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Grapefruit Juice's blog

11:49 AM on 08.21.2007

'CRACKED' thinks Wii is kinda lame



"Winners don't do drugs."

"The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to save the President?"

The Wii just doesn't believe in you quite like the arcades did. The arcade is already fairly confident that you're both a winner and a pretty bad dude. All that remains to be seen is whether or not you're bad enough to rescue the president from ninjas, and even that question seems pretty rhetorical. (Of course you are, motherfucker!)


"Please point the Wii Remote at the screen."

"The Wii Remote has become disconnected. Please press A to reconnect."

The Wii, meanwhile, doesn't even trust us enough to point the damn controller at the screen, as if we'd be aiming at toasters and house pets without the helpful incite.

Enjoy the rest here;   read

2:52 PM on 08.16.2007


Something Katamari: So I roll this thing around picking up stuff. No more fun or enjoyable then Boom Boom Rocket, or Geometry wars, or Tetris. But still a fine addition to your Xbox Live Arcade collection. What? $40? F U katamari.

Techno junkies
Frat boys
Your Mom
Retarded Mongoloids
Gear heads
Combo kings
Arm chair Rommels

Stranglehold: Wow Dead to Rights HD looks really good. But what happened to the dog and the cool dis-arms. Really though, when I'm half way thru a demo and I'm 99.99% sure I've seen everything a game has to offer - not good. Watch a double bill of the Killer and Hard Boiled better, It'll be a 100x more enjoyable/half the price/and the same length. 'Tequila time' seriously, 'Tequila time'?

Techno junkies
Frat boys
Your Mom
Retarded Mongoloids
Gear heads
Combo kings
Arm chair Rommels   read

12:27 PM on 08.15.2007

Too Franchise, or not too Franchise?

After a discussion I had with a friend, concerning APF 2K8 vs. Madden 08. We agreed that 2K8 is the better playing game (though the margins differed greatly). Then the discussion turned to the over all game, and more specifically ‘Franchise’ mode or lack there of. And while I wont bore you with that debate, it did get me thinking, how many people actually play a franchise mode, and for those that do, to what extent.

So, let us know: do you even play a franchise? And if so, for how long?

As for me, the best I can remember:

Madden 03: yes, 2-3 seasons
Madden 04: yes, 3-4 seasons
NFL 2K5: yes, 10-12 seasons
College Hoops 2K6: yes, 8 seasons
Winning 11 8: yes, 4 seasons
College Hoops 2K7: yes, 1-...   read

6:09 PM on 08.14.2007

Maddenoliday: Oh the Irony

I cant be the only to notice the irony of EA using Ozzy Osborne to promote Madden 08 at their 'Maddenoliday', what ever the hell that is.
Lets compmare and contrast shall we:

Subject A. is past its prime and can no longer compete with its younger competition.
Subject B. umm, yeah, same as A.

Subject A. was over sensationalized, even at its peak popularity and probably used payola to get played on the radio.
Subject B. Is over sensationalized and probably uses payola to get good reviews (cough,Gamespot,cough)

Subject A. Is worshipped by frat boys, and nit wits.
Subject B. Is worshipped by frat boys and nit wits.

Subject A. was the subject of a craptacular show on a craptacular TV channel.
Subject B. Is the subject of a craptacular show on a craptacular TV channel.

Subject A. Offers a stuttering glitchy performance.
Subject B. Offers a stuttering glitchy performance online.   read

12:52 PM on 08.13.2007

Madden 08, shockingly, has glitches

From the kansas City Star

1.) Everyone is constantly turning the ball over. I played against my friend David four times — as the New Orleans Saints vs. the Chicago Bears — and we each fumbled and threw interceptions as if we were newbies. We’re not.
Then I played a solo match against the computer. Both my team and the other team — the Tennessee Titans vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — fumbled and threw pick-offs four times.
That’s eight interceptions in a 20-minute ballgame of five-minute quarters. This is wildly unacceptable.
One time I dove to the ground without any defensive guy hitting me, and I fumbled while falling peacefully to the ground.

2.) If you are running with the ball, you can press a button to do a lateral. But if you accidentally press this button when there’s no teammate around you (fairly easy to do), you fumble. How stupid.

3.) There is a great “protect” button you can press. It makes you wrap both hands around the football while you’re running. This should keep you from fumbling. Yet I was jogging as a big fullback in open field toward a touchdown, with the “protect” button on, and a tiny little safety guy pushed me once.
I fumbled.

