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Gobun avatar 3:39 AM on 09.21.2011  (server time)
I Play Video Games....Sometimes

I have the urge to write and I have nothing video game related to say other than this:

-The characterization choices of the protagonists in Dead Island are beyond piss poor. It seems they gave the men the most interesting backgrounds by making them massive failures and they just chalked up the women to being military/police. I feel like they gave them those roles almost to try and push away from most female character stereotypes, but you really just made them boring. I mean, why couldnít the hotel receptionist (Who was is also a Chinese spy) just be a hotel receptionist?

-Whats going on with the Fallout: New Vegas DLC? Whys it suck so hard? Why are you so unscathed after each episode? I feel there should be some long term consqeunces that happen to New Vegas after completing a DLC other than having some of the new weapons up for purchase from the Gun Runners.

-I was really excited about being a 3DS ambassador and getting some free games, but I realized I will never play them because I have other shit to play.

-Tokyo Game Show happened. I didnít keep up with any of it.

-The new PSP is fucking up. Just as I though it would. Pretty happy Iíll be styling on my 3DS with Monster Hunter. I donít give a shit about the extra nub. Cry some more.

-Project Zomboid is everything I want it in a zombie game, only that it controls like a broken rascal.


Check out this sandwich I ate.

Itís called a ďFat JerryĒ. Itís got cheesesteak, chicken fingers, French fries, bacon, fried eggs, ketchup and mayo on a garlic hoagie. ITS ALL MY FAVORITE JUNK FOOD IN ONE SANDWICH. Iím so glad a place like this exists and that Iím not the only one who wants to cram terrible junk for you in a roll and call it a sandwich.

Iíve been listening to a lot of Weezer lately (Only the blue album). I grew up listening to this album and I always thought they were stupid songs. Being older though, I have much more of an appreciation for some of the memories that they carry for me. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to start listening to this album again.

Iíve been playing Team Fortress 2 with Gatsby. This is what happens:

{RiP}Gobun: NO MORE
Gatsby: no mas
{RiP}Gobun: all of that was painful
{RiP}Gobun: Lets play some more though, me/jro/julius are alweays playing
{RiP}Gobun: Get some sleep VALON THE TALON
Gatsby: alright sure, I just reinstalled to play with dtoid folk, so hit me up
{RiP}Gobun: for sure bro
Gatsby: and I will, after I have some sad lonely time with sasha gray
Gatsby: night dude
{RiP}Gobun: she takes some crazy anal
{RiP}Gobun: like impressive amounts of ass poundings
Gatsby: and throat fuckings, I don't know how her esophogus has maintained any elasticity
Gatsby: like if she tries and eat solid foods does shit get trapped in there
Gatsby: I don't know
{RiP}Gobun: maybe she doesn't even have to chew
{RiP}Gobun: she just kinda ducks everything
{RiP}Gobun: like kirby
Gatsby: just dehinges that jaw
{RiP}Gobun: like an anaconda lol
{RiP}Gobun: and it comes out the same out of her ass
Gatsby: yeah, it passes easier
{RiP}Gobun: she will swallow and birth a sandwich all in one day
{RiP}Gobun: it will look exactly the same as it did going in
Gatsby: Except with the addition of jalepenos
Gatsby: of unknown origin
{RiP}Gobun: Those were from her breakfast burrito, they got stuck
{RiP}Gobun: You ever wonder how much ass cleaning someone goes through before anal?
{RiP}Gobun: Like
{RiP}Gobun: YOu gotta have a good diet
{RiP}Gobun: eat lotsa fiber
Gatsby: I hear some of them get it bleached
Gatsby: but pinching off perfect fiberous turds helps
{RiP}Gobun: Don't they only bleach their asshole
{RiP}Gobun: For just, you know
{RiP}Gobun: show
{RiP}Gobun: So its not all discolored n whatnot
Gatsby: That'd make more sense, but you'd think they have a shit prod or something that they can just stick in there before the shoot
Gatsby: they have to get it all stretched anyway
{RiP}Gobun: Like a back scratcher
{RiP}Gobun: for you bung
{RiP}Gobun: a poop scratcher if you will
Gatsby: Yeah, with the same hand and everything
{RiP}Gobun: Yeah that same lil hand
Gatsby: low budget shoots just have one of those lying around
{RiP}Gobun: Its some other guys job to make sure the hole is good to go
{RiP}Gobun: He moonlights as a fluffer, his main job is a sexcavator
Gatsby: An exiled doctor who must inspect the inner depths of colons for bacteria as he bides his time for redemption
{RiP}Gobun: I'm putting this conversation in the bar
{RiP}Gobun: because this is awesome
{RiP}Gobun: I love you Gatsbro
Gatsby: I love you too Gobbro

(Why am I proud of this?)

I wish more people would let the little stuff go sometimes. It's sad to see friends or family get so riled up over nothing. And I always seem to make the mistake of trying to make a difference or setting things right only to make it worse. What can you do?

So it goes.

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