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3:53 PM on 04.11.2015

Afterthoughts: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

What's up you meme loving fucks?

I played this game we're you're a god damn octopus with a family n you basically wiggle around tryna do normal tasks. How does an octopus have children with a human? Only our savior JESUS CHRIST knows. 

Anyway, some fucking afterthoughts:

I feel like this game is one of the few video games that manages to do comedy in video games very well. The concept presented to you is so laughable you cant actually take this game seriously at any point and just being Octodad is slapstick gold.

Its pretty short, I actually manged to LP the whole thing in 7 episodes, which is cool cause I dunno how I personally feel playing more than 4 hours of this game to be perfectly honest. It wraps it up pretty quick n leaves you feeling like you had enough.



Anyway, long story short. I had fun. A LOT of fun. 


If you wanna laugh, pick this fuckin game up. 


8:37 PM on 03.28.2015

After Thoughts: Life Is Strange

Hey folks, long time no see.

Its your old pal Gobun and this time hes back with some shitty Lets Play videos he made of self playingthis turd:





This game is a basically Donnie Darko with the biggest pricks and hipsters you've ever seen.


See for yourself:



There are 4 more videos after that shit too. It was really unbelievable.


Did you buy this game? What did you think? Did you like this game? y/n & why? 




12:03 PM on 04.01.2013

IAMA Guy with testicals the size of pineapples. AMA

True story, and my ballsack is black. Go ahead, ask away.   read

10:35 PM on 07.31.2012

Review: Rock, Paper, Scissors

[Editors Note: I have a drinking problem]

Who gets the last slice of cake?
Who will ride shotgun on the way home?
Who gets to be player 1?
When calling dibs fails, theres only one way to settle a conflict:
Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (Hands)
Developer: People
Publisher: Japan
Released: TBA
MSRP: Free-To-Play

Developed by really old Chinese men (probably over a dispute on who has to make rice for dinner), it became an instant hit in its Alpha. It spread through out the Orient becoming the game of choice for poor Japanese fishermen who they then taught Roman sailors how form their hand into the various weapons in which to play the game. Probably, I only skimmed the wiki.

Early concept art

The main object is to transform your hand into shape at the same time your opponent does and hope you win. People tend to pick items that are akin to their personality (Ex: rock means you're a very strong individual). Theres some strategy involved, but only asspies really look for algorithms and all that witchcraft.

Here is a quote from the Roman instruction manual to get you on your way to play this simple game:

'In this game the closed fist represents a stone, the open hand with fingers outstretched paper, and the closed fist with two fingers outstretched scissors...The players stand facing one another, and commence playing simultaneously by raising and lowering the right arm three times rapidly, coming to rest with the fist in any of the three above-mentioned positions. If you keep your fist closed and your opponent flings open his hand then you lose, as paper wraps up stones, and so on.' - A hairy man

Note: You cannot play this game if you don't have hands

The game is traditionally played best two outta three, but it can go on to three outta five if your opponent wants to be a bitch about it cause hes a fuckin loser. Penalties for extending the rounds include:
-Owing you a soda
-Being jinxed for an hour
-Doing your dishes

This game gets some docked some points for not having any story mode since its only a multiplayer game. Normally, its only two people that duel but you can have any number of people play at once using the mod "Process of elimination" meaning if you lose, you have to go sit your ass in the corner and watch the blood shed. Matches last anywhere from 10 seconds to a whole minute. Custom games can include weapons such as "Volcano" and "Pistol" and the unpopular "Church Steeple" for more refreshing gameplay.

Bros in heated battle

Although its rated E for everyone, it should taken into consideration for an M rating for the repercussions. Sometimes the loser will call you an asshole and sock you in the arm. Other times winners have a tendency of humping the opponent head as a form of dominance. It is advised to have a third party to referee the matches taking place.

Overall, this is a game everyone who has hands should play. It's an instant classic.

8/10   read

12:54 AM on 06.06.2012

Gobungasms: I've Been Hiding Edition 6/5/12

Como esta bitches? Yeah it's been a while and I kinda wanna get back into this whole blogging thing which I'm not really good at. Dixon said "Gobungasms" as apposed to "Gobunisms" and it struck a nerve so deep, that it made me fire this wordhole up again.

Anyway, as ya'll know; I hate everything. In the words of one of my good friends: "Gobun can never be happy, he can only be less angry". Wise mother fucker.
But sometimes, I hate things a lot less.
So I'm gonna utilize my third grade writing skillz to tell you about, ya know, shit that I THINK is pretty cool and stuff thats not so cool.

