might have as well been called GTA -revolution. It basically IS a GTA game, with driving, shooting, countless cases of murder, assault and general skulduggery. Not that that's not fun enough to start with, the story is solid and a good laugh, with a genuinely likable lead. Plus, an interesting twist with art style in which nazi occupied part so of Paris are black and white but as rebellion creeps across the city, so does the colour. Paris looks amazing too. Ah, Paris in spring with a side of killing nazis.... What more could you want?
RAGE 3 pounds
Okay so it has a terrible ID story line which basically consists of "shoot the dudes" but if you look past that then you've got a gorgeous looking FPS with some excellent weapons and some mildly amusing driving sections. For reference, think the non-dull parts of Boarderlands. It won't change your life, but it is defiantly worth a few bucks for a weekends entertainment.

Original box art.

Any PES or FIFA game(or madden or NBA). A single pound
  Seriously, like nothing changes each year really. I got a crappy copy of FIFA 12, and it seemed exactly as good as this years or last years just infinitely cheaper! If your not into the sport, try one of the other ones... If your not into sports at all, then even better!  Hours of fun can be had spent making your own players, committing horrifically violent tackles, or thrashing Brazil at the hands of the mighty Wales. Give it a go if you're at a loose end, there's a lot of quality in these titles even if your not really into sports.
Salut to my fellow poverty warriors, I hope these suggestions encourage one or two of you guys to pick up a copy and give one of these cheap classics a go. If you've any good ones please pop them in the comments and I'll give them a go!
Honorary mentions:

Shadow of the Damned, Far Cry 2, Condemned 2, Prince of Persia and COD-World at War 

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