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Truth is a thing which only appears to those who have observed, considered, and made a choice. At the end of the path you chose lies the truth... Believe in it and continue without faltering.

NOTE: I was under the impression that Ubisoft or someone working as a representive of Ubisoft at the time the non existent claim was said had done so as an official statement. I was wrong. Ubisoft as an entity did nothing which anyone could claim as ignorant or insensitive to race issues. The only reason I'm not nuking this blog is because I still think many of the so-called background points are often left unsaid. Diversity is an issue in the medium that we as gamers don't do a lot to change in any significant way. Wanting to see more of it in one of the most aazing ways we have to convey human experiences and conflicts seems like a no-brainer.  

“Because they lied to us” could actually be this entire post. You can skip down to the last couple paragraphs for that but there's a lot of background I want to talk about when it comes to the commercial aspects of the industry as a whole. To start, there's the obvious problem that I've seen more people complaining that people are complaining that he's a white guy because everyone likes to get up in arms at people calling out that institutionalised racism exists. I'm not going to say that you can't do that because well you can do a lot things that other people don't like and just not care pretty easily, it's one of those things which we do all the time, but I'd also like to you understand that it is a pretty big problem to a lot of people and so you don't really have a claim to support your view by saying it doesn't hurt anybody or it's not a problem that advertising and entertainment companies are so good at creating trends and reselling the same thing over and over that for the last few hundred years the powers that be have viewed anyone outside their narrow definition of “white” as unsellable.

They're assuming and spreading the ridiculous notion that the 87% of the world who don't fit that view are in some form not “normal” based on race and that the 13% that do are each too much of a self absorbed psychopath to be able to buy anything that doesn't “look” like them. Personally, I've never met anyone who actually “looks” like Nathan Drake fully so the only thing I see people connecting with is a social group, an idea of a Nathan Drake and yeah - sorry if you don't like to hear it - that idea is that “normal human protagonists are white dudes”. This combined with the obvious that “Protagonists are important” starts a really quite awful tread in the media that normally “Important people are white dudes”. That's the problem. It's not that everybody is going around calling out “WHITE PRIVILEGE!” like human rights violations are akin to trash-talking their favourite boy band because yes: everyone dislikes those attitudes. That's because they're being loud, uneducated in the facts and annoying hobbyists and not because the message behind what they're saying is wrong.

Any non-white or male gamer out there has had a serious connection with a protagonist who's life would be unlike their own simply based on how the world would perceive them and they don't even care. It's a non-issue to them. They just like the character. That's expected of them but then there's a subset of people who must be pandered to? I understand some of the points made by those against “Social Justice Warriors” (Note: How can any of you say with a straight face that you hate social justice? Even with the hyperbolic name for added irony you still sound kind of an asshat) but honestly most of the hate is from people taking it personally so I'll say this:

Just because you're light skinned doesn't mean people wanting less light skinned characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're male doesn't mean people wanting less male characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're straight doesn't mean people wanting less straight characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're tall doesn't mean people wanting less tall characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're thin doesn't mean people wanting less thin characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're brown haired doesn't mean people wanting less brown haired characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're deep voiced doesn't mean people wanting less deep voiced characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're blue eyed doesn't mean people wanting less blue eyed characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're middle class doesn't mean people wanting less middle class characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

Just because you're American doesn't mean people wanting less American characters hurts you or is a personal slight against you. They just want to get rid of the connotations.

It has nothing to do with you.

Nobody cares about your race, gender, sexuality or looks. Nobody talking about this knows you personally or even really thinks about you when they say these things. You're probably a cool person who just digs video games.

It has nothing to do with you and video games are not just played by you.

This brings us back to the above image. It's a clear example that racism is still prevalent in our society and it came up due to bunch of people who have much more complex personalities and views than those that can described by a slur like “racist” trying their best not to be “racist”. I think they all probably got together and tried to make a non-white character as a genuine show of good will but good intentions don't always have the idealised results. Calling them racists for trying is the same of calling them butts: it doesn't really mean anything but just shows off your frustration.

The problem with the character is that Ubisoft decided to make a game with a protagonist that wasn't brown haired, blue eyed and American and thought they deserved to be praised for it. Can we please understand the stupidity of the fact that if this dude's name were John Franks the way we see his race would completely change. The only thing non-white about him is a lack of a British name and blue eyes. There's plenty of people in the world who aren't English and don't have blue eyes, they're in fact known as the vast majority of the human race, and yet Ubisoft still decided to brag about designing the same idea of a person we've seen a thousand times before with a ever-so muddier tint and a new identifier in order to do what big business always does: acknowledge a popular trend like awareness that the US is not the centre of the entire known universe and create a new character based on a pinch of that and then a rehash everything we've seen before. The only reason it's annoying this time is that everything we've seen before is the problem.