Welcome. Hugs. Butt hugs.

No time to waste:

Dopest thing at E3 so far that I've seen:

Motherfucking Dogs that Watch. Did you see this shit? No? Are you stupid? Nod your head up and down because you done fucked up big time. This game. This game. This game. Let me pull out a fucking graph:

Look at the fuckin graph. Now look back down here. Thanks. Okay so yeah that fucking trailer blew my fucking mind. Thank you Ubisoft, thank you for not fucking up for once. I mean like, did you see that shit man? Like when he pulled his phone out and sapped everyones cellular devices, bitch with the hair screamed out "WAH HAPPEN TO MAH PHONE". Think about how many relationships you can ruin with that. What about that club thing? Mother fucker had a cube head and wanted to get you drunk. He was like "Would you like a drink?" and your guy was like "Nah" and cube head was like "Aight". There were like tight fuckin bleep bloops playin around while you scanned peoples profiles AND THERE LEGIT WAS A BLACK GUY WITH AIDS. EXCUSE ME. DONT WANT YOUR AIDS BRO. Then you whipped out a sick fuckin baton and beat some fucker up. Batons are SO indie right now in the underground weapon science. None of you people even know.

Then there was gunplay and I fell asleep.

But still, concept seems megadope. Maybe even ultradope. I'm very excited about this IP and I can't wait to see more of it.

You rike bleep bloops

Oh you don't like bleep bloops? The fuck out my face.
Jay kay ecks dee face.
Oh wait you do? Why aren't you listening to this shit? Are you stupid?
Allow me to elaborate with these words:
8-bit. Chiptune. House. Dubstep.
Actually its more like post dubstep, theres maybe one drop on the entire album which is okay by me.
Regardless, this album gets the nerdy booties twerkin and fist pumpin werkin. You can jam to this thing all night long, its dope. I highly suggest it, especially if you're into dope bleep bloops.

I ain't linking it here, google that shit bitch.

Last thing on the list of things that are cool this week:

Wine. Nothing specific

You like alcohol right? You got to if you're involved with this industry. Wait, you dont like wine? Jesus, are you stupid?

I'm not laughing.

Anyway, as may you have seen my disgusting drunk tweets on twitter, I'm training to be a wine sommelier. Basically, I go around tasting wine for living and telling people what to buy in their store or restaurant or hotel AKA I'm a fancy drunk. I test wines every other night because I don't wanna go full blown alchy.

So this old grape juice, pretty legit. You should try some wine, like go to your store, speak to the wine buyer and tell him things you like to drink. You cant say anything wrong. Really, you can't. S'all about your pallet and if you know what you like and if the buyer is halfway decent, he'll pick something for you you'll love.


Also, cant get fat off wine.

Thats it, Gobun out.   read

7:16 PM on 04.02.2012

10 Things You Probably Already Know About Me

Blah blah blah, it's me, Gobun. Lets be honest, I'm jumping on this bandwagon because I love myself some attention and it seems to be my only form of nourishment these days.

Bonus: I lost 30 weights since the picture on the right column. Beastmodo

10. I'm 6'1. 6'2 on a good day.
Above average height master race reporting in. Feels good man. I've met some of you people and ya'lls be small. Or freakishly lanky *COUGH MAX COUGH*

9. I'm slowly destroying myself for the greater good with cigarettes. Progressing very well so far.
Best part is, I'm enjoying it. Mmmmm mmmmmm.

8. I've had this leather cap since I was about 17.
Which means this hat will have been around for almost 5 years. I love this fucking hat.

7. I'm an attention whore. Lets not kid ourselves.
I dunno what it is. I'd say issues, but more like volumes.

6. If you look up the word "Vanity" in the dictionary, you can see a picture of me doing a duck face.
If you counted how much time I spend looking at myself in the mirror everyday you'd get about 20 minutes. Easily.

5. I rarely play video games anymore.
These past couple months, it feels like all of my technology is breaking around my. This computer I'm typing to you on is on its last legs as it is. No more consoles except my fucking Wii and 3DS. Overall though, I'm pretty bored with all its got to offer me lately. Everything is starting to feel really samey, and just kind boring to me. It doesn't help that shit like "On disc DLC" exists either. Haven't bought a capcom game since, what? MvC3. Fuck that noise dude. Sure it might be a fucking business. But I like to think of it like this: "Would you pay an extra 5 dollars for a movie ticket (That already costs 13 dollars in my area) to see the first 15 minutes of the movie you already payed admission to?". Fuck that, I got other shit to do like...

