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GoodlyMike avatar 11:41 AM on 08.21.2011  (server time)
My impressions: Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft has released yet another business sim, but is it as brilliant as the others? Let's take a quick peek shall we?

Like most of the games that Kairosoft puts out, this is another business sim, except this time you must focus on creating the best mega mall within a certain amount of years.You also must meet certain requirements in order to "Rank Up" your mall to the next star, when you do that, you can expand your mall with more shops, better items, and increasing the floor amount for the building. The game is once again broken up into seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season is different (duh) but this time around, Kairosoft has put in a weather system. The weather system will affect how many customers come into shop that day, if very few customers show up, you will lose money because you didn't make a profit. The Summer season in Mega Mall Story is when your mall has a sale which brings a lot of customers and the next time that happens is the Winter month. But the Winter month sale has a brand new feature called "Fever".

You have two kinds of currency, money and "Fever" hearts. Money is used to invest in building places around the mall so more people will come to shop there, while "Fever" hearts are used to upgrade shops with new features that add new items to help the shop become more popular, they're also used for buying new store plans from the in-game shop, as you progress in the game, more shops will be added. Customers also have a big role in the game, if they are satisfied with the service your mall provides, they will become a "regular". A "regular" will either give you a large sum of money for your funds or unlock new shops that can be purchased in the "Build" menu. Before I forget, there is another helpful item that will unlock new combinations, (example; Toy Vendor next to Candy Store will bring more people and more "Fever" hearts or will make your mall more popular), these combinations can be bought at the end of the in-game year.

Overall, Mega Mall Story is another charming business sim with endless combinations and customization, this one has replaced Game Dev Story as my new favorite business sim so far. If you have $3.99 on your iPod touch or iPhone, I suggest you get this immediately, but let me warn you; this game is a battery killer and it is very addicting. Thanks everyone and have a great day!

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