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GoggolrAscendant's blog

10:50 PM on 05.26.2008

Inpressions of a Pokemon Neophyte - Look, I'm Going to Start Drinking Edition

Day One. Day Two. Day Three. Day Four. When last we left our intrepid heroine, the hardly-pubescent wonder had just handed a Team Galactic Boss her ass on a silver platter. Now, she is grinding her pokemons to higher level...   read

11:24 PM on 05.09.2008

Impressions of Pokemon Neophyte: I Haven't Traded the Game Yet!

Day 4: Time for a recap! Pokemon in play: ConEdison – Shinx Granysmith – Grotle (evolved Turtwig) Marsellus – Geodude (got captured with TheGimp) TheGimp – Machop Tempura – Magikarp Pokemon S...   read

12:05 AM on 05.05.2008

Impressions of a Pokemon Neophyte: Day Three and Still no End in Sight

Okay, having pantsed the Oreburgh gym leader, I am off to explore that one part of Oreburgh Cave I couldn’t get to earlier! Wow. Dork just rear-end me. Heheh. Dick joke. Aaaand Dork takes off again. Truly, an ADHD-wease...   read

10:39 PM on 05.01.2008

Impressions of a Pokemon Neophyte II - Pokemon Harder

Day Two of My Ongoing Quest to Discover Why These Games Are So Damned Popular. Five hours in, and I still have no f***ing clue. *************************************************************************** If it’s Pokeday, i...   read

8:55 PM on 04.30.2008

Impressions of a Pokemon Neophyte

Hi, Goggolor Ascendant here! The day I decided to join the Dtoid Community is the same day I decided officially find out why the Pokemon games are so damned popular. I tried getting a copy of Pokem Pearl for the DS through...   read

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