4. Listening to a fuck ton of music.
It's been a long way since I've been that guy that only listens to hits. Or single tracks. I have about 30 days of continuous play of music, and thats not me bragging. Thats me saying I'm still way off from what I would like to say is a "decent" collection of music. Here are some opinions as well as other shit:

>"The Avalanches - Since I Left You" continues to be my favorite album of all time. Feel bad saying it, but found them through the YTMND soundtrack back when I stomped around there when they were still good.

>"Nullsleep - Supernova Kiss" is the most emotional chiptune album you'll ever hear
>Can't get into "The Mars Volta". I'm sorry as fuck.
>"Sleigh Bells - Reign of Terror" was pretty solid album. Had some weak songs though.
>I like modern ragtime/freakfolk/hobocore/folkpunk/fuckidunnoman
>Took me about a year and a half to get into the Animal Collective as well as Neutral Milk Hotel. But I finally understand those feels.
>I would totally bang Kreayshawn's Mom. She used to be in garage/surf punk bands. Look her up

Which brings me to:

3.I love me some cute chubby girls
No not morbidly obese. Good lord get that image out of your head. I dunno bro, I'm just like way more physically attracted to thicker women. Most skinny women don't do anything for me. Most of em are also the most boring people I've ever met. Jesus. I'm just like, what do you do other than party? Nothing? Okay. Great.

2. Lately, I've been called hipster a lot. Thas kewl I guess. Although I consider myself more indie (hurr)
But for realizies, what the fuck does it even mean to be a hipster anymore? It's funny because I see the word "hipster" as just another buzzword to describe something as "different or something I don't fucking understand". Das cool though, go ahead.

1. Around this time 3 years ago, I posted a picture of myself completely nude on the forums. Only thing in the picture that was covering my junk was a Game Boy Micro which was made possible by a brilliant tuck job done by yours truly.
Why did I do it? For pewps and teehees and because I had to beat someone at their own game. Too bad I lost the picture forever.

Thats it. The most I've fucking written in a long time.


0. I love talking to people, actually.
As much as I love to say I hate almost everything, talking and being around people is something:
A. I'm really good at (So I think)
B. Something I like doing
Especially meeting other Destructoid members. All of you are way more interesting than myself.   read

3:43 AM on 03.21.2012

A Game of Foots: Your Move Max

About a week ago, I sent Max Scoville a picture of my left foot.

Glorious Gobun leg hair

Fabu Gobun work shoe

Sensual Gobun loving

Max fondles some book I've never heard of

Playing on my 3DS

Max has his foot loved up on by Skeletor

Glorious and manly Gobun foot blister skin

Max spoons with a unicorn

Time for a change of battlefield, Max. Your move:

My left foot enjoys Djarum Blacks in bed for some reason.   read

1:44 PM on 01.13.2012

A Gobun and his Ant Farm

Christmas came late this year since I was involved in like Forums Secret Santa n shit and I admit that I've been acting like a huge baby bitch because I haven't received my God damn gift yet.

But I got it.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit whats this business?

So I totes opened this magic bag up expecting it to be like three hundred Mickey Mouse dolls because the person that got me was the one and only SAXY GATORZ whom we all know loves, eats, sleeps, dreams, creeps, peeps, weeps, smells, tastes, feels, stalks, wears, works at, and is Disney. I'm not insulting either, mother fucker loves Disney. And hes normal. I've met some seriously weird fucking Disney people. There used to be this dude I worked with back when I was like a web manager n shit and we shared an office space with him. Every day, this guy would come up to me with a DIFFERENT Disney pin that he would harness onto his like, little sweater vest thing and he would come up and give me a God damn history lesson on what was on it. One time he regaled me about the first time he saw Steam Boat Mickey and fucking cried a little. It was weird.

Alright anyway, so I cracked that bag open and what was it?

A mother fucking ant farm

I see this thing. My lid flips.
I harken back to a time when I was only knee high and didn't kick any asses. My only friends were the ants and I was too derpy to order the real ants, so I ended up spooning various ants from my neighborhood into my ant farm. This didn't end well because I didn't know that ants from different like nests would fight so I imagined my ant farm looking like Oz or a very tiny gang tussle. Like some ant accidently steps on another ants shoes and it starts some shit. Bullets are flying and mandibles are uhh I guess being gnashed or something. Regardless all them ants died and I was sad.