4.) When a new series of downs begins for my offense, I’m given just over 20 seconds to scan through my plays, pick one, rush to the line of scrimmage, and snap the ball. This is absurd.


[i]Not that it matters, youve either drank the kool-aid or not, and no amount of glitches(08 apparently), rip-offs(06, 07), or complacency(05-08) will deter you. So, start your hondas, turn up the Limp Bizkit, and turn your ball caps around, the roster update arrives at midnight!. BTW is EA still using those cheerleader pics from 03?   read

5:47 PM on 08.07.2007

Wii DVD !!!!!

With their latest release, the killer app Clock, Nintendo looks to be taking a dominating lead in the video game business. But what could be next? My inside source at Nintendo R&D tells me that the Big N, with their next Wii update, are looking to put the nail in the coffin of their closest competitors, the Playstation 1 and Sega Dreamcast, by releasing a DVD player!!

I also managed to obtain this photo of the Wii-DVD proto-type.

Hold onto your hats Nintendo fans, the future looks bright!   read

3:48 PM on 08.02.2007

A little perspective

this post is a carry over from the duscussion on capcom pulling the apparently offensive use of the term 'allah akbar' out of thier game;

Christian Terror attacks in the last 2 months;
Hindu Terror attacks in the last 2 months;
Buddhist Terror attacks in the last 2 months;
Jewish Terror attacks in the last 2 months;
Scientology Terror attacks in the last 2 months;

Islamist Terror attacks in the last 2 months;

8/2/07 Somalia A mother and her two daughters are among eight killed when Islamic militias rain down mortars on a neighborhood.

8/2/07 Pakistan A Fedayeen fires at police, killing one in a suicide bid.

8/1/07 Iraq A dozen civilians are killed in various Religion of Peace attacks around the city.

8/1/07 Thailand Islamists ambush a group guarding a train station, killing two members.

8/1/07 Thailand A Buddhist woman is blown to bits when Muslim radicals bomb a shopping district.

8/1/07 Iraq Islamic terrorists bomb a marketplace, killing twenty-five patrons.

8/1/07 Afghanistan A suicide bomber kills an Afghan truck driver.

8/1/07 Iraq At least fifteen people are blown to bits when a
suicide bomber detonates in a city square.

8/1/07 Iraq A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a petrol station, killing at least fifty innocents.

8/1/07 Thailand A 62-year-old man is shot to death by radical Muslims.

8/1/07 Thailand A father and son are murdered by Islamic terrorists at their home.

8/1/07 Pakistan Talibanis murder a Pakistani soldier taken hostage.

8/1/07 Lebanon A Fatah al-Islam sniper kills a Lebanese soldier.

7/31/07 Somalia Islamic terrorists blow up a minibus, killing five civilian passengers that included a woman.

7/31/07 Ingushetia Muslim gunmen attack a bus carrying police officers, killing one.

7/31/07 Afghanistan The Taliban murder a 29-year-old Christian man taken hostage.

7/31/07 Somalia A 4-year-old child is among three people killed in a brutal rocket attack by Islamists shouting 'Allah Akbar.'

7/31/07 Iraq A teacher and an engineer are among a dozen people shot and killed in various Jihad attacks around the country.

7/31/07 Pakistan Religious extremists ambush a group of soldiers, killing one.

7/30/07 Iraq At least a dozen Iraqis are killed in three bomb attacks by Islamic terrorists.

7/30/07 India Hizb-ul-Mujahideen members kidnap and behead a government teacher.

7/30/07 India Two children (ages 12 and 14) are killed when Islamists throw grenades at a tourist vehicle.

7/30/07 Iraq A woman is among four people shot to death by Islamic radicals.

7/30/07 Iraq A suicide bomber kills six people with a loaded fuel truck.

7/30/07 Pakistan Four civilians are among seven killed by Taliban militants in two separate attacks.

7/30/07 India A civilian is abducted and mudered by the Mujahideen.

7/29/07 Iraq Islamic terrorists kill three people with multiple bombs at a market.

7/29/07 Iraq Sunnis gun down six soccer fans celebrating the country's recent win.

7/29/07 Iraq Jihadis lob mortars into a residential neighborhood, killing six people.

7/29/07 Afghanistan Taliban extremists attack a private aid convoy, killing thirteen guards.

7/29/07 Thailand Two men, one a work-placement employee, are shot to death by Muslim radicals in separate attacks.

7/29/07 Somalia Two civilians are killed when Islamic radicals throw grenades into the electronics area of a market.

7/29/07 India Seven people, including two young girls, are killed when Islamic radicals bomb a bus.

7/29/07 Somalia Two guards at a market are shot to death by Islamic militants.

7/28/07 Pakistan Three policemen are brutally murdered by Islamic militants in an ambush.

7/28/07 Pakistan A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills at least fourteen in an attack on a hotel.

7/28/07 Iraq Sunnis set off a car bomb in a commercial district, killing five people.

7/28/07 Pal. Auth. A young woman is stabbed to death over 'immoral behavior.'

7/28/07 Thailand A 38-year-old mother of three succumbs to her injuries three days after a Religion of Peace bomb attack.

7/27/07 Ingushetia Muslim separatists stage a deadly rocket attack on a government building.

7/27/07 Dagestan Islamic terrorists kill an anti-terror cleric and his brother by bombing their car.

7/27/07 Iraq Seven Iraqi policemen are killed in a Sunni bombing.

7/27/07 Iraq An engineer and his wife are among ten people murdered by Jihadis in various attacks.

7/27/07 Thailand A man is shot twice in the head by militant Muslims.

7/26/07 Thailand Islamic terrorists attack two groups of teachers with roadside bombs and shoot a 44-year-old man to death.

7/26/07 Pakistan A Muslim woman is shot in the head by her son, who suspected her of 'illicit relations.'

7/26/07 Pakistan A Pakistani soldier is killed when Taliban militants fire a rocket into a base.

7/26/07 Iraq A suicide bomber detonates outside a police station, killing six others.

7/26/07 Iraq Jihadis murder at least sixty Iraqis with a parked car bomb at a busy market.

7/26/07 Somalia A local official is gunned down by Islamic militants while walking home.

7/26/07 Somalia Islamists hurl a grenade into a coffee shop, killing four civilians.

7/26/07 Somalia Two civilians are killed by a landmine planted by Islamic militias.

7/26/07 India A civilian is kidnapped from his home and murdered in captivity by the Mujahideen.

7/26/07 Iraq Sunni terrorists explode a massive bomb next to a kabob shop, killing over two-dozen innocent people.

7/25/07 Iraq Various Jihad bombing and shooting attacks leave about two dozen Iraqis dead.

7/25/07 Somalia At least three civilians are killed when Islamists bomb an intersection.

7/25/07 Afghanistan The Taliban shoot a Christian man to death.

7/25/07 Iraq Nine young men are kidnapped and beheaded by Sunni terrorists.

7/25/07 Iraq Two farmers are shot to death by Muslim radicals.

7/25/07 Iraq Islamic terrorists stage two massive car bombings that slaughter over fifty Iraqis celebrating their country's soccer win in the street.

7/25/07 India A civilian is abducted and murdered by the Mujahideen.

7/24/07 Iraq A suicide bomber detonates in a marketplace across from the maternity ward of a hospital, killing over thirty innocents.

7/24/07 Pakistan Muslim terrorists fire rockets into a village, killing ten civilians.

7/24/07 Pakistan Islamic militants attack a security post, killing four members.

7/24/07 Somalia A pregnant woman is among three civilians killed when Islamists toss a grenade into a market.

7/23/07 Iraq Five truck drivers are murdered by Islamic terrorists.

7/23/07 Somalia A woman is among seven victims of an Islamic grenade attack in a commercial district.

7/23/07 Thailand A 46-year-old construction worker is shot to death by Muslim militants.

7/23/07 Iraq Violence in the name of Allah leaves over two dozen dead in various attacks.

7/23/07 Iraq Three separate car bombings by Muslim terrorists end the lives of seventeen Iraqi civilians.

7/23/07 Iraq A female suicide bomber murders seven Iraqi policemen.

7/23/07 Algeria An Algerian security personnel is killed in a bomb attack by Islamic fundamentalists.

7/23/07 Thailand A 35-year-old is shot to death while fishing in a pond.

7/23/07 India Islamic militants ambush a security patrol, killing one member.

7/23/07 Iraq Muslim gunmen take down two electrical workers.

7/23/07 India The Mujahideen kidnap and execute a 22-year-old man who was collecting firewood.

7/23/07 Pakistan Two men are abducted by al-Qaeda militants and executed by having their throats slit.

7/22/07 Iraq A Fedayeen truck bomber takes out five Sunni leaders for talking peace with Shiites.

7/22/07 Iraq A bombing and several shooting attacks leave twenty-two Iraqis dead at the hands of Freedom Fighters.

7/22/07 Iraq Six delivery truck drivers are murdered by the Religion of Peace.

7/22/07 Pal. Auth. Three sisters are brutally tortured and stabbed to death over suspicion of 'immoral' activities. Two are teenagers.

7/22/07 Afghanistan The Taliban kill a German hostage, abducted four days earlier.

7/22/07 Somalia A civilian is killed when Muslim militants throw a grenade in a marketplace.

7/22/07 India Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists kidnap and kill a former member who wanted out.

7/22/07 Lebanon Shiites shoot Christian villagers who complained of harassment.

7/21/07 Thailand A 10-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl are among the casualites when Islamic radicals bomb a rice shop.

7/21/07 Somalia Two civilians are murdered when a terrorist throws a grenade into a marketplace.

7/21/07 Iraq A café showing a soccer match is one site among several Jihad targets as twenty-six people are killed.

7/21/07 Iraq Islamic 'insurgents' rack up twenty-eight dead Iraqis in several bombing and shooting attacks.

7/21/07 Ingushetia Muslim gunmen assassinate a government official in charge of 'ethnic relations'.

7/21/07 Algeria Islamic fundamentalists attack a group of soldiers, killing one.

7/20/07 Somalia Islamists gun down a drug store owner in his shop.

7/20/07 Afghanistan Taliban militants murder three civilians with a roadside bomb.

7/20/07 Iraq Sixteen victims of sectarian violence are found scattered around the city.

7/20/07 Iraq A ruthless attack by Mujahideen leaves two Australian civilians dead.

7/20/07 Pakistan Four innocents are killed by a suicide car bomber.

7/20/07 India A civilian is shot to death outside his home and Islamic terrorists throw a grenade at Hindu pilgrims in a separate attack.

7/20/07 Afghanistan Two civilians are killed by a car bomb.

7/20/07 Nigeria A man is burned to death in his home is among five
killed in sectarian clashes between Sunni and Shia.

7/19/07 Pakistan At least eight are killed when suicide bombers ram their vehicle into a police training facility.

7/19/07 Chechnya Two policemen are killed when Mujahideen attack their post.

7/19/07 Pakistan Thirty people are slaughtered when Sunni bombers target Chinese engineers along a road.

7/19/07 Iraq A man killed in front of his wife and children is among twenty victims of Jihad sectarian violence around the city.

7/19/07 Afghanistan Women and children are among the casualties of a suicide bombing.

7/19/07 Pakistan Fedayeen suicide bombers hit a mosque inside an army base, blasting eighteen people to death.

7/19/07 Afghanistan Religious extremists ambush a police car, killing a dozen Afghans at point-blank range.

7/19/07 Iraq Islamic gunmen attack a village, killing five residents.

7/19/07 Nigeria A Sunni mob beats a Shia to death.

7/19/07 Somalia Children playing soccer are hit by mortars fired by Islamists. Six are killed and three injured.

7/19/07 Somalia Islamists shoot a civilian in the head as he is holding a child.

7/18/07 Afghanistan Seven Afghan police officers are murdered in a brutal ambush by religious extremists.

7/18/07 Afghanistan A suicide bomber blasts three Afghans to Allah.

7/18/07 Pakistan al-Qaeda backed militants ambush an army convoy with rockets, killing sixteen Pakistanis.

7/18/07 Russia Islamic separatists are suspected in the bombing of a school playground that kills four policemen.

7/18/07 Philippines A Sunni missionary is dismembered by Abu Sayyaf militants on suspicion of spying.

7/18/07 Iraq Four electrical workers are killed when Jihadis target their minibus with a truck bomb.

7/18/07 Iraq Random sectarian attacks leave twenty-two Iraqis dead.

7/18/07 Iraq A series of Sunni bomb attacks kills at least seventeen innocents.

7/18/07 Iraq Seven bus passengers are brutally shot to death by Islamic gunmen.

7/18/07 Afghanistan Taliban extremists murder two police officers riding bikes.

7/18/07 Nigeria A Sunni cleric is assassinated by a rival Shiite militia.

7/18/07 Somalia Two people are killed when radical Muslims shell a market.

7/18/07 Pakistan Islamists kidnap and behead a civilian.

7/17/07 Thailand A double bomb attack by Islamic radicals at a railway station leaves at least one person dead and thirty-one injured.

7/17/07 Pakistan A suicide bomber detonates in a crowd a political rally. Thirteen innocents are killed.

7/17/07 Iraq Jihadis ring up over thirty dead Iraqis in various shooting and bombing attacks.

7/17/07 Iraq A hospital director is gunned down by militant Muslims.

7/17/07 Iraq Sunnis send a suicide bomber into a Shia residential neighborhood to blast twenty innocents to death.

7/17/07 Thailand Islamic radicals shoot a soldier to death by the side of a road.

7/17/07 Pakistan A suicide bomber murders five people at a checkpoint.

7/17/07 Somalia At least one person is killed when Islamic militants throw a grenade into a market.

7/17/07 Thailand A man is shot to death outside a school by militant Muslims.

7/17/07 India Islamists toss a grenade into a crowd of Hindu pilgrims, killing one.

7/17/07 Lebanon Fatah al-Islam snipers pick off four Lebanese soldiers.

7/17/07 India Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists attack a security patrol, killing two members.

7/17/07 Pakistan A civilian is abducted and beheaded by the Taliban.

7/17/07 Iraq Twelve members of one family are massacred by Islamic terrorists in their home. Two women are gunned down elsewhere in the city.

7/17/07 Lebanon Four Lebanese troops are killed by Fatah al-Islam snipers.

7/17/07 Iraq Nearly thirty men, women and children gathered for a soccer game are hacked and shot to death by radical Sunnis.

7/16/07 Somalia Two civilians are among three killed by Islamic militants in two attacks.

7/16/07 Afghanistan A Taliban attack leaves one Afghan dead.

7/16/07 Pal. Auth. Hamas militants kidnap and suffocate a 45-year-old man.

7/16/07 Iraq Armed Jihadis shoot five people in the head.

7/16/07 Iraq Muslim terrorists rack up forty dead Iraqis in various sectarian attacks.

7/16/07 Iraq Two sisters are killed when they are taken hostage by Muslim terrorists and forced into a explosives-laden car.

7/16/07 Afghanistan Five Afghans are killed in a roadside bombing by Taliban extremists.

7/16/07 Philippines Abu Sayyaf militants ambush a security patrol, killing two members.

7/16/07 Ingushetia A Christian woman and her two children are murdered in their home by Islamic gunmen. Seven mourners are injured when their funeral is bombed two days later.

7/16/07 Iraq Sunni suicide truck bombers massacre eighty-five Iraqi civilians near a Kurdish political office.

7/15/07 Iraq Twenty-two victims of sectarian violence are found, including several women.

7/15/07 Thailand A 52-year-old railway worker is shot to death by Islamists on his way to work.

7/15/07 Somalia Two civilians and a government official are killed when an Islamist hurls a grenade into a municipal office.

7/15/07 Thailand A Muslim who 'switched sides' is shot to death at a market. His wife is seriously injured.

7/15/07 Pakistan Twenty-five innocents are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber on foot.

7/15/07 Pakistan Civilians are among seventeen people blasted to death by a suicide bomber on a highway.

7/15/07 Iraq A woman and her 8-year-old son are brutally gunned down by Muslim terrorists.

7/15/07 Iraq Sunnis kill ten with a car bombing along a city square.

7/15/07 Afghanistan One person is killed when Islamists fire a rocket into his home.

7/15/07 Afghanistan Religious extremists kill five highway construction workers with a bomb.

7/14/07 Pakistan A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends twenty-three Pakistani soldiers to Allah.

7/14/07 Thailand Muslim terrorists shoot a 66-year-old farmer to death.

7/14/07 Iraq Jihadis manage to kill twenty-eight Iraqis in various shooting and bombing attacks.

7/14/07 Iraq Sunnis bomb a gas station, killing at least seven people lining up for fuel.

7/14/07 Iraq Six people are murdered by Islamic radicals and thrown into a river.

7/14/07 Thailand Two civilians are ambushed and murdered by Islamic radicals.

7/14/07 Iraq Jihadis barge into a house and murder nine members of a family, including women and children.

7/14/07 Somalia Islamists kill a woman and injure her 8-month-old baby in a grenade attack.

7/14/07 Pakistan A Pakistani soldier is shot to death by an Islamic militant at a checkpoint.

7/14/07 Afghanistan Two men are gunned down by religious extremists.

7/13/07 Iraq Jihadis gun down five policemen in an attack on their checkpoint.

7/13/07 Somalia Two men are shot to death by suspected Islamic militias.

7/13/07 Iraq Sunnis kill two Shia civilians with a car bomb.

7/13/07 Iraq Sunni gunmen massacre a family of twelve Shia in their home.

7/13/07 Pakistan Three tribal leaders are shot to death at a market by Islamic militants.

7/13/07 Lebanon Fatah al-Islam terrorists kill eleven Lebanese soldiers with rockets and sniper fire.

7/13/07 India Police recover the body of a man abducted from his home by militants a month earlier.

7/12/07 Thailand Islamists slash the throat of a 29-year-old man and throw him into a river.

7/12/07 Somalia Three Somali civilians, including two construction workers are killed in separate attacks by Islamic grenade throwers.

7/12/07 Pakistan Five Pakistanis are killed in a suicide attack on a police vehicle.

7/12/07 Pakistan A Religion of Peace suicide bomber strolls into an office and kills three workers.

7/12/07 Thailand Muslims shoot an elderly Buddhist couple to death as they are riding to a market.

7/12/07 Iraq Twenty-eight victims of sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni are found executed.

7/12/07 Iraq Jihadis car bomb and shoot five Iraqis to death.

7/12/07 Iraq Islamic terrorists attack a family car, killing four members.

7/12/07 Lebanon Islamic militants kill four Lebanese soldiers.

7/12/07 Pakistan al-Qaeda backed militants cut the head off of a civilian.

7/12/07 Thailand Muslim radicals shoot a man, then set him on fire under a bridge.

7/12/07 Iraq A suicide bomber attacks a wedding, killing seven guest who try and stop him.

7/12/07 Afghanistan Six Afghans are slaughtered when religious extremists attack their patrol.

7/11/07 Iraq Thirty victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace are found executed.

7/11/07 Somalia Islamists kill civilians and police by throwing grenades into a market.

7/11/07 Afghanistan Religious extremists ambush and kill four Afghans.

7/11/07 Thailand Islamists murder a rubber worker on his plantation.

7/11/07 Algeria At least ten people are killed when a teenage suicide bomber detonates near a sports venue.

7/11/07 Algeria Fundamentalists kill a security guard with a bomb.

7/11/07 Somalia Two people are killed by an Islamist mortar attack.

7/11/07 Thailand A 58-year-old man is murdered by Muslim radicals as he tends his garden.

7/11/07 Iraq Two al-Qaeda suicide bombers attack a reconciliation meeting at a residence, then two others kill emergency responders.

7/11/07 Thailand A Buddhist civilian is murdered in a drive-by shooting attack by Muslim radicals.

7/11/07 Philippines Abu Sayyaf terrorists murder a civilian.

7/10/07 Iraq Eighteen villagers are killed when al-Qaeda militants stage an assault.

7/10/07 Afghanistan A suicide bomber detonates at a market, killing seventeen innocents, including children.

7/10/07 Somalia Two civilians are killed when a grenade is thrown into a busy marketplace.

7/10/07 Iraq Twenty-six people are killed in sectarian violence within the Religion of Peace.

7/10/07 Iraq A dozen people are shot to death by Islamic terrorists.

7/10/07 Pakistan Islamic militants kill one soldier at a checkpoint.

7/10/07 Thailand A 48-year-old Buddhist man is shot to death in his car by Muslim radicals.

7/10/07 Pal. Auth. Hamas militants strangle a 31-year-old man.

7/10/07 Philippines Abu Sayyaf militants kill 14 members of a search party looking for a kidnapped priest. At least ten are beheaded.

7/10/07 Iraq Three children die in separate Jihad attacks.

7/10/07 Thailand A village chief is ambushed and killed on the road by Muslim terrorists, as he is driving home football players.

7/9/07 Somalia Muslim gunmen kill a Doctors Without Borders physician.

7/9/07 Afghanistan A religious extremist opens fire inside an Afghan army camp, killing four people.

7/9/07 Iraq A roadside bombing leaves nine Iraqis dead.

7/9/07 Iraq A dozen workers at a Pepsi plant are abducted and slaughtered by Shia terrorists.

7/9/07 Iraq Various bombing and shooting attacks by Jihadis leave over thirty people dead.

7/9/07 Iraq Four members of a family are kidnapped and strangled by Islamic terrorists.

7/9/07 Pakistan Three Chinese motorcycle workers are shot to death by Islamic radicals.

7/9/07 Chechnya Mujahideen stop a Russian vehicle with a landmine, then shoot the occupants.

7/9/07 Somalia At least three civilians are killed when Islamists lob grenades into a market.

