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Jagger Gravning avatar 4:23 PM on 06.22.2013  (server time)
Super Mario Bros. Wii Hack Instructions Are Drunk

After reading this article on NEWER Super Mario Bros., I thought I'd give it a whirl. Unfortunately, that article does not mention that the given instructions don't correspond with reality.

Setting up the Homebrew Channel with the letter bomb hack was no problem.

But now let's compare reality to the official instructions given beyond that point.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SETTING UP Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii after creating the Homebrew Channel:

1. 'Download Riivolution.'


2. 'Create an "apps" folder on your SD card. Put the contents of the download ("riivolution" folder) into it.'


3.'Download the Newer Super Mario Bros. package from HERE and unpack* it onto the root** of the SD card. Here is a sample picture of what this will look like.'

WHAT? The picture shows the "app" folder, the "NewerSMBW" folder next to the riivolution folder. But the VERY last step told us to put the riivolution folder INTO the "apps" folder.

4.'The SD card will look like this:  "NewerSMBW", "riivolution" and "apps" folders on the root (optionally also, "private"), "riivolution" folder in "apps".'

WAIT WHAT? So "riivolution" is BOTH in the apps folder AND in the root??? Do I copy and paste it? Do I just gut it into apps and leave an empty folder there? (Tried these things and neither works.) To compound things further, inside the NewerSMBW folder is ANOTHER copy of riivolution. Is that the one I'm supposed to put on the root? Why doesn't it say that? (Although I tried this too and it didn't work.) 

I know people have gotten this to work, but it's not by following these cross-eyed instructions. Anybody figure out what steps were left out in this process?

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