So what the fuck is this 21 year old gonna with an ant farm?
I'll fucking tell you:

-Raise ants to believe I am their God and Master
-Teach them how to march
-Maybe start a fucking ant circus starring only ant strongmen.
-Get really fat because I'll never half to walk again, I'll just give people the illusion that I'm like floating around, but its really because I got like a fucking million ants carring me around under my shoes
-Teach ants to assemble and form the body of a human male. Like an ant golem
-Teach them how to steal like cheeseburgers or something

Fuck man, who would fuck with a guy who is like an Ant Wizard or an Antcromancer? No one, thats who. I'd be like The Pain from MGS3 but with ants. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS BABY. Who says ants cant fuck shit up? Everyones gotta sleep. All I gotta do is whisper to my lil ant bros to go #occupy someone's lungs and you'll wake up and be like "WELP GOT ANTS IN MY LUNGS CANT GO TO WORK". And thats it, your life is OVER.

Thats it. I gotta go be busy being God or something.   read

7:56 PM on 12.20.2011

Giving: Take it. TAKE THE GIFT.

Alright so lately, I've been GIVING away Tribes: Ascend beta keys.

If you don't know what Tribes: Ascend is, time to open up those holes on the sides of your heads and listen with your eyes what I'm about to fucking type.

This game. This game. This gaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeee.

It's so good.

Basically, it's like Space Quidditch except the gay wizards and broomsticks are replaced with space robot people that have kickass jetpacks and frictionless boots for GOING FAST. You like have this rocket launcher thing that shoots blue plates of spaghetti at people, but you gotta time it right. Heres a picture of the learning curve.

Yeah. Basically it makes you into a man of men.

Anyway, you have a fucking jetpack. What more could I say? Oh yeah, thats right. FRICITIONLESS-GODDAMN-BOOTS. You know what that means? Going like Mach-5 down a fucking bunnyslope with your bros while fistpumping to some speedcore. Hell, you'd probably will see more va-jay-jay playing this video game then trying to pick up chicks in your mustard yellow pinto.

Here are some more fine points:
-Did I mention there are explosions? Everything is exploding, all at once, constantly, every second.
-Theres also like 30 fucking classes or something.
-Game has been patched every week so far
-Automatic weapons are no longer hitscan, so they're no longer bullshit
-16 vs. 16 CTF
-Turrets, tanks, motorcycles, jets
-It's free

Oh yeah. The game is free. FREE TO PLAY BABBY.

"But Gobuns! How do I get this fine piece of man-making amusement on my COMPUTADORA"
1. Shut the fuck up.
2. Open your stupid facebook.
3. Scroll past the dumb bitch with the duckface, shes not gonna suck your dick.
4. Like that Tribes: Ascend fanbookpage shit.

After you follow those steps, it'll probably spit a beta code at you and you'll be ready to shazbot all over the place.

There you go. I'm GIVING everyone the gift of a good fucking video game and if you don't like it, you can GIVE me some oral pleasure while GIVING me all your moneys.
Merry Chaunachristmas.


2:06 AM on 11.03.2011


So I like sandwiches a lot. This is a blog about sandwiches.


This is the beginning of a sandwich. It's a slice of white bread. Because wheat bread is disgusting.
I turned this slice of bread into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich later.

This is a porkchop sandwich with a side of porkchops because I'm fat. I feel that the Black Mesa mug compliments it very well.

This is a me sandwiched in between Gabe Newell and some guy who works on Diablo 3.

This is a brisket sandwich. It's got munster cheese. It was a damn good sandwich.

A burrito is like a Mexican sandwich. It's got the basic mechanics being that it's got a bready outside and a meaty inside.

This is suck sandwich cause it sucks. Who the fuck puts mustard on a chicken sandwich? You don't put mustard on white meat unless MAYBE it's dijon mustard. Fuck you.

That's it.   read

3:39 AM on 09.21.2011

I Play Video Games....Sometimes

I have the urge to write and I have nothing video game related to say other than this:

-The characterization choices of the protagonists in Dead Island are beyond piss poor. It seems they gave the men the most interesting backgrounds by making them massive failures and they just chalked up the women to being military/police. I feel like they gave them those roles almost to try and push away from most female character stereotypes, but you really just made them boring. I mean, why couldnít the hotel receptionist (Who was is also a Chinese spy) just be a hotel receptionist?

