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11:41 AM on 08.21.2011

My impressions: Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft has released yet another business sim, but is it as brilliant as the others? Let's take a quick peek shall we?

Like most of the games that Kairosoft puts out, this is another business sim, except this time you must focus on creating the best mega mall within a certain amount of years.You also must meet certain requirements in order to "Rank Up" your mall to the next star, when you do that, you can expand your mall with more shops, better items, and increasing the floor amount for the building. The game is once again broken up into seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season is different (duh) but this time around, Kairosoft has put in a weather system. The weather system will affect how many customers come into shop that day, if very few customers show up, you will lose money because you didn't make a profit. The Summer season in Mega Mall Story is when your mall has a sale which brings a lot of customers and the next time that happens is the Winter month. But the Winter month sale has a brand new feature called "Fever".

You have two kinds of currency, money and "Fever" hearts. Money is used to invest in building places around the mall so more people will come to shop there, while "Fever" hearts are used to upgrade shops with new features that add new items to help the shop become more popular, they're also used for buying new store plans from the in-game shop, as you progress in the game, more shops will be added. Customers also have a big role in the game, if they are satisfied with the service your mall provides, they will become a "regular". A "regular" will either give you a large sum of money for your funds or unlock new shops that can be purchased in the "Build" menu. Before I forget, there is another helpful item that will unlock new combinations, (example; Toy Vendor next to Candy Store will bring more people and more "Fever" hearts or will make your mall more popular), these combinations can be bought at the end of the in-game year.

Overall, Mega Mall Story is another charming business sim with endless combinations and customization, this one has replaced Game Dev Story as my new favorite business sim so far. If you have $3.99 on your iPod touch or iPhone, I suggest you get this immediately, but let me warn you; this game is a battery killer and it is very addicting. Thanks everyone and have a great day!   read

8:47 AM on 07.20.2011

A game that is near and dear to me

Recently while I was cleaning up my basement, I came across something that I haven't seen since I was about 4 years old; tucked away in the closet I found my brother's copy of Star Fox for the Super Nintendo. To you it might not be a big deal, but to me it is a big deal, it was the first game I've ever played when I was a child.

Instantly, memories of the polygonal arwings and enemies came into my head, as if it were yesterday that I was playing this game at the age of 4. I clearly remember the first stage of Star Fox, Corneria, this was the level that started my love for video games. Everything about it was awesome, you start out by seeing the Star Fox team flying out of the base and allow me to quote the line that was said, "Warning, warning, incoming enemy fire, prepare for launch!" And then it begins with the kick-ass music for Corneria.

My brother was holding the controller and I was right there next to him watching as he shot down enemy fighters, dodging plasma shots, and navigating his way past the columns that were falling when the enemies shot at them. At the time I was absolutely wow'd by the graphics, the colors, and the music. Then my brother paused the game and said to me, "Do you want to try it out?" I looked at him with big eyes and a smile on my face as if he were giving me a sacred piece of treasure. I took the controller from his hands and I started to play my first video game. At the time, I was scared to play Star Fox because the end boss, Andross, scared the shit out of me, I was 4 years old give me a break. I was doing barrel rolls, shooting twin lasers at the baddies, it was amazing. After I got through the main part of Corneria, it was time to fight the boss. I heard the booming music from the speakers, I knew something big was going to come from behind me and I was right. It was a gigantic ship that shot missiles and plasma balls at me, but I noticed that the coloring where the missiles came out was different from the rest of the armor. Like most shooters, Star Fox had bosses that have a glowing area to signify the enemies weakness, so my brother told me to shoot at that opening to destroy the boss. After his health bar depleted, the big bad boss hit the ground like a sack of shit and blew up, I was absolutely in love with the effects. I'll never forget it.

So here I am almost 16 years later, remembering a game that opened the door to video games for me. It may sound kind of lame, but I had a tear come down my face when I held the cartridge in my hands, it reminded me of the good old days when my brother and I would play video games together. We still play games together and we still remember everything about Star Fox and I have him to thank for helping me appreciate video games. And it all started with Star Fox...   read

8:23 AM on 06.30.2011

My impressions: Pocket Academy iOS

Recently Kairosoft (the guys behind Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story) released their latest title to the iOS and it's called Pocket Academy. What to know what I think about it?

If you've played Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story, then you know what your in for, but if your one of those people who hasn't played either of those titles then let me tell you what they are. Both games are management sims; you start out as a small business and eventually it will grow as you make a profit like most businesses do, so check those out too. But I'm getting off-topic, Pocket Academy is another management sim but this time you try to make a successful school. I know what your thinking, "that sounds boring", but it isn't.

When you start up the game you get the choice of choosing 5 different landscapes for the location of your school, all of which are already pre-built so that you can build on to them with different academic facilities for the students and staff to enjoy. It's very fun and addicting and it has that same charm which Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story had and it still has that retro look to it.

Unlike previous titles that Kairosoft has put out, this one seems a bit more difficult. You start out with very little money and many of the facilities you can build they can drain your budget pretty damn quick and to make money you have to have students transfer to your school and usually (not always) the student will donate some cash for your budget. You can also build school stores for the students and staff, they will go in there and buy things (duh) but even that won't help very much since you make so little money off of items in the store.

