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Grave_Walker13 avatar 5:17 PM on 09.27.2013  (server time)
In the beginning, there was fear.

And behold! It was good. So, today we saw 12 minutes of the upcoming and in my case, highly anticipated "The Evil Within". The game is Captained by the or one of the fathers of Survival Horror, Shinji Mikami. We all know what he's famous for and we all know why we love him. If you're new to hearing his name, you might be familiar with Resident Evil or one of my favorites, Dino Crisis. Either way this footage has only taken my anticipation to the next level.

    Any gameplay trailer that starts off with you hanging upside down from a rope in what seems to be a room for fabricating meat and harvesting organs is off to a good start. At least, when you're talking about a game geared towards creating fear, it's a great start. So, skip a head a few beats, past the parts where you're being chased by a chainsaw wielding maniac through what seems to be a facility straight out of well, a horror movie and we find ourselves in a new environment with *gasp* a new enemy to kill, or run from. Zombies you say? Well, sort of. The shambling fiends out for blood will probably be the bulk of where you get your headshot's from, as they seem to be the lowest common denominator of enemy types. But, in the midst of exploring an old abandoned house being attacked by hordes of flesh-eaters, a few details come to light.

    It does look as if there are make-shift mines and healing items to pick up or dare I say it, possibly craft. No news as to this being close to any truth but I foresee gathering components for new items to slay the benevolent scourge with. Bow before the power of my flaming stick! Speaking of which, there did seem to be a torch at ready via a quick select slot on the bottom left of the screen. Definitely used as a light source, possibly used to set your grandmother's undershorts ablaze. Just saying...

    Overall, with everything being revealed, including the nightmarish environments enhanced with great lighting and soundtrack, grotesque creatures with a phenomenal art style, the intensity formulated to create suspense, The well-written AI that gives life to situations and circumstances, and the possibility of a crafting system, I'm just giddy with excitement. Is it a great game to be remembered for years to come? That's left to be decided but I'm certainly not going to rule this one out. Thank you readers for your time today and giving my very first blog post a shot. Now it's time for beer, good day.

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