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GoodlyMike avatar 8:23 AM on 06.30.2011  (server time)
My impressions: Pocket Academy iOS

Recently Kairosoft (the guys behind Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story) released their latest title to the iOS and it's called Pocket Academy. What to know what I think about it?

If you've played Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, then you know what your in for, but if your one of those people who hasn't played either of those titles then let me tell you what they are. Both games are management sims; you start out as a small business and eventually it will grow as you make a profit like most businesses do, so check those out too. But I'm getting off-topic, Pocket Academy is another management sim but this time you try to make a successful school. I know what your thinking, "that sounds boring", but it isn't.

When you start up the game you get the choice of choosing 5 different landscapes for the location of your school, all of which are already pre-built so that you can build on to them with different academic facilities for the students and staff to enjoy. It's very fun and addicting and it has that same charm which Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story had and it still has that retro look to it.

Unlike previous titles that Kairosoft has put out, this one seems a bit more difficult. You start out with very little money and many of the facilities you can build they can drain your budget pretty damn quick and to make money you have to have students transfer to your school and usually (not always) the student will donate some cash for your budget. You can also build school stores for the students and staff, they will go in there and buy things (duh) but even that won't help very much since you make so little money off of items in the store.

Now to be honest I'm not that far, I think I'm on the second school year and maybe then it will get a little easier, not like hold my hand easy, but easy. But I just wanted to tell everyone the bare basics of what the game is about, overall it's really fun and very well polished much like the other management sims that Kairosoft has put out. And for people who don't have iPod touch or iPhone, I heard that they put out a game called Grand Prix Story on the Android marketplace, sadly I don't have an Android device. But that's basically all I wanted to say about that game, have an awesome day everyone.

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