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The free, non-canon Mega Man game Mega Man Unlimited has turned out to be a tad Mega...busted for some players who are finding the game to be rampant with control issues. 

In the less serious cases, the controls become "stuck" or unresponsive (as noted in Tony Ponce's excellent review). As explained there, this particular issue can be resolved by ignoring the games built-in button mapper and resorting to Xpadder.

Those continuing to fight against a persnickety Mega Man as well as the eight robot masters are advised, on the games Known Issues page, to open the options.xopts file and change all the joystick control values to Zero. I mean, "0". (MEGA MAN PUNS WILL NEVER GET OLD.)

But there is another, so far unresolved issue that players have brought to light on the game's official forum: for some, Mega Man will take one of his teensy little walk steps forward each time before he starts to run, resulting in a noticeable hesitation every time you try and move. We have experienced this here at the Go For Rainbow Podcast, and found the issue to be both unresolvable and game breaking. Some other reviewers and commenters have had the same issue.

The moderaters at the forum are now aware of the issue. There was already a planned update coming, according to the games Facebook page. This issue was not mentioned there, but hopefully there is still time to make a few more tweaks.

Anybody have any luck resolving these issues with this game?

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