Now to be honest I'm not that far, I think I'm on the second school year and maybe then it will get a little easier, not like hold my hand easy, but easy. But I just wanted to tell everyone the bare basics of what the game is about, overall it's really fun and very well polished much like the other management sims that Kairosoft has put out. And for people who don't have iPod touch or iPhone, I heard that they put out a game called Grand Prix Story on the Android marketplace, sadly I don't have an Android device. But that's basically all I wanted to say about that game, have an awesome day everyone.   read

7:02 AM on 06.10.2011

Wait, is that a GameBoy Color on my 3DS?!

Hello my fellow dtoiders, I want to post a little blog about an easter egg that my friend found while playing the Virtual Console on the 3DS.

Alright so it goes like this; when you go to load a Gameboy game to play, if you hold down Start and Select while the game opens, the top screen of the 3DS will have an original Gameboy screen, the games screen will be that of the resolution of the Gameboy and Gameboy Color, pretty neat huh?   read

9:48 AM on 06.07.2011

Impressions: Nintendo 3DS eShop

Nintendo finally released it's eShop application on the Nintendo 3DS and I have to say I am impressed and a little disappointed at the same time.

Now I know that gamers shouldn't expect much right now in the Virtual Console part of the application, but compared to Japan (they got six) we got three launch titles (Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Radar Mission) and not mention a free Excitebike 3D Classic. The emulation for the Gameboy games works quite well, although it looks like the screen is a little blurry or that could just be my eyes or something. The addition of having a save state is really helpful, I tend to screw up in Mario games so this is a great plus for me.

When I first downloaded Excitebike, I thought it was going to be the original NES title but with 3D. To my surprise the 3D actually does something, it changes the background and adds little things that I don't remember seeing in the original game, but I could be wrong because it's been awhile since I've played the original Excitebike on the NES.

Now onto the layout of the eShop. I really think Nintendo did a good job with the overall setup, it's much better than the DSi Ware shop. You can now search for titles at the bottom of the touch screen, give ratings on scale of 1 to 5 for games, but you have to of had played the game for at least an hour to give a rating. They also let you know what is the most popular search at the bottom of the search bar, which I think is pretty cool. Nintendo will also let you search what games are going to come out in the near future for the 3DS and it has the retail prices as well. Say you want to check out the upcoming Ocarina of Time remake, you simply click on the 'Nintendo 3DS Games Coming Soon' and you can click the title you want more information about and it will tell you the release date and prices. You can also look at screenshots of the title you picked on the touch screen, giving you a little taste of what it would look like on your 3DS.

So that's my impression of the Nintendo 3DS eShop, if Nintendo would have put Link's Awakening on there, it would have made my day, but I can deal with playing Super Mario Land for a little while until then. If you have a 3DS, go check it out. Thanks and a have a great day.   read

8:37 AM on 06.05.2011

A Cult Hit Turns 16 today: EarthBound

As you may or may not know, today is the day that EarthBound came out on the Super Nintendo in North America. Being the nerdy Mother fan (Mother is the name of the series in Japan), I would like to pay a little tribute to it.
Originally the United States was supposed to get Mother (the first in the series) on the Nintendo Entertainment System, but it would have been released at the time Nintendo was going to release the Super Nintendo, they felt it would have been too late for the game, although they had a copy of the game that was translated and someone bought that copy and it was released on the internet as "EarthBound Zero", but that's a different story. It was later that Nintendo of Japan announced the sequel to Mother titled, you guessed it, Mother 2. Nintendo of Japan put a lot of advertising into this game, in fact they even had a Japanese pop-star star in the commercial for Mother 2, that's Japan for you.
In North America it was a whole different story, Nintendo advertised EarthBound (Mother 2) like they didn't know what they were doing, I clearly remember the game's slogan as, "This game stinks." I'm 100% positive that Nintendo of America didn't think the game stunk, but I'm damn sure that slogan turned off a lot of gamers and it was released as commercial failure. It also didn't help that EarthBound was released at a time where games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were extremely popular and it only sold about 140,000 copies in the North America while that number was doubled in the land of the rising sun. Although it sold very poorly, it was met with very positive reviews and fans who played it knew that one day this game would become an instant classic.
I found out about EarthBound by unlocking Ness in the very popular Nintendo 64 game, Super Smash Bros. When I saw him, I didn't know who or what game he was from, but I wanted to know more about this character, why haven't I seen him in more games? I finally got around to playing EarthBound at a time when I started to understand stories in a video game and I can't believe how much my perspective changed after I played that game, it was an incredible experience. The way the game is written is genius and it sinks it's claws into you in a way that no other game can do in my opinion.
Now I know I'm not the best writer on the face of the Earth and I'm sure someone who is die hard fan would write something better, but I wanted to let everyone know a little bit of the history behind this cult classic and I hope that people who haven't played it yet would read this and maybe try to play it, I think it's a game that a lot of people can relate to.

Happy Birthday, EarthBound.

(I edited it so it won't look shitty)   read

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