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Gray Times avatar 2:08 PM on 05.10.2014  (server time)
10 Shades of Gray. 10 Things about Gray Time

[font=Times New Roman]†[/font]1.Gray is my actual name. and I look like this:
As you can probably gather from the picture, I like to drink and do stupid things. I think weíre all in far too much of a rush to grow up. I love the fact that I can drink and smoke, but also have fun with my friends, there is more than enough people in the world, I donít think thereís any great rush to settle down and boring.†

2. Everything is instantly improved by ghoulish elements.†
I like what I like! If it has demons, monsters, religious iconography or any reference to a gothic occultÖ. Iím pretty much gonna love it. There is something about anything based on the macabre side of art that just cranks my chain. Iíve always been interested and into the darker side of humanity, and this shows in my interior design to my tattoos.†

[font=Times New Roman]†[/font]3.I love video games, but music is my true life companion.†
Recently my Ipod broke. It was the worst fifteen minutes of my life. I ran a bought a new one as soon as possible. I come from a musical family, and was encouraged to learn and enjoy all forms of music. Iíve seen nearly every band that Iíve wanted to, and despite this I havenít lost my hearing! Music raises the spirit and can comfort the desolate. It really is the voice of the world, and for me, I would be lost without it.†

4. Speaking of which, I play in a punk band.†
Many people think punk music isnít a valid form of art. These people havenít heard AFI, The Refused, The Specials, Joy Division, Alkaline Trio, Frank Turner or Gogol Bordello. Punk is the grit in your gut and the spit in your eye, it is the defiance that says ďI will not stand for thisĒ Itís been a massive influence on me, it taught me my opinions are valid, that I can help people, and I can object to that which I think is wrong. Most of all, it taught me I was not alone.

5. I love retro games, the classics never dieÖ.†
Sometimes it boggles my mind how many hours Iíve spent on video games. And I donít regret a second of it. I think when you get into something you should try out some of the older things that pre-dated your interest. I was raised on games, and I still love the old Zeldaís, Marioís and Final Fantasies Iíve played. †Retro gaming isnít just fun, its also a good hobby, it gets you exploring your city and chatting with other retro heads.

6. I love my friends more than life itself.†
Sure, everyone loves their friends. If you didnít like your friends youíd be a little weird. But Iíve spent large periods of my life without friends that either didnít have controllerís or strings. So now that I have real flesh and blood friends, I try to treat them as well as I can. Iím blessed that a group of deviants, sociopaths, sluts and poets welcomed me in with such love.

[font=Times New Roman]††[/font]7. I also love my country.†
No one is proud of being British it seems. I am though, right the way down to our cups of tea, egg butties and obsessive queuing. Strangest thing though, this is a new development, I went travelling a few years ago, and when I returned the relief and joy of standing on good olí crappy British soil was wonderful. This is my home, come visit! It rains! Loads!†

8. I live in Glasgow, Scotland to precise.
And its lovely! Sure the accent is pretty hard to get around, and everyone thinks weíre all crazy alcoholics or versions of the characters in Trainspotting (Thatís Edinburgh people!) The people are super friendly and we love music, partying and having fun. The commonwealth games are here this year!†

9. Sure, I was gutted about Aerith, but The Walking Dead made me cry.
Like a child! It wasn't just a great video game plot, it was a brilliant plot regardless of the media format. I canít recommend it enough, but I also think it should come with a ďfeelsĒ disclaimer, I loaned it to a very sensitive friend of mine, and it really shook him up. Like Spec ops, this should carry a warning of emotional harm.

10. I am a Feminist, and so are you (probably)†
I did feminism at university, and the most important lesson to take away from reading feminism is that it is striving for equality. EQUALITY- not a matriarch, not men being farmed for sperm-equality. †The easiest and best way to appreciate the feminist view is to notice how many things are en-gendered. Letís just all get along eh?†

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