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GraveRisen avatar 6:41 PM on 09.07.2009  (server time)
PAX09: Post-PAX swag bag compilation

First lesson I've learned about pax: "Bring not thine own shirts for ye shall blessed". I ended up coming home with 16 including the ones I brought.

Well PAX was pretty amazing and I think we all had a great time. What really made my day on Friday though was my MASSIVE HAUL of free shit. So without any of the boring jibba jabba about how sweet pax was, here's the swag.

ITEM ONE, T-Shirts.

As mentioned before I came home with a shit-ton of shirts. Here's the FREE (note: no cash involved) ones I picked up:

Starting from the top left and going right:

Nvidia, All Points Bulletin, Blabber-something (came in the swag bag everyone got), Darkest of days (back reads "DoD is badass") Brink, Socom PSP, Red Dead redemption, Uncharted 2 pax exclusive, Resident evil darkside, WET, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Most of these were easy to get. walk to counter, grab shirt. Red Dead revolver we had to wait in line for a live gameplay demo for about 25 min to get. Battlefield bad company 2 I had to wait in line and play the demo to get. And Resident evil I had to sign up to play a darkside chronicles demo in a closed room.

Even with this sweet haul of shirts, several of which I'd actually wear, I still missed several. Here's the remainder of what I missed:

Left 4 Dead 2: Wait in line for 3 hours and play a round of the campaign
Metroid shirt: Wait in line for an hour to play metroid trilogy (they ran out before I went to do this one)
Serious Sam HD: They ran out before I had a chance to get one
MAG faction shirts (2): Handed out at specific times. They went very quickly
Various vendor shirts (Peregrine, Turtle beach, some other audio company): Thrown out to crowds after their demonstrations.
Dragon Age origins: Wait in line for 3 hours and play a 30 min demo
Star Wars Old Republic: I didn't even SEE these. They had a Cantina room, and you had to be there fairly early on the first day to get them.
Rock band Beatles: Not really sure how to get this one.
GTA stories from liberty city: Get to the rockstar booth within 5 min of them getting more shirts in stock
Beaterator: See above

I think that was all of the free shirts, at least the ones that matter. Now onto some cooler swag!

ITEM TWO, Inflatable shit.

There really wasn't a whole lot of this going around.

First off, the yellow thing is from Phantasy Star 0. The cool thing with it is that there's a velcro strap on the bottom of it so you can attach him to your shoulder.
Next item is the wrench. This is a Ratchet and Clank 2 PAX exclusive wrench. They even had Ratchet himself there handing them out!
The cool looking sword is from Dragon Age Origins. They went through the queue handing these out every 20 min, so I just swooped by and grabbed one as he passed with the box.
The crappy sword is for Divinity 2 and it's pretty much as lame as it looks.

ITEM THREE, random swagz

Pile o' random shit. I got LOTS of stickers, especially from rockstar. Over on the right is a sweet Muramasa bag I scored day 1, as well as a Nostalgia luggage tag and muramasa tattoo. the books on the bottom are a D&D novel sampler and a dead space extraction comic. Both of which are pretty sweet, and decent enough for a freebie. several pins and lanyards were available too, though I didn't even get CLOSE to all the pins that were around. On the top above the lanyards is an Army of two 40 days iPhone skin.

Close-up of the lanyards. the GOW3 one is especially sweet!

A closeup of one of the coolest bits in here. GTA chinatown DS stylus chopsticks. Now, these on their own would be pretty sweet, but they actually came in a GTA chinese takeout box that funktastic is bringing back for me in his spare bag. Rockstar took the show with their free swag this year. 3 shirts which are all pretty nice, stylus chopsticks and box, shitloads of stickers, phone charm/screen cleaner, loads of stickers, and keychains.

Here's a few other pieces of cool swag I missed out on:

First, No more heroes 2 toilet paper

There really wasn't much supply of this, and on the first and third day it wasn't even available. I'm sad I missed it.

Now the main piece of free swag I was really upset about was this little guy

This is a plush Giant Salamander from the lost planet 2 demo.

In order to win one you must first play the demo with 3 other people, win the fight against it, and also end up with the highest score in the end. Day 2 (first day these were offered) I began attempting to snag this beauty. First few rounds ended in failure. If you don't know, lost planet 2 boss fights have a battle meter. when someone dies it goes down. If someone commits suicide, it goes down for 2 deaths. Needless to say there were at least a few self frags in the rounds I lost. Not to be discouraged i came back later. This time we won the round! Hooray! Time for score totals. When all of a sudden.... MISSION FAILED. Turns out if someone dies AFTER the monster does, it still counts. No score total, no plush.
I came back day 3 in the morning and hit it up quickly. First round was a rousing success and we not only killed it but I barely squeeked in the top score to claim my prize. hooray! But alas.... I was told by the attendant that several of the plushes had gone missing overnight and they no longer had any to give out..... I had my words and left. Never returned to the capcom booth that day. And I died a little inside :(
Just to point out, these were extremely limited. They get 15-20 per PAX/E3 type event. That's all they get them for, and that's all the stock they get. I was talking to the guy who designed the salamander, and he only got 1. They made a 36" version of it too but even he didn't get one because they were so limited.

Swag not shown in the pictures:

Hmmm what else did I get... well there was a free copy of LOTR online with expansion, free copy of HELLO KITTY ONLINE OMG!!!! And I got beta codes for MAG and Jumpgate Evolution.
Oh, and for going to the star wars old republic panel, I got a code to download KOTOR off steam for free. Of which they accidentally gave me 2. I got a copy of the complete Sam & Max Freelance Police cartoon, with tons of bonus materials (I paid $20 but it's pretty damn sweet). I got a League of Legends special costume, and lots of coupon/discount codes for online stores.

All in all I think my $50 pass was WELL paid for in all my free swags.

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