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GoldLion's blog

4:42 PM on 02.03.2010

Stupid Awkward Introductory Post

Not a big horn blower, but these posts must be made. So hello everyone. GoldLion here... God that sounds like I'm introducing myself as a super-hero.
So yeah, I got myself a 360, just got it actually and have been playing nothing but Left 4 Dead. Have a PS3 as well. And here are some top 5s

Top 5 Games
(for some reason is harder to make than other lists, so here in no particular order are five games or series that get lots of replay)
Metal Gear Solid (in particular 4, but number 3 would be my second favorite(
Modern Warfare (not sure how I feel about this being on the list, but it does get lots of play from me)
New Super Mario Bros (loved it, until I got the Star levels and than was severely disappointed. The series on a whole is amazing though and I'm a fuck for complaining at all)
Left 4 Dead (seems like an obvious pick but I've joined the band-wagon and I fucking love it)
Silent Hill (I've been stuck replaying Orgins and Homecoming, which I treat as fan fodder: fun but ultimately not to be taken seriously, I miss the old games, I gotta try Team Siren's (no longer Silent, right?) Blood Siren game they released on the PSN network.)
Shadow of Colossus (this hasn't had a whole lot of play, but "series" as a whole is so amazing I have to mention it)

Top 5 Movies (recent ones)
There Will Be Blood
Fight Club
Life Aquatic
Little Children (recently saw In The Bedroom, decided I liked it's acting more, but Little hildren's story better)
Sexy Beast

Top 5 Most Played Songs on iTunes
Always On my mind - pet Shop Boys
Hands of Time - Groove Armada
Colours - Donovan
Girlfriend is Better - Talking heads
Series of Dreams ("89 version) - Bob Dylan
Kinda upset Karen O or The Yeah Yeah Yeahs didn't show up here. Yeah, big favorite of mine.

Top 5 Books
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski ** Please, if you have read this, plan on reading it or are just curious about amazing literature, let's talk
Blood Meridian: Or The Evening Redness in The West by Cormac McCarthy
Catcher In The Rye (obvious pick considering recent events, however due to those circumstances I've been reminded to revisit the book)
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
The Terror by Dan Simmons

The order shouldn't be takent oo seriously, cause to be honest most of these are what just immediately jumps to mind.

And yeah, that's about it, so hi everyone.   read

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