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I'm a gamer of all sorts (except sport & racing games).
I'm Scotch-Korean with a hint of Native American.
I'm 21
I got the nickname Gobun from playing Monster Hunter Freedom. I decided I was mainly going to be playing with the Bowgun. In my infinite cleverness, I switched the "B" and the "G" around and threw out the "W" in the word bowgun and BAM.
This is me.

I'm drunk as fuck in this picture and so is Starkey. Whatevs, I still look good.

Favorite Games
1. Donkey Kong Country 2
2. Dead Rising
3. Mother 3
4. Resident Evil (Gamecube)
5. Metal Gear Solid
6. No More Heroes
7. Bioshock
8. Super Smash Bros Brawl
9. Demon's Souls
10. Chrono Trigger

Games That Make Me Disapoint.
The Sabotuer.

My Art Gallery

By the amazing Manic Maverick

By the talented Zombieplatypus

Self Portrait

By the incredible Max Powers

Changston Dreams of the Sexiest Rivals by Zombieplatypus

By GatorSax2010

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Y0j1mb0 draws my sex
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As ya'll know, I love me some Starcraft 2. Some would say I'm the best 1v1 player on this wicked awesome webzone and as inspiration for being the very best, I wanna see YOU fight in the Ring of Honor against your fellow Dtoiders in Starcraft 2. That's right one on one, mono y mono, beating the piss outta your fellow brethren using Zerglings, Zealots, and Marines.

Winner takes all, chumps. Lets see what we got.

Look at this fucking beast:

Jesus Christ, I fuckin shat myself lookin at it. He's like half invisible. He's gonna fuckin split my shit with that gun.

And for poops and teehees:

Look at this thing, it's a limited edition Blizzcon 09 Jim Raynor NOOBZ doll. That shit sells for a chunk a change son, if that don't get you wet, I dunno what will.

Rules n shit:
-Players get one round to give it their best
-Games will be run best 2 outta 3
-Winners move on to semi-finals, finals, whatever you wanna call them
-Cheese/All-ins are allowed
-Games will be played after 7:00PM PST
-Let me make this clear: I am not entering in my own contest. You will be fighting OTHER Dtoiders.

Blood thirsty yet? Alright, heres what I'm gonna need:

Email you use for
Race you play as.

Entries end this Sunday at like 12:00PM or something.

What are you doing? Go practice.
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