-Whats going on with the Fallout: New Vegas DLC? Whys it suck so hard? Why are you so unscathed after each episode? I feel there should be some long term consqeunces that happen to New Vegas after completing a DLC other than having some of the new weapons up for purchase from the Gun Runners.

-I was really excited about being a 3DS ambassador and getting some free games, but I realized I will never play them because I have other shit to play.

-Tokyo Game Show happened. I didnít keep up with any of it.

-The new PSP is fucking up. Just as I though it would. Pretty happy Iíll be styling on my 3DS with Monster Hunter. I donít give a shit about the extra nub. Cry some more.

-Project Zomboid is everything I want it in a zombie game, only that it controls like a broken rascal.


Check out this sandwich I ate.

Itís called a ďFat JerryĒ. Itís got cheesesteak, chicken fingers, French fries, bacon, fried eggs, ketchup and mayo on a garlic hoagie. ITS ALL MY FAVORITE JUNK FOOD IN ONE SANDWICH. Iím so glad a place like this exists and that Iím not the only one who wants to cram terrible junk for you in a roll and call it a sandwich.

Iíve been listening to a lot of Weezer lately (Only the blue album). I grew up listening to this album and I always thought they were stupid songs. Being older though, I have much more of an appreciation for some of the memories that they carry for me. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to start listening to this album again.

Iíve been playing Team Fortress 2 with Gatsby. This is what happens:

{RiP}Gobun: NO MORE
Gatsby: no mas
{RiP}Gobun: all of that was painful
{RiP}Gobun: Lets play some more though, me/jro/julius are alweays playing
{RiP}Gobun: Get some sleep VALON THE TALON
Gatsby: alright sure, I just reinstalled to play with dtoid folk, so hit me up
{RiP}Gobun: for sure bro
Gatsby: and I will, after I have some sad lonely time with sasha gray
Gatsby: night dude
{RiP}Gobun: she takes some crazy anal
{RiP}Gobun: like impressive amounts of ass poundings
Gatsby: and throat fuckings, I don't know how her esophogus has maintained any elasticity
Gatsby: like if she tries and eat solid foods does shit get trapped in there
Gatsby: I don't know
{RiP}Gobun: maybe she doesn't even have to chew
{RiP}Gobun: she just kinda ducks everything
{RiP}Gobun: like kirby
Gatsby: just dehinges that jaw
{RiP}Gobun: like an anaconda lol
{RiP}Gobun: and it comes out the same out of her ass
Gatsby: yeah, it passes easier
{RiP}Gobun: she will swallow and birth a sandwich all in one day
{RiP}Gobun: it will look exactly the same as it did going in
Gatsby: Except with the addition of jalepenos
Gatsby: of unknown origin
{RiP}Gobun: Those were from her breakfast burrito, they got stuck
{RiP}Gobun: You ever wonder how much ass cleaning someone goes through before anal?
{RiP}Gobun: Like
{RiP}Gobun: YOu gotta have a good diet
{RiP}Gobun: eat lotsa fiber
Gatsby: I hear some of them get it bleached
Gatsby: but pinching off perfect fiberous turds helps
{RiP}Gobun: Don't they only bleach their asshole
{RiP}Gobun: For just, you know
{RiP}Gobun: show
{RiP}Gobun: So its not all discolored n whatnot
Gatsby: That'd make more sense, but you'd think they have a shit prod or something that they can just stick in there before the shoot
Gatsby: they have to get it all stretched anyway
{RiP}Gobun: Like a back scratcher
{RiP}Gobun: for you bung
{RiP}Gobun: a poop scratcher if you will
Gatsby: Yeah, with the same hand and everything
{RiP}Gobun: Yeah that same lil hand
Gatsby: low budget shoots just have one of those lying around
{RiP}Gobun: Its some other guys job to make sure the hole is good to go
{RiP}Gobun: He moonlights as a fluffer, his main job is a sexcavator
Gatsby: An exiled doctor who must inspect the inner depths of colons for bacteria as he bides his time for redemption
{RiP}Gobun: I'm putting this conversation in the bar
{RiP}Gobun: because this is awesome
{RiP}Gobun: I love you Gatsbro
Gatsby: I love you too Gobbro

(Why am I proud of this?)

