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8:14 AM on 08.19.2007

"So I Woke Up And Didn't Remember Shit," or "Insert Universe Into Canon, Aim At Brain, Fire"

It was there, in the dark of my empty room I knew I had found something great, that I had touched pure power and shocked my mind and body so hard that my baser survival instinct took me away from it.

That is why I was sweating.

That is why I didn't remember shit.

I know that now, but I didn't then, so I poked around to figure out why I don't remember my dreams anymore. That's when I found Dimethyltriptamine, or DMT. DMT is produced naturally in our brain's pineal gland when we're in a deep REM sleep, and provides us with the sights sounds and thoughts of our dreams, based on things that we've experienced. Essentially, the more you get, the deeper the memories you can pull for reference in your dreams. The only catch though is that the more DMT you get the less you remember when you wake up. I figured out why.

What you get in this world is exactly what you make. The reality we perceive is the reality we face. That is to say that when you think a thing and envision that thing you create, on some level, whatever that thing is. When you look at a tree you might see a tree, but when a carpenter looks at a tree he sees a house or a desk. He goes then to make the thing, and the carpenter's perception of that tree is realized.
If that's the case, the most basic laws of our world aren't there when we are first born. The sense of time, or sense of what can or can't happen is not our own, but that which is perceived in the minds of those around us. Our parents, Grandparents and all those we come in contact with all impose their realities on us, giving us the set of rules by which we operate deep in our subconscious.
This means that when we are quickened into life by whatever sparks our heart, we are a clean slate. No limitations, laws, or boundaries to restrict what we can create, know, or do. Without the laws of age and death, people could live forever. Without the limitations of weakness or incapability, there is no end to what can be seen or accomplish. We have the consciousness to see things as they were before the rest of all humanity started mucking around in their own skewed assumptions. (If you ask about how I know they're skewed, I'll tell you to look at the state our existence is in and send you on your way.)

The only conclusion I can make from all that then, is that if we already have these things ingrained into us on a base level, so much so that we see things like hunger as sheer instinct and time as a necessity, (Hey you! Yeah you! Try to imagine life without time. Go ahead. I double-dog dare you.) that the shock of being thrown back to that pure, unhampered, unkempt state would drive us out of this very existence. Our mind thinks that anything other than the existence that we know is not a possibility because that's what every mind around us thinks. It tries to rule out that which every other perceived reality before it deemed impossible.

So I woke up and didn't remember shit.

You might be thinking, "How is it then that you can even think these things if we lost that baby-fresh state of possibility?"

I don't know how it started (yet) but what I do know is that there is within every person the desire to create. The only problem is that somewhere along the line, somebody said "This can't happen." That one definition if reality would then hinder the possibilities of all linked to it. (Everything imaginable is linked together for the simple fact that it's imaginable. It's confusing maybe, but true. ) I feel we haven't lost the power to do this completely; it has just been hindered in us. (Have you ever noticed that when you're really tapping into your creative capabilities you tend to lose all sense of time? That's because we're tapping into the part of our existence that knows not such limitations. I digress....) All creativity is then is the level at which a person's existence is affected by other's negative limitations on them.

What needs to happen then in order to tap into that infant purity is the loss of other's imposed reality upon us.

The only way I feel those without that deep creative freedom can truly escape these things is by some great shock to the way we operate. Some immensely radical schism that shakes us to our very core, enough so that all our perceptions and assumptions are thrown aside and the remaining shattered pieces of ourselves are the pure bits we lost sight of so long ago, and have been searching for ever since.

Essentially, we need to sleep deep, and when we awake, do so with all knowledge of what has transpired.

So my next great task is to share this new knowledge to as many as will hear it, in hopes of changing the reality in which we work, and granting humanity the capabilities we all started with.

All this leads me to another couplefew conclusions about the nature of Religion and Spirituality that fall along the same lines, but that will have to wait until your mind recovers a bit.

Thank you for your time and patience.

It's strange to think that all this time I've known we needed to wake up, but not until now
did I know we needed to dream...   read

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