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12:40 AM on 02.27.2008  

TRIGUN gets a film, Vash vs. Wolfwood

Yes trigun will be getting a anime film in 2009. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO to JAPANATOR cause i am a jerk like that.   read

12:45 AM on 12.19.2007  

A Mega Man video so awesome that it must be illegal

Im sorry, but your princess is in another castle (aka. Japanator) which can be found right here.   read

1:01 AM on 12.11.2007  

This post is dedicated to liverwurst

Because its that damn good. Whos with me?   read

10:45 PM on 10.03.2007  

Attention: Lark cheats at Halo 3

Its true.   read

3:31 AM on 09.17.2007  

Best Avatar EVER!!! Part 2! Avatar Harder!

Like Virtual Girl before me, itemforty, a closet One Piece fan was nice enough to make me this sweet avatar. Thank you once again! I dedicate my first cblog post to you avatar master.

Luffy + dtoid = epic unstoppable force


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