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GoofierBrute's blog

8:26 AM on 10.04.2015

Whip It Good: The Ten Best Castlevania Games

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re like me that of course that means dressing up, going to parties, and buying bags of Halloween candy from the local grocery store at a discounted price the day after. But a...   read

5:26 PM on 08.21.2015

5 Years At Destructoid, 5 Of My Favorite Moments

  Saturday August 22nd will be a very important day. Can you guess why? No it's not the day Half-Life 3 is being released. Nor is it the day that Capcom announces Mega Man Legends 3. No something very important happened ...   read

12:44 PM on 08.13.2015

Challengers Wanted: MEDIC!

  Team Fortress 2. What hasn't been said about Valve's team based first person shooter/hat simulator? Since it's release in 2007 as part of the Orange Box compilation (which included Half-Life 2, it's two episo...   read

12:45 AM on 08.04.2015

You Are Tearing Me Apart Destructoid!

God damnit. Just god damnit guys. God damnit. God damnit. God FUCKING damnit guys. What the hell guys? Like seriously? WHAT THE FU- *deep breath, goes to happy place* Okay I'm good. It seems like these last two weeks on Dest...   read

4:46 PM on 07.09.2015

Where In The World Is GoofierBrute?

  Answer: in the back of a Camaro, in a Jack in the Box parking lot, fapping to his Rosalina, Lucina, and Palutena amiibo while his Pac-Man amiibo and a homeless man peeing outside give him a thumbs up. This has been "Wh...   read

2:45 PM on 04.24.2015

Dtoid Is In a Transtition Phase, So Now's a Perfect Time to Do an AMA!

*In a terrible Doctor Nick voice* HI EVERYBODY! So in case you haven't noticed, Destructoid is in the middle of a redesign right now. Real talk: I wasn't initally a fan of it when Niero first rolled it out. However, as t...   read

6:41 PM on 04.14.2015

Do's and Don'ts: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

  Hello and welcome to another edition of "Do's and Don'ts", a series in which I talk about what developers and publishers should/shouldn't do when it comes to games, practices, etc. In this installment, I'll b...   read

3:12 PM on 04.02.2015

The Good And The Bad In Nintendo's Latest Direct

Did you guys see that Nintendo Direct yesterday? HOLY CRAP IT WAS.....pretty good actually. While most of the games that were shown off weren't enough to make me forgot that the new Zelda got delayed, overall ...   read

4:49 PM on 03.26.2015

Contest: My Birthday's Coming Up, But You're the Ones Getting Gifts! Wait, What?

Update 3/31/2015 10:09 PM: The Contest is Over! Congrats to the Winners! Check your PMs! You heard that right folks! My birthday is coming up in the next few days, turning the ripe old age of 26. But while going through...   read

11:43 AM on 03.20.2015

Hello Hyrule: Taking the Wind (Waker) Out of Zelda's Sails

I make no secret of the fact that I love The Legend of Zelda series, nor am I stranger to writing about certain games of the series. Band of Bloggers was created by a trio of rad Dtoiders (Dreamweaver, Fenriff, and...   read

3:51 PM on 02.24.2015

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Just Like These Dtoiders

This year, Destructoid is turning nine years old. Can you believe that? I sure can't; it seems like only yesterday I was browsing Dtoid and talking about video games, Queen, and touching other people's butts. Oh wait, th...   read

12:44 PM on 02.19.2015

I Love Super Mario Galaxy

  "What's your favorite game of all time?" That may sound like a simple question, but it's anything but. Chances are good that some people wouldn't be able to answer the question on the spot, and those who do probab...   read

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