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Gray Times's blog

3:48 PM on 03.26.2015

Dusty old games and the dusty old hoarders who buy them.

Until recently I had considered my collection of PS1 games complete. I had ticked every one of my childhood memories off the list, studied ‘best of’ lists for any gems that appealed to me, and decided I was p...   read

11:44 AM on 03.20.2015

Videogames… what’s with all the candles?

Whilst romping though the not very good FPS Fear 3 (or F3AR as it is want to call itself) I noticed something that stuck out more than the legions and legions of genetically modified super soldiers and predicable level d...   read

12:22 PM on 03.06.2015

Gaming’s great moments: Ruining someone’s childhood. 

Gaming has some wonderful moments, moments you’ll cherish and think of fondly. The beginning of Half Life, the death of Aerith or “Would you kindly” all spring to mind. But sometimes there are moments ...   read

2:12 PM on 02.25.2015

Pieces of Heart: Silent Hill-Downpour

Eek! So I ruffled a few feathers with my last few blog, hope no one was too irritated. In penance, lets  dig out another forgotten treasure and sing its praises, this time something a little more modern, but still a...   read

12:58 PM on 02.17.2015

How Short is too Short: A rebuttal.

Dtoid’s own beloved review shaman Chris Carter recently pointed out that The Order: 1886 is a short game, and he is perfectly okay with this as long as it’s a solid short game. I respectfully am not okay wit...   read

2:25 PM on 01.12.2015

I finished Ride to Hell:Retribution and you should too...seriously.

I mean it! Not because it’s good, I mean we all know how terrible it is: but because its so so bad we should all bear witness to this master class in fail. Like Shaq-Fu in the 16-bit era, Ride to Hell: Retribution...   read

1:08 PM on 01.05.2015

I sold my Gran for an Amiibo and all I got was a blog about marketing.

Ah the humble toy. All of us have hungered over lumps of brightly coloured plastic moulded into shapes; in fact I’m a grown man and have a few on my desk at work. When Nintendo announced Amiibo I was sceptical, su...   read

2:44 PM on 12.27.2014

Gaming is destroying the world

I hate to say it, but its time we sat up and noticed the damage that our hobby is doing to the world. Jack Thompson was wrong, its not that games are corrupting the young, games are corrupting THE WORLD. I began by flex...   read

2:28 AM on 12.04.2014

There is BDSM in videogames. [NSFW!]

Seriously not safe for work, not for content, but your colleagues might look at you weird from now on...  BDSM, or bondage, domination, sadism and masochism is everywhere. It really is, you’d be surprised by ...   read

2:06 PM on 11.24.2014

Press forward to walk forward.

Its time we took a stand. Its time to stand up and make our voices heard, its time that those same voices build into a chorus that is heard the world over.   We don’t need your shitty tutorial sections anymor...   read

4:17 PM on 10.23.2014

STFU and listen to my awesome ideas Dtoid.

How lovely was that wee update from Niero? There has been some losses within the Destructoid community recently, but the thing i love dearly about this site is that no matter what happens the community rallies and we co...   read

4:00 PM on 10.08.2014

Fangs for the Memories. The Blackest of Mirrors.

I don’t scare easily. I never have, whilst I love horror in all its forms it rarely scares me properly. Never the type of scare that keeps you awake, that has you reaching for another drink and another cigarette, a...   read

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