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GoldBond avatar 6:09 PM on 01.30.2008  (server time)
COD4: Halo 3 isn't the only XBL game that's filled with retards.

Call of Duty 4 is a war game. No shit. It's not surprising that the current occupation of Iraq comes up. It's usually at this point that you lose a shitload of respect for the guy with the 22-3 K-D spread as he spews bowelful of dogshit from his mouth. Yeah, some people have their reasons of why America is still in Iraq, which is fine, but don't insult yourself/those over there/those who died there. The other day one dipshit said, "we killed what, like a couple hundred thousand of them, and only three thousand of us? That's not too bad."


Here, I'll post it again, this time in bold: "We killed what, like a couple hundred thousand of them, and only three thousand of us? That's not too bad."

Way to turn 3,000 dead American souls into a numbers game, dickhead. And hey, the holocaust wasn't too bad because it was only six million dead. It could have been more, you know. And it's not like the dead Iraqis are all a bunch of conniving, heartless bastards, either.

I also hear a lot of talk from players saying that they really want to join the service. I hope this asshole's one of them. I hope he goes over there and fucking dies. Sure, you can call me a hypocrite for defending the dead and then condemning this person to death, but comments like that prove to me that this idiot isn't even human.

Anyway, enjoy Call of Duty 4 for the awesome game that it is, and if you hear any of this crap in your headset, be sure to call them out on it. They need it.

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