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I got the nickname Gobun from playing Monster Hunter Freedom. I decided I was mainly going to be playing with the Bowgun. In my infinite cleverness, I switched the "B" and the "G" around and threw out the "W" in the word bowgun and BAM.
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3:42 PM on 02.23.2014

Hey. Longtime no see. Yeah I'm still the same punk.

But ya'll already knew that.

How about a story? 

So up until a couple days ago i was really into LOADOUT, ya know the arena action shooter that came out about a month ago or whatever. It was a really great game and it was quenching my thirst for an action. The game boasted almost an unlimited possibility for customization in what you gun you can make and what it can shoot. You can make a kit that perfectly fits your play style and if you understood the basic mechanics of the game, you can stomp anyone that you come across.

My play style and philiosphy in an arena shooter is to kill anyone i come across in a 1v1 situation as fast as possible. You start out with 2 possible weapons with limited weapon parts. I started off with beam lasers for long range accuracy and a medium range shotgun for close encounters. Soon i found that the beam lasers weren't really doing very much for me due to the speed of game and the chance of a long range stand off were slim. Arena shooters focus on quick in-your-face action due to it being a 4v4 only team game, so the chances of you entering a no mans land kind of scenario are very slim. So I dropped the laser beam and built a rocket launcher.

The first weapon that LOADOUT gives you is a default single-fire rocket launcher that does about 50~ points of damage. I normally stay away from explosive weapons because i've always felt that they were kinda scrubby, but i decided to add it to my weapon kit because this isn't Call Of Duty and the rules here are completely different. Everyone in the game had a rocket launcher, what was I gonna do? Be the better man and not use it? Hell no, especially when i was getting a .25 KD every game. 

So I paired my 1/1 ammo clip rocket launcher that had a 2~ second reload time with a 8/8 clip short-medium range shotgun that took me some time to build due to the point system which gives you about a 1/2 less BLUTES (Loadout's experience based currency) if you dont buy the experience booster packs. I decided to buy some SPACEBUX (Loadout's version of money bought with real money) to buy the XP boosters to get ahead of the game and get the parts of guns i wanted slightly faster.

Within 3 matches, i had enough BLUTES to buy all the parts i wanted for BOTH guns, something that would have taken me weeks to do without the XP boost.

I mastered my kit, learned it strengths and weaknesses. If you were to encounter me in a 1v1 situation, I could kill you in less than 3 seconds because of my high burst potential of my weapons. A well placed rocket knocks a players health pool to a 25% and I would switch to my shotgun to finish the job. Shotguns are hipfire weapons, theres never a need to let yourself get vulnerable trying to fine aim and slow yourself down because the only thats affected is your range. If a player got too far away from my shotgun i would just switch back to my rocket launcher to finish the job. Very rarely did any players escape an encounter with me.

I was getting about 3.0 KDR every match. I would come across scrubs trying to run sniper kits and stomp their heads in because of the high manuverability of the dodge rolls and high jumps. People who had machine guns never had a chance because their chip damage was too low to damage my shields. Beam and electric weapons were pointless. The only thing that could really stop me was when i was outnumbered or someone had the same kit as i did. 

So I'm stompin and I realized i had no use for BLUTES anymore

...or so i thought.

I found something interesting in the tech tree: all the gun parts i was using were gaining experience and i thought "whats the point of that"? I looked into a little bit more I found that each weapon part had an xp cap of 30,000 and that you could use the BLUTES you've earned to upgrade the weapon parts to do more damage/reload faster/bigger explosions, but by 2.0 points. That barely sounds worth it, but every part had similar stats to compliment the other parts. I did the math, and my killing potential could be even stronger. So I bought another XP BOOSTER.

It took about 2 weeks, but a couple all-nighter play sessions and the XP BOOSTERS to get my gun parts get to 30,000. It was work, but it paid off. After i completely upgraded my rocket launcher its damage was boosted from 50~ to 65~, its reload time was reduced from 2 seconds to 1.5, it had a slightly bigger explosion radius, the rockets speed was faster, and the accuracy was pin point. I was, to put it frankly, BLOWING SCRUBS UP.

Everyone was complaining about me in every match i played. I'd here "WAH WAH WAH THE ROCKET LAUNCHER IS OP" and "YOURE A NOOB FOR USING THE ROCKET LAUNCHER" and at the time I just thought "what a bunch of cry babies". I'd stomp so hard I made people leave. I was feared. People knew Mr.Gobun and his deadly ladies(all guns should be named after women). It was a lot of fun for a while.