Ubisoft can and should be held to higher standards when it come to making claims about a sensitive issue like race. This is the company that brought us Prince of Persia. Think about that.

[Xero is a dude who hates the fact that an interest in human rights and video games are considered opposing views despite having literally nothing to do with each other but because the video game industry is so heavily tied with economics and sales we often have to defend their BS notions to justify enjoying our games. They're the slightly bigoted friend you have that you defend for being a really nice guy. He also loves strawberry ice cream. That's good stuff yo.]

This is my first blog on destructiod and I wanted it to be about something I really loved that's related to gaming. After some thought I gave up and started looking at some old blogs on the front page and came across the whole "why ... is the greatest video game series of all time" and wanted to make one myself but for Earthbound so here goes.

It knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be

The game sarts off with a normal boy sleeping in the night on an average day in the 90s. Everyone knows what's awesome about that right! Nothing at all! because that's what normal life is like. Normal. It's not his birthday, it's not christmas, he not been orphaned in some mystrious way because that wouldn't be normal. But in his normal life you can find it easy to relate to Ness. Esspecially his friendship with Porky. I think Dane Cook said it best "In every group of people there is always a friend that nobody f*cking likes!" Porky is that friend. He's fat, egostical and lazy (The bastards so lazy he won't even attack to save his own life against a group of wild animals!) You're not playing as Ness. You ARE Ness. An average kid put in a strange new world.

But Mother 3 starts off with Lucas, the new main character, and his family being trapped in a forest fire and the attack from a robotic drago which kills not only his mother but possibly his brother Claus and makes his dad so guiltly that he goes (In my opinion) off the deep end and completely abandons him to try to search for his supposely dead brother (They never found the body) Lucas's life is screwed up so badly yet you can still relate to him as all the crap in his life is his own fault in a way. HE got lost in the woods so his mother died protecting HIM, HE didn't stop his brother when he went to fight the drago and HE couldn't help find Claus. The game gives you the idea that you're controlling Lucas's life because he can't do it himself. You're his voice of reason and I loved every second of doing it.

It's hillarious!

This one will be short and sweet. The game is funny case closed. If you can go the whole game with even a chuckle then you're inhuman. When Itoi, the creator, was making this game he ovbiously had a good idea of why you play throuh the tedious parts of a game. The rewards. Earthbound and Mother 3 have parts where you can go out of your way for a laugh. In Mother 3 sometimes you'll fight a high level enemy just for a box with a fart inside and in Earthbound you might grind for money to buy a house in the suburbs only to find it's completely wrecked but at least you found a good book right? It doesn't force you to do this and there's nothing to can really unlock for doing this but you do it anyways because you're playing through this game not have a good time and you're suceeding. You're having fun.

No vanilla enemies

In most RPGs when you get closer to the end there's always the enemies that aren't special in any way shape or form. the common term for these are vanilla enemies there not bad but there certainly not good either and they don't add anything new to the table. In Earthbound and Mother 3 this is not the case every enemy feels different boss fights are always new even if some are repeated (There's a big difference between the first fight against the masked man and the last one) and they feel as though the design actually bothered to give them there own personality

The battle system is genius

Now when you get hit in a normal RPG you usually just stand there and take it till he's done dealing damage. Earthbound throws that out the window because if you get hit you fight back, you get down and consentrate, you hit them where it hurts! If an attack hits you that will do enough damage to take you down you don't die you take mortal damage and start dying your health bar decreases faster if you move to much so sometimes all you can do is defend and let someone else deal with it. This works so well because then you can't just kick back and watch the characters do the work because well you're DYING! (Oh and the battle backgrounds are incredible)


Nuff said... BOING!

It's not overrated

When something is loved as much as Earthbound people usually think that if a game has that much hype it's probably too good to be true. Fortunately this is not the case with Earthbound. It's almost physically impossible to not be able to find something you like about Earthbound/Mother 3 (I say almost as some people who just don't like video games) It's so... everything! It's smart but stupid, the it's turn based but it's real time, It's random but makes so much sense. It's like if we put Jesus Christ into a Snes and then a GBA cartridge.

It's improved so much

I admit I'm not the biggest fan of Mother 1 but can you blame me? I don't think it's bad I think it could be so much better if it took some tips from it's sequels. It has an idea of what it's wants to be, It's kinda funny, every other enemy is a vanilla enemy, the battle system is the same as all other RPGs (and no cool backgrounds), there are NO Mr.Saturns and it is overrated. It's not a good game or a bad game it's a vanilla game with vanilla enemies