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Glowbear avatar 6:27 AM on 11.13.2012  (server time)
Underrated Dtoid Bloggers: SENSUAL CLIMAX

This is the final part of my Underrated blog segment. As usual there are more names to choose from than what I include here and thatís just names I would pick, no doubt the list expands further with all your own suggestions and personal favourite writers. Don't think that because your name isn't here means anything negative. For one I'm not a big whoop at all, fairly noobtastic in the grand scheme of things and for all you know I have a shoebox full of photographs of hundreds of Dtoid bloggers. Photos of them sleeping....softly...gently...dreaming.'s um get this ball rolling:

I wonít lie, Iíve read some of TroyFullbuster posts whilst being perched ladylike (NATURALLY ITíS ME) on the toilet. So lets just get that out of the way, admit we all do it and then the people who have been read in this position can either take it as a compliment or feel weirded out.
I see TroyFullbuster (makes me think of a chestburster called Troy) all over the place and yet Iím not entirely sure if they get the eyeballing they deserve. Also one of the few bloggers that I see utilising awesome gifs a lot. Check out their Jet Set Radio review! I like their work and if you donít hate freedom you will too.

I donít even play Metal Gear Solid and I really enjoyed reading My Hot Steamy Love Affair with MGS3: Snake Eater which can be found over at MisterDonut .They also wrote an interesting piece about the annoyance of Game Over screens, because dammit itís one thing to fail but to be reminded constantly as youíre loading towards your next chance is downright sadistic!

ManWithNoName explains in a clean written, engaging style which the reason why they like the games they like, because there must be justification! More importantly thereís some insight on how a gamer goes about their ways in Brazil! Theyíre review of Assassins Creed Liberation was refreshing as is most of their work. Another blogger that ranges from straight up single game talk and overall topics that crop up.

You donít have to necessarily agree with everything someone says to read their work. In fact sometimes a way of engaging people is to simply write honestly and not be too hung up on appeasing people by hiding your true sentiments regarding taboo topics.
whatsacow puts effort into his writing and itís interesting to read his perspective on certain issues, whether I agree with them all 100% or not. If we all had the same train of thought constantly itíd be a boring world.

Again Iím going to rehash the word variety, but thatís a good thing and is apparent in the scribblings and musical inserts of TheSilentProtagonist But dammit some of the images that pop up when I scroll are scawy. That SantaÖI donít want him coming down my chimney and trying to get up my chimney
Sidenote: Why do I find this little tidbit in their bio to be kinda giggle inducing I don't hate Playstation per se. Itís like saying ďIím not racist butÖ ;)
Itís ok to hate as well as love in gaming.

I really like the inventive crazy blog titles that ninjapresident uses. Also the random super serial discussion of boxer briefs! Comfort first people! He also peppers his posts with gifs, which are moving pictures for you people new to gifs. Et hem. Ninjapresident contributes and shows a lot of love for the community here and so in turn we must read his musings and fap all over his person!

I see the word drunk and Iím there, so you already grabbed me Kyousuke Nanbu . I really like when bloggers write about themselves and give us some info about their likes, dislikes and the fact that they kicked death in the ass. Kyousuke Nabu did that and then picked up a DS and played some games, then wrote about it. Too hardcore! When I reuse Ďthatí wordÖyup variety, I like that it can also be applied when it comes to something you donít hear about much and thatís a Wii game being favoured over other versions, Kyousuke explains why Ghostbusters is one of those games. Read their stuff, let them know your feels!

Smurfee McGee , Wrenchfarm, StriderHoang, TheManchild, bbain ,PhilK3nS3bb3n are names you all know by now or you SHOULD DAMMIT. But I did say this was also a personal tribute to some folks and these guys keep things running and do a great job of highlighting a nice mix of bloggers all the time. So a big thank you to them. Send them nude photos of yourself!

So show everyone some love and you might get some love back. Or in reality youíll get NOTHING!!! But thereís a lot of untapped talent here and itís right and just to tap them, tap them dirty.

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