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GoldenGamerXero's blog

3:59 PM on 08.22.2014

Skullgirls Encore PC sale: Download Links, first impressions and fanservice talk

Seriously what are you gonna buy instead? Like 1/10 of a shitty pizza? Just do it loser. Skullgirls (encore) - via Humble Bundle (10% of your purchase will go to listed charities)- 2.49 GBP Skullgirls Bundle - via Green m...   read

2:32 AM on 05.29.2009

Reasons to PK Love Earthbound and Mother 3 (Spoilers!)

This is my first blog on destructiod and I wanted it to be about something I really loved that's related to gaming. After some thought I gave up and started looking at some old blogs on the front page and came across the whol...   read

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