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GraveRisen's blog

11:39 PM on 10.09.2011

Dark Souls day 1: Outrider the frequently dead.

So Iíve finally begun my masochistic journey into the hell hole of dark souls. This really is a harsh, unforgiving game that will fuck you up if you look at it funny. Or at all. Or if you look away. Or if youíre within the sa...   read

9:20 PM on 07.29.2011

The Atlus Factor; How to Build a Better Fanbase

When it comes to building a crazed and insanely loyal fanbase there is no company in the gaming industry that does it better than Atlus. And it really isn't a lot that sets them apart from the crowd. The big secret? ..... T...   read

12:18 PM on 05.16.2011

There's a war going on for your consoles

Gentlemen, we have a pressing matter at hand as of late. Battle lines are being drawn, onlookers are beginning to take notice, and women and children are running for the hills. Is this the great Playstation XBOX clash we've a...   read

9:48 AM on 05.12.2011

The Iceberg Report: How to be a Pokemon Master!

I was struck with some inspiration this weekend on a new series of blogs I want to do. The idea has been chilling in the back of my brain for a bit and has finally solidified into this here idea.... The Iceberg Report! An i...   read

9:38 AM on 05.07.2011

My humble friend the pixel, where have you gone? A blog on 8/16-bit revival

Do these little guys really look so threatening? The pixel has given us so very very much over the many years this generous little soul has been traversing our electronics, and how do we repay him for literally countless h...   read

11:54 AM on 06.16.2010

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....

I'm about to lose my life savings to Nintendo and I think I like it... I like it... I don't think any of us can argue that the Wii delivered on everything we hoped it would. It certainly wasn't the golden revolutionary child...   read

6:41 PM on 09.07.2009

PAX09: Post-PAX swag bag compilation

First lesson I've learned about pax: "Bring not thine own shirts for ye shall blessed". I ended up coming home with 16 including the ones I brought. Well PAX was pretty amazing and I think we all had a great time. What reall...   read

4:09 PM on 09.01.2009

Namco stole my Soul :(

Why, oh god why,do gaming companies NEED to change things up with every sequel? So Soul Calibur Broken Destiny (PSP) is out today. And While I normally will read well into games long before they are released, digging throug...   read

11:56 PM on 08.31.2009

Woots I has a blog!

Finally got around to setting this puppy up. As anyone reading can probably see, my banner is ginormous, it should be half that size. anyone know how to stop it from balooning up? send me a message. Anyhow, ahoy hoy! Greetin...   read

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