I wish more people would let the little stuff go sometimes. It's sad to see friends or family get so riled up over nothing. And I always seem to make the mistake of trying to make a difference or setting things right only to make it worse. What can you do?

So it goes.   read

11:20 PM on 09.02.2011

How to be a Better Peopleô

Something thatís always bothered me about my humble home known as ďThe ForumsĒ is that there isnít a flow of new members, what so ever. Every so often a stray sheep will tumble into our neck of the woods, and more often than not that stray leaves after his intro post out of A. Boredom or B. Intimidation. Thatís fine, usually. The forums are definitely not for everyone, people find that out after their first post. Which is fine.

But some of the people who do tend to stay sometimes have a hard time integrating themselves amongst us in the community because weíre not like the front page or the blogs. Itís almost like a self governed group of people who filter out people who would potentially cause drama or problems. To a lot of us, the forums are a sacred place to talk. A place to shoot the shit, without the shit.

So from someone who has made terrible, terrible micro mistakes, but has tried to make a turn around on his past ways, here are some tips on becoming a BETTER PEOPLEô:


Reading the rules is probably the most important rule on this list. It covers everything from how to create your first intro post to more technical stuff like whats allowed to be posted on the fourms. Many people have been busted because theyíve posted a nsfw picture or linked something shady. Itís a true guide list on how to act appropriately on the forums.


The intro post is like a handshake. People will be able to gauge what kinda person you are just by how strong or weak your intro post is. The best way to strengthen your intro post is to tell us about yourself beyond what you play. Tell us where youíre from. Tell us what other hobbies you enjoy or participate in. Tell us about your embarrassing birth marks. Just let us know that youíre a real person.


This isnít a face book status. This isnít a twitter update. Take a little pride in what you post. The reason for this is because people will take your posts a little more seriously and at the very least theyíll read it. No one likes posts clogged with emoticons and spelling errors. Itís just common courtesy.


One thing people have a hard time grasping is that we rarely take things seriously. Especially in introduction threads, thatís where EVERYONE who joins is initiated. No one is safe. The tradition of the forums initiation comes from a way to filter out differentiate people who are fit enough to stay in the forums. Not to sound like we donít want everyone in the forums, but there are people who either donít act appropriate or just troll the forums. No one wants either of those things.


A common mistake for new members is to start making new threads about already existing subjects right off the bat. Now it's okay that it happens, but to make the moderatorís jobs easier, go ahead and use that search button. Youíll find that most of the time, another thread of the same nature exists. If a thread you want to make doesnít exist, try to make it as broad as possible so people can discuss within it.


The bar is the heart of the forums. 90% of posts happen in that thread alone. It can be intimidating to join in on the conversation at first, but if you do a fair amount of lurking, you should be fine, Itís one massive conversation about anything that moves at incredible speeds. Itís also impossible to derail because itís... well... literally about anything you want it to be. Feel free to change the subject once you get your feet wet.


You know that face book friend you have thatís constantly posting pictures of themselves and it's always in their room or bathroom. Yeah we donít really like that either. Mindless self indulgence is frowned upon. I used to break this rule all the time and it certainly didnít put me in higher places with some members. Choose the pictures you post of yourself wisely and do it sparingly. If you went out with your friends and partied and someone took pictures of you passed out on a balcony, sure, post them up. Theyíre probably hilarious, just donít post the same picture of yourself OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


The badge system we have in the forums is a great way to immerse yourself in the community by letting people know that youíre actually active. Only problem is people kinda turn it into an obsessive achievement hunt and feel they need all of them as fast as they can to feel better about themselves. Itís not possible for you to get all the badges, slow down. For example: I will never be able to obtain a beard badge, my Korean face wonít let me grow one. Donít beg for badges, youíll look like a jackass and the moderators will be annoyed by your shenanigans. Best way to do get badges is if the opportunity arises. Stop by the badge request thread, let a moderator know what youíre qualified for, show some proof and boom. Youíll have a badge.


Bros who come by only to get hits on their blog or even a different website rarely get respect. In our eyes its abuse of the forums community. If you hang out for a while and you write a post, its MAYBE okay to post something every so often in the bar. Other than that, youíll look like a tool.

Overall, just be a decent person and considerate of others. Itís not that hard. Sure itís fun to act like a jerk, but it really doesnít gain you any assets. I had to learn that the hard way. No one liked me for the longest time. I still question whether or not people find me a decent person amongst the forums. Just be cool with everyone and youíll be a BETTER PEOPLEô before you know it.   read

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