Then I got bored. 

Nobody I was fighting was actually challenging. I didn't really think about it too much I chalked it up to bad players and people building poor weapons, but there were games were I'd kill 40 people and die 4~ times. A lot of them actually. I was only losing games because of my team being incapable of understanding an objective. And then I noticed I was playing with the same people over and over again, and all of them had level 1 weapons compared to my level 11 rocket launcher and level 8 shotgun. I didnt know if the matchmaking was broken or something, but I wasn't having fun anymore. Nobody likes easy wins OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

So I looked at the whole picture. Why was I fighting a lot of the same players again? Why was I so overpowered? Why didn't anybody else have strong guns? 

And then I looked at LOADOUT's free-to-play system one more time and I realized how outrageously priced everything was. I realized how much money I dropped into this game over the past month and it was about 30 bucks. I'm not a rich guy, but I do have some disposable income towards video games because thats basically all I do. The payment system they have for SPACEBUX ranges from 1 real dollars to 20 real dollars as of now, all for imaginary junk.

 I thought "how can anyone other than me afford this game?" especially for a "Free-to-play" game and I realized NOBODY COULD and thats why I was playing with the same weak chuds over and over again. I came to the conclusion that people were probably ditching this game because of how overpowered players like me were.

Now I've played a fair amount of Free-to-Play games (2300 hours DOTA2, 164+ hours Super Monday Night Combat, 100+ hours Tribes Ascend to name a few) to know that certain payment systems do and dont work. A game like Tribes Ascend had the exact same system as LOADOUT's XP BOOSTER system and now is a dead game because it turned into a game of people who had money vs. people who didnt. Rich people were flying around with all sorts of OP classes that would blow you away because you were still stuck grinding with your soldier kit. That doesnt really promote a balanced game which drove a lot of players away from it and now no one plays it. 

I saw LOADOUT's problem and thought if they could change their FREE-TO-PLAY system (something similiar to DOTA2's profit off of affordable cosmetic items only) that it could possibly double the community and profit. They could bring down the astronomically high prices of cosmetic items and crowd-source stuff off of the community through the work shop while at the same time getting rid of the BLUTES SYSTEM and keeping the experience based tech tree and bringing the down the needed XP to upgrade your gun so it could be easier to obtain. All of this because I didnt want to see a game I liked to play die again.

Normally, complaints and suggestions like this are taken up to places like the developer forums but i decided to take it to TWITTER. Forums are great for interacting with people but are kind of archaic and slow and a lot of the times devs will just flat out ignore posts. I thought if I interacted with the @Loadout account they would maybe give me some insight into why things are they way they are and if my input was gonna help at all. I've tried voicing other concerns and compliments about the game before and never received an feedback and i noticed how the account was run.

Now you might not see very much going on here, but whats actually happening is this @loadout account just exists to smile and wave at people to put it plainly. In order for me to get the attention I needed I had to basically start a scene and it started with this tweet: 

I'm a pretty calm guy, but I dont appreciate having information thrown back at my face by some outsourced clown who doesn't understand free-to-play concepts. I backed up my statement with truth and even had some help of another twitter user:

and after about 40 minutes from his first reply, I get this: 

You know what that is? A slap in the face. That meant that'd he'd NEVER tell me the real reasoning behind they're free-to-play system and you know? That really sucks, and shows that this guy who's supposed to be representing an entire dev team has concept of customer service. Oh yeah, and it gets worse: 

A good friend called me out as a troll to help rock the boat and he fell right into the trap. What a jackass. How dare @Loadout call me a troll. You dont ever get to put down your customers if you're in some sort of public relations job, especially if you're representing someone else. Here's a picture of a bro backing me up and @loadout handling the situation it very poorly: 

Here's @Loadout refusing the notion that they're game is broken:

And eventually he stopped talking to me even after I requested to talk to a developer. 

So you know what that tells me?

This company isn't worth my time or money.

It also tells me a lot about how they handle things internally.

Now this is gonna be kind of a stretch based on the information I've given you, but I'm led to believe through their interactions that they have their old Free-To-Play system for two possible reasons:

-They're basically ignorant of the possible repercussions of creating a digital foot race through XP BOOSTS among its community and that it could lead to a dead game


-They've created a temporary pay-to-win system to try to earn as much money back as possible for the company that will eventually can the system for something else meaning
you've spent money for nothing for things that will be free eventually.

To make a really long story short, Loadout isn't worth your time or money and should be uninstalled if you haven't already. You're being used and they really dont care about any concern you have. 

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