7/8/07 Iraq Three Jihad car bombings leave fifteen civilians dead.

7/8/07 Pakistan Islamic militants detonate a bomb under a police vehicle, killing one officer.

7/8/07 Iraq Two dozen young Iraqi police recruits are killed when Fedayeen suicide bombers ram into their truck.

7/8/07 Iraq The bodies of a husband and wife, kidnapped by al-Qaeda, surface with slit throats.

7/8/07 Iraq Twenty-nine bodies are found, victims of sectarian hatred within the Religion of Peace.

7/8/07 Pakistan A Pakistani solider is killed by an Islamist sniper outside a mosque.

7/8/07 Iraq A woman and two children are killed when Islamic terrorists lob a mortar into their home.

7/8/07 Afghanistan Two civilians are beheaded by the Taliban.

7/8/07 Pakistan Islamic militants attack a security patrol with grenades.

7/8/07 Somalia Islamic gunmen shoot a policeman three times in the head.

7/7/07 Iraq Five civilians are murdered by the Mujahideen in two separate attacks.

7/7/07 Afghanistan A 10-year-old boy is killed when Islamic terrorists fire a rocket into his home.

7/7/07 Iraq Eight Iraqi soldiers are killed in a brutal and senseless attack on their checkpoint.

7/7/07 Iraq Nineteen people are kidnapped and executed by Islamic terrorists.

7/7/07 Iraq A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills two dozen innocents at a funeral.

7/7/07 Iraq Sunnis launch a very successful attack against Shia civilians, blasting to death over one-hundred and fifty at an open-air market.

7/7/07 Afghanistan Religious extremists kidnap a man from his home and then shoot him to death.

7/7/07 Chechnya A police officer and an engineer are killed in separate attacks by Jihadis.

7/7/07 Afghanistan Six Afghan police are ambushed and killed by the Taliban.

7/6/07 Somalia A government official is assassinated by members of an Islamic militia.

7/6/07 Pakistan A suicide bomber on a bicycle kills four Pakistani soldiers.

7/6/07 Pakistan An attack by radical Islamists leaves at least two tribesmen dead.

7/6/07 Pakistan Two students are executed by mosque radicals over their plans to surrender to police.

7/6/07 Iraq Two people are tortured to death by the Mujahideen. A child is killed in a separate attack in Umm Hilayil

7/6/07 Iraq A Kurdish married couple is shot to death by Sunni terrorists.

7/6/07 Iraq Sunni gunmen attack the home of a peaceful Sheikh, killing seven members of his family.

7/6/07 Thailand An elderly rubber worker is murdered by Muslim extremists.

7/6/07 Iraq Islamic terrorists send a suicide bomber into a market, killing over two dozen shoppers.

7/6/07 Thailand A 50-year-old Buddhist woman is shot to death by Islamists in her store.

7/6/07 Somalia Islamists kill four more children with a roadside bomb.

7/6/07 Somalia Five children are killed when a landmine planted by Islamic militias explodes.

7/6/07 Somalia A bus station guard is shot to death by Islamic gunmen.

7/5/07 Afghanistan A suicidal Sunni rams an Afghan convoy with an explosives-laden car, killing eight.

7/5/07 Thailand A civilian is gunned down by militant Muslims.

7/5/07 Iran Authorities stone a man to death for adultery.

7/5/07 Thailand A 32-year-old rubber worker is shot to death by Islamic militants.

7/5/07 Algeria An Algerian soldier is killed by a remote-controlled bomb planted by fundamentalists.

7/5/07 Somalia A government employee is gunned down at a restaurant.

7/5/07 Iraq Eighteen people at a wedding party are blown to bits by Sunni car bombers.

7/5/07 Iraq Sectarian Jihadis kidnap and execute two dozen dead Iraqis.

7/5/07 Afghanistan Religious extremists hang two men 'before the public.'

7/4/07 Iraq Fourteen innocents are blown to bits by Jihadi car bombers.

7/4/07 Iraq A woman and her daughter, and two journalists, are among two dozen people murdered by Islamic terrorists in various attacks.

7/4/07 Iraq Sunnis bomb a restaurant, killing seven people.

7/4/07 Pal. Auth. A civilian is killed in a shootout between two Islamist groups.

7/4/07 Pakistan Two children are among eleven people killed when a suicide car bomber rams into a group of vehicles.

7/4/07 Pakistan Pro-Taliban militants fire a rocket into a police station, killing one officer.

7/4/07 Pakistan Four civilians are killed when a Muslim terrorist tosses a grenade onto a city street.

7/4/07 Pakistan al-Qaeda militants gun down a policeman on his way to work.

7/4/07 India A man is killed in a Mujahideen landmine attack.

7/4/07 Iraq Islamists abduct and murder two members of a religious minority sect.

7/4/07 Afghanistan Six Canadians and one Afghan are killed by a roadside bomb planted by religious extremists.

7/3/07 India Hizb-ul-Mujahideen terrorists attack a security patrol, killing one member.

7/3/07 Thailand A young woman is shot to death by Muslims as she is picking up food for her mother.

7/3/07 Pakistan A Pakistani soldier, businessman and a cameraman are shot to death by student radicals at a madrassah.

7/3/07 Iraq Sunni bombers send eighteen market-goers straight to Allah, while leaving another forty in agony.

7/3/07 Iraq Three sewer workers and two gardeners are among two dozen people killed in random Jihad attacks.

7/2/07 Pakistan al-Qaeda backed militants kill a Pakistani who resists kidnapping.

7/2/07 Afghanistan An education director is gunned down by religious extremists.

7/2/07 Iraq Sunni radicals car bomb a Shia neighborhood, sending at least nine innocents to Allah.

7/2/07 Thailand A 28-year-old villager is shot to death by Islamists.

7/2/07 Afghanistan Seven Afghan cops are blown to bits by a Taliban roadside bombing.

7/2/07 Thailand Muslim radicals murder a 47-year-old rubber tapper on his way to work.

7/2/07 Somalia Two militant Muslims corner and gun down a government official.

7/2/07 Yemen Eight Spanish tourists and their two drivers are murdered by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber, who rams into their convoy.

7/2/07 Iraq Sectarian terror attacks between Sunnis and Shias leave over two dozen dead.

7/1/07 Iraq A suicide bombing and other Jihad attacks account for fifteen dead Iraqis.

7/1/07 Iraq At least nineteen bodies surface around the country of civilians kidnapped and executed by the Mujahideen.

7/1/07 Iraq Seven Iraqi police are killed in separate suicide attacks by Fedayeen.

7/1/07 Afghanistan A British soldier is killed by a suicide bomber.

7/1/07 Chechnya A landmine attack kills two Russians.

7/1/07 Thailand A woman is killed, and two other people injured when Islamic gunmen fire into a Buddhist tea shop.

7/1/07 Thailand Muslim terrorists fire on a group of young students, killing a 58-year-old teacher and injuring two boys, ages 9 and 11.

Sorry about the 'Generalizations'. I guess all the evidence isnt in yet.   read

1:55 PM on 08.01.2007

Living Things Steals My Idea's

Those commies with thier Endo-skeletons stole this idea from me!

3:58 PM on 07.27.2007

EA how I hate thee, let me count the ways

from Kotaku

[i]EA's CEO John Riccitiell has been kept awake at night when thinking about competitor 2k Sports and their success with All-Pro Football 2k8. Here's what he had to say:

"When you've got a competitor like Take-Two on the sports side, and they launch a football title using some of the industry legends, you want to make sure that ends up being a blip and is not repeatable, because we like to defend our franchises aggressively."[/i]

"not repeatable", yeah god forbid EA gets offs its ass and actually, I dont know, improve the gameplay on thier crap NFL, NBA, and NCAA Hoops franchises (oh and Soccer too). No, why work when you can throw money at it and just buy out the competition. Which is what this sounds like too me. EAs been on the downslide for years now, and idiotic statements like this just show a mindset of lazyness and fear.


5:01 PM on 07.26.2007

Nielsen Console Usage

PS2 42% of video game console usage during June.
Xbox 17%
360 8%
GameCube 5.8%
Wii 4%
PS3 1.5%

Make of these numbers what you will. It is interesting that the uber-popular Wii seems to be gathering much dust. Who would have thought that non-traditional/casual players would lose interest in such vapid fare like 'Wii-sports' or 'mini-game collection #145'?   read

4:38 PM on 07.26.2007

Fable 2's Special pack-in controller

I dont know.... still looks pretty complicated. Cant I just wiggle my hand around, nothing too precise thou, that might make me feel bad inside.

4:20 PM on 07.17.2007

The Wii Fit Portotype Revealed!!!

A Nintendo "game" tester is seen here playing/exercising with an early build of the 'Stick 1 Leg Out' mini-game.   read

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