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I'm doing it again

Yeah, I'm beating Final Fantasy VII again. This time with the initial weapon of each character, this way is a little more challenging and amusing. I recommend this challenge to everyone, is not very difficult and is funnier. ...


Sanitarium, short review

Hello everyone, I'm very busy these days because of the chritmas stuff and a few video games I had on the library waiting for me. One of these games was Sanitarium and since I've always read good things about it I decided to ...


2007 Mod of the Year Awards

Now is time to vote the best mod of the year: here At first (a few years ago) I was very skeptical about mods using, but when I tried my first Baldur's Gate mod a new world opened in front of my eyes. New characters, new ite...


My experience with "Virtual PC"

Yeah! It works! That's a good sumarize of my experience, but since I don't like to suck I'm gonna explain in which way it works to me. First, the OS installation is pretty easy. In my case I installed my old Windows 98 and ...


Draglade, first impression

Draglade, Draglade, Draglade. Beyond this weird and non-attracting name there is actually a weird and attracting game... at least in the first hours of game play. What is so odd in this Draglade game? Well, the game is a f...


Do you know that guy?

Or maybe this one? Yeah, I'm sure you can recognize at least this last one. But could you tell the name of one of them? Well... I can. The first one is Gorgon, the young and mighty boy who pulled down a entire empire and...


The Secret of Monkey Island in 5 minutes

One of the best videos I ever watched: And well... I'm sure you have already seen this one of Half Life 2 in 60 seconds, but just in case, here you have: Here, the original web page of the Monkey Island video: http://www.majusarts.de/film/monkey/


Do you remember...

Time commando Yeah, that game released 11 years ago by the extinct Adeline. You know, the game in which you take the role of a futuristic scientist who gets trapped in the flow of time and visits many phases of history. Yeah...


Luminous Arc, short review

Easy strategy, light role playing, cute anime characters, god fightings, a bit of tits... As you can imagine is impossible to get a bad game with all these ingredients, and you imagine well, Luminous Arc is not a bad game. In...


About Gorgonceteone of us since 8:50 AM on 12.04.2007

Hi little ones. My name is Andrés, I'm 21 and I've been playing computer games since I was 4. So probably I could kick your ass in a Wacky Wheels deathmatch.

The reason I decided to start this blog was that I have so much free time to waste, and I though that a excelent way of wasting time would be starting a blog of one the things a like the most... so here I am.

-Preferred games: RPGs (specially SRPG) and Adventures (classic style)
-Crap I don't like: MMORPG (they are like drugs and I don't like drugs) and most of the driving games
-Now playing: Phoenix Wright 3, Front Mission DS, Contra 4 (yes, I only have my DS here in Holland)
-Desiring so bad: SMT: Persona 3, The Nomad Soul, somethin else...


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