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I had the same problems with Elder Scrolls and Fallout. I really hoped they would have improved things with Skyrim, but nope.
There are big problems with the AI and the physics of their game engine. There is an overabundance of no fear for the enemy AI. Combat is basically whack-a-mole. The enemies have no reaction to being attacked... If you attack an enemy first it does not even interupt their attack animation.
Condemned did a better job at melee combat and it came out in 2005. It seems like they would be better off using Unreal engine or one of the other game engines.
I gave Elder Scrolls and Fallout a fair chance but im just not into the games that Bethesda makes. When so many other games have smooth animation and physics theres really no excuse for this rock-em-sock-em-robot combat in 2011.

I didnt sign up for xbox live until a couple years after I got my 360, so I already had about 20,000 gamerscore by the time I did get live. After signing up for live I noticed my scored had immedietly been reduced by over 4000 points!

I noticed my points for several games had been lost, although the icons for the achievements were still unlocked. It seems to have affected mostly first gen 360 titles.

the games that were affected were:
Perfect Dark Zero
Gears Of War
Tomb Raider Legend
Saints Row
Dead Rising
Lost Planet

I called xbox support and they told me there was nothing they could do. Over 4000 points, and many hours of gaming, lost forever!

Has anyone else been affected by this glitch? I cant be the only one.

update: after recovering my gamertag all evidence of my lost achievements were removed. i really dont wanna play any of these games again, so fuck it.
you fucked me out of my points ms.

update 2: I played Perfect Dark the other day and after playing one deathmatch it gave me most of my achievments back. I would like to see if this works for